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The Best Destinations In Thailand To Visit This February 2022

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1. Rainy Bangkok, Thailand

From @golffe___

2. Wat Ban Tham, Kanchanaburi

From @lostinmyway_3

3. If this isn’t the stairway down to paradise, I don’t know what is.. At Nai Thon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

These stairs are located directly across from Malaiwana Resort, with blue garbage bins on the left and a construction site on the right

From evamldr

4. The most amazing temple at Thailand, in Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya is a place that to most, has a less than optimal rep. I went into this trip extremely apprehensive but ended up being taken aback by the beauty this city had to offer. Moral of the story, do whatever you want regardless of what anyone says because your lens are different than others, you may pick up on beauty they did not. Cherish the little time you have by doing whatever it is that makes you happiest

Gentle reminder to experience life yourself and stop letting other peoples opinions limit your experiences

From @vanessa.vermaas

5. The kind of dress you need in Thailand. Have you guys already been in Thailand? At Ko Lanta

From @karinandmartin

6. Thailand Challenge: Night Market- How far are we coming with less than $5?

One of the best things about travelling in Thailand is the amazing local food & the food markets! We can't get enough of it and we wanted to take you with us on the famous Thong Sala Saturday Market. So many delicious options and EVERYTHING together was under $5 / 4€ can you believe that?

What we got:

- Sushi 10 THB

- Spring Rolls 20 THB

- Fish Cake 20 THB

- Sausage 20 THB

- Pad Thai 30 THB x 2

- Popcorn 20 THB = 150 THB $4,55 // 3,97€

From @laurandfin


From @find.a.palmtree

8. Back in summer 2016 this place wasn’t as famous as it is now, The Jungle Club at Ko Samui

It’s the first place I’ve ever went to because of social media. I didn‘t know where it was exactly, I just saw a picture of it and knew I need to go It’s an all time favorite of mine and whenever people asked me for something special, I always recommended The Jungle Club.

Best time to go there is in the afternoon. You’ll enjoy the island in daytime, sunset and nighttime. Can’t get any better

From sophieflgl

9. One Month Thailand. Living and traveling one month in Thailand feels like a dream

We couldn’t be happier to be here and enjoy every second. Phuket - Khao Lak - Khao Sok - Ao Nang - Koh Phi Phi - Railay Beach - Koh Phangan We are so excited for the next months there!

From @laurandfinn

10. Beautiful day at Malibu Beach, Koh Pangan, Thailand

From @travel_thib

11. Clock Tower, Chiang Rai, Thailand. It acts as a roundabout but is a popular tourist attraction

Designed by Thai artist Chalermchai Khositpipat who is the same artist who designed the White Temple in Chiang Rai

From @bryonyandmarko

12. One of the most spectacular museums I have ever laid eyes on. At Sanctuary of Truth

Representing the appreciation of philosophy, art, culture, and faith in the style of a temple & castle hybrid that was based on Ayutthaya period and Buddhist, Hindu beliefs. Inside this entrancing building showcases the creators understanding of the fundamental truths of life and our purpose here on earth.

From @vanessa.vermaas

13. Loving this View Point on Koh Tao

You can easily drive around the island in half an hour, it’s pretty small but there are a lot of hidden gems!

Don’t forget to visit Freedom Beach or Shark Bay. Yes there are sharks sometimes, but non dangerous ones. The only dangerous thing in the ocean in this area are jelly fish. So even if you feel pretty safe and it’s not rainy season, always be aware of them!

If you ever thought of doing your diving license - this is the place to be! Once your ready you can join their tours to Sail Rock which is a really beautiful diving place. Whale Sharks are around a couple of times a year too. Have never seen one but it’s such a dream of mine to meet them under water one day.

What’s your favorite place on Koh Tao? And if you went diving did you meet a whale shark?

From @sophieflgl

14. Pattaya, Bang Lamung travel guide for any Thailand travelers this February

Admittedly I was apprehensive about taking a trip to Pattaya as it’s not my ideal location for a beach vacation, but now I can’t wait to get back. Only an hour and a half outside of the city center of Bangkok this unique spot had a variety of activities to enjoy. It’s the best place to spend a quick weekend away if you are looking for some fun and of course, some beautiful beaches!


