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About Us

About us - Welcome to Travel Opel

A big and warmy Hello to you who choose Travel Opel to view our travel sharings!

  • Who I'm I

  • I am Dixies Jensen, 28 years old, and a travel at heart guy. With a massive passion for globe trotting as my main luggage, I have wandered to numerous countries around the world such as Italia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, et cetera. I have been to various regions from remote areas to magnificent cities; and have experienced trips with varied budgets, with a broken pocket to those luxurious tours. My voyage collection is increasingly getting larger and full of joyful memories.

    Now, I am married and have two adorable kids, but my fascination with travel still can not be settled down at all!

    man standing on cliff near falls photo

    I have been travel many countries , but Ireland is my favorite

    Thus, I, along with my travel lover companions, created this site as a travel information source for those who are interested in globe-trotting and share the same affection as us.

  • What we share

  • -Travel Experiences - We write down our adventure memories and post on the site in order to keep them alive. We would like to share our real encounters which we ourselves consider to be the most striking and exotic things - the best episodes of our journeys. But the main point is we hope that these feelings could provoke and fire your urge to take your luggages and get on your voyages.

    -Travel Reviews - We provide you with the top lists of wonderful tourist destinations, amazing activities on spot, outstanding services, necessary travel equipment, and so on. These reviews are collected from our own experiences as well as extensive researches on the topics. And we would be really happy if these review articles could help you in your selection for your next planning trips.

    -Travel Guide - There are complete guides of your interested destinations with all the information on when to go, how to get there, where to stay or to eat, what to do, local tips, et cetera. To develop travel guides, not only our companions’ experiences are gathered, but we also ask local friends for their opinions. So, get prepared and ready for your tour by reading notes in these guidelines so that you could have a smooth and pleasant adventure.

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  • If you are also a bird of passage - a travel lover, let’s share our thinking and feeling on travel.

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    It is our great honor to get your interest in what we are sharing!

    Thank you for your time with Travel Opel and wish you all the best trips! Don't forget checking my latest travel blog post at below

    Dixies Jensen