1. Check out Jomtien Beach if you are looking for a more relaxing vibe as opposed to the main Pattaya Beach

2. Take a quick 25 minute boat ride over to Koh Larn and enjoy some of the most crystal clear beaches the country has to offer (I will never get over the fact it looked like this so close to Bangkok)

3. Spend the morning at The Sanctuary of Truth, one of three immaculate artistic structures and symbols of Thai culture made by Lek Viriyaphan

4. Head to The Sky Gallery for an amazing sunset dinner spot with amazing cocktails and an impressive food menu 5. Visit the Pattaya Floating Market for a unique shopping and eating experience (especially if you don’t have the time to make the trip to the one farther outside of Bangkok)

From @vanessa.vermaas

15. Wat Tham Krabok, Saraburi, Thailand

From @janjanuary30

16. Wat Lak Si Rat Samosorn, Samut Sakhon, Thailand, so peaceful

From  @plaakodcha & @javiervidalpi

17. One of the most magical days of my life, at Chiang Mai, Thailand

From @allyislia

18. Mindful Saturday, from Phra Nang beach, Krabi, Thailand

Life is too short to worry about the stupid things” Are you with us? Let’s not worry about stupidities but enjoy life

From karinandmartin

19. Ready for the Thailand island life

Arrived in Koh Phangan we already feel almost at home on Bali. Super nice cafes, coworking spaces and other digital nomads around us. After some couple time for the last few weeks, we are looking forward to meeting other travelers here now

We are curious what the island has in store for us in the next few weeks & what else is going on here apart from the legendary Fullmoon Party 

Have you ever been to Koh Phangan? Do you have any tips for us on what we should definitely explore?

From @laurandfinn

20. Chinese New Year 2022 in Bangkok

From @soniaapuzzotravel

21. Welcome to T H E B E A C H at Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Only few places in Thailand are as famous as the Maya Bay. Ever since Leonardo Dicaprio's 'The Beach', the bay has been a world-renowned tourist attraction.
We are so happy, that after 3 years of closure of the bay, we were allowed to be here today - and almost alone!

Most visitors come to the bay for sunset.

Our tip: The bay opens at 7am - be there right at the beginning. We had to share our Maya-Bay-Moment with a maximum of 15 other people. So it's worth getting up early!
Have you ever been lucky enough to be almost alone at a popular tourist attraction?

From @laurandfinn

22. 5 reasons to travel Thailand now in 2022

1. The local street food is more than delicious! We don’t know any other place in Southeast Asia with better food for such cheap prices & with a bigger the amount of different dishes

2. The most beautiful and famous beaches in Thailand are almost empty at the moment! We are sure we will never see famous pleases like Maya Bay this empty again

3. Going from one destination to another is so easy! Thailand has a perfect developed infrastructure, which makes it so easy to go from A to B

4. The nature is epic! Such unique, special places and unbelievable variety of nature has Thailand to offer

5. Thailands Culture is welcoming and beautiful! We feel so comfortable in this county and we are glad every second to experience this unique culture.

Thailand is such a beautiful host! There are so many more reasons to visit this beautiful county now in 2022! And the best about it

From @laurandfinn

23. If you‘re ever visiting Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao don’t forget to visit Angthong National Marinepark

‘I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love.’

You can book a tour starting from one of the mentioned islands and go on a full day trip. There are different ones available depending on your needs. I always recommend the tour including kayaking and snorkeling as it’s just so much fun and you’ll also stop at a view point. There are different ones as well but they’re all amazing and definitely worth a visit!

From @sophieflgl

24. Phuket Travel Guide

Commonly mistaken for being a part of mainland Thailand, Phuket is actually the largest island in the country. Aside from being a popular hot spot amongst both expats and backpackers alike, there are still many hidden gems that make this island more than worth it to visit. Being directly across from the province of Krabi means it offers the same accessibility to all of the same islands, though due to it being on the far west side it allows for access to islands on the other side of the Andaman sea!!


• Freedom beach (much quieter than that of the other popular beaches in Phuket making it an amazing spot for a chill beach day)

• Big Buddha (iconic Buddha statue overlooking the popular beach’s of Phuket)

• Promthep Cave (beautiful scenery and one of the best places to watch the sunset)

• Khao Phing Khan or James Bond island (very popular spot for any 007 lovers and offered in many island tour packages!!)

• Nai Thon beach (yet another iconic spot with a picturesque staircase leading down to one of the most beautiful beaches Phuket has to offer)

• Tonsai Waterfall (one of the most popular waterfalls on the island for those that want a quick break from the beach life)

• Patong Beach & Bangla Walking Street (the most popular spot for backpackers to enjoy a busy beach with tons of activities, beach bars, and of course an amazing night out) • Hong Island Tour & 4 Island Tour (also offered from Krabi and two of the most popular tours to see as many of the top spots in a shorter period of time!)


• Khao Sok (if it is not in the budget to spend a few days in the bungalows over the water in the stunning national park of Khao Sok, there are many options for day trips to this one of a kind spot from the island of Phuket)

• Similan Islands (another one of a kind national park that if time permits… should not be missed. This spot has some of the best diving sites in the world and is an amazing place to see once you have been dive certified on the Island of Koh Tao!)

From @vanessa.vermaas

25. Krabi Travel Guide

Krabi has some of the most immaculate landscapes Thailand has to offer. With the iconic limestone formations and the sparkling Andaman sea, there really is no reason this destination shouldn’t be a top priority on your list. With an impressive number of activities to do both on land and on sea, Krabi is the ideal destination for all adventure seekers and island lovers. Within this immaculate province there are white sand beaches that stretch for miles, jungles that go as far as the eye can see, and over 200 island to explore. Thus thus guide will have all the top highlights across the entire province.


• Hong Island Tour (Absolutely breathtaking views and incredible islands/lagoons, Hong Island is also known as a National Park so expect to pay a little extra for that!)

• 4 Islands Tour (Another amazing tour that takes you to some of the most picturesque spots in Thailand) • Khao Ngon Nak aka Dragons Crest (MUST DO, can’t stress this enough)

• Wat Tham Sua aka Tiger Cave Temple (1265 steps to the top of a limestone mountain with incredible views)

• Railay Beach (one of the best beaches just off the mainland, known to be a world-renowned spot for rock climbing)

• Klong Thom Hot Springs (amazing in the cool season!!)

• Krabi Town (much like other “old towns” in Thailand this hot spot offers an amazing local feel)

• Phra Nang Beach (voted one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world) • Maya Bay (famously known for being the location at which the movie “The Beach” with Dicaprio was filmed, only recently reopened to the public and an absolute MUST)

• Wat Kaew (stunning modern take on a traditional Thai temple close to Krabi Town)

• Emerald Pool & Blue Pool (Offered by most tours & most definitely two attractions you don’t want to miss)

• Any and every island you can possibly get to, there are so many to choose from so check out the rest of my guides to figure out which one suits you best

From @vanessa.vermaas

26. It’s a mood, at Koh Kood Island, Trad, Thailand

From @reise.durst

27. Koh Lanta, Thailand Travel Guide

Though it is another one of Thailand’s largest islands this one is known for its extremely laid back and tranquil vibes. With two separate sides of the island being connected by bridges they each provide something different which makes this a great relaxation spot for groups as they opportunities are still endless!! Whether you want to lay in the sand all day or head out on tours & check out waterfalls, this is the place to be for the best of both worlds!


• Bamboo Bay (one of the best beaches on the island with plenty of money friends to keep you entertained throughout the day)

• Long Beach (largest beach on the island lined with some incredible restaurants and beautiful resorts)

• Mu Koh Lanta National park (admittedly not the most noteworthy of all the National Pakrs in Thailand as it has a much more laid back vibe with a beach and of course, the iconic lighthouse! Still worth checking out if you are down for a relaxing afternoon)

• Hike to Klong Chak Waterfall (very reasonable hike in comparison to those on other island that leads to a beautiful waterfall and makes for a perfect afternoon)

• Four Island Tour to the Emerald cave (as the island is in close proximity to Phuket & Krabi you are able to take a lot of the same tours that are offered from those locations! This is definitely one you don’t want to miss!)

• Animal Welfare center (to all my animal lovers out there this is definitely a place you’ll want to support, since 2005 they have helped thousands of animals and have an amazing cafes where all the proceeds go to helping with medical costs for the animals!!


• The Fat Turtle (amazing food, incredible vibes, ideal spot for sunset dinners!)

• Fruit Tree Lodge (I cannot stress this enough… JUST GO… best brunch spot on the island)

• Escape cafe (right on long beach with the absolute best passion fruit smoothie you will ever have!!)

• El Greco (If you love Mediterranean, this is another must!!)

• Happy Veggie (adorable spot with an impressive menu for vegan & vegetarians

From @sophieflgl

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