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Best Backpacking Packs For Travel - 2020 Guide

TravelOpel Admin 2020 Backpacking Packs For Travel Best Backpacking Packs For Travel

In order to enjoy a fulfilled trip, thorough preparation of personal belongings and equipment is certainly one of the most important tasks to be done. Therefore, choosing a backpack – widely considered to be at the top of the necessary travel equipment list – should be taken in to account firstly.

If you are going to have a trip and looking for a travel backpack, I would like to recommend you some best backpacking packs for traveling as well as suggest how to choose a good and suitable backpack that meets your need.

  Top Best Backpacking Packs For Traveling - 2020 Buyer Guide

 1. Granite Gear Blaze 60 – Editors’ Choice

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Product details

Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 6 inches

Weight: 3lbs ~ 1.5kg

Volume: 60L

Specially designed for long and distant travel, the Granite Gear Blaze gets hold of all the perfect features that you are calling for. I personally consider it to be the best overall backpack.

First of all, it feels really comfortable and light to wear this pack due to its Air Current frame (A.C frame) and the fully adjustable Re-Fit hip belt (which is patent-pending) which helps the pack to fit naturally to your torso. Likewise, along with the back panel made of molded foam, Granite Gear Blaze is one of the most light-weight backpacks while it is able to easily carry up to 50lbs (~23kg). The durability of this pack is also highly appreciated because the producer is using robic fabric, which is both light and-weight and tear-resistance, as well as using a Granite Gear exclusive 210D Robic nylon UHMWPE triple ripstop in the high-impact and high-abrasion areas.

In addition, I really go for other extra features of the Granite Gear, for examples:  the stretchy mesh stuff-it pocket, roomy hip pockets, breathable back-panel, long front access zipper, a full set of versatile compression straps, and particularly the removable lid compartment with DWR treated zipper that converts to optional chest pack to carry on your front.

While all those features and properties of the Granite Gear are impressing me, I also find the straps and hip belt a little bit difficult to practice how to dial to fit and comfortable at the beginning. However, I think anyone might get used to it soon after once or twice try.

Pros  Cons
  • Light-weight
  • The back panel might get warm after hiking a while
  • Comfortable with the heavy load
  • Expensive
  • Massive and adjustable pockets
  • A removable top lid
  • Adjustable gears even while walking
  • High durability

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 2. Osprey Atmost / Aura AG 65

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Product details

Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 7 inches

Weight: 4.02lbs ~ 1.8kg

Volume: 65L

If you don’t mind the weight of the backpack itself, the Osprey Atmost AG 65 could be perfect for a second choice. Another reason for me to like and recommend this one is due to the fact that the Osprey producer divided it into two lines: Atmost AG 65 for men and Aura AG 65 for women.

The innovative AntiGravity suspension system is the most remarkable feature of the pack with lightweight mesh extending entirely on the ventilated back panel. The pack also possesses a set of adjustable harness and a Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt in order to customize to perfectly wrap around the body shape of a man or a woman. Thus, even though this backpack is 4.02lbs weight, you might feel like the pressure on your back is less than the real weight, which supports you to walk lightly miles after miles.

The storage room of the Osprey Atmost and Aura AG 65 is really flexible and in handy even while you are walking. The highlight of this pack is the two zippered pockets on both sides of the hip belt, this feature helps you to keep cellphone and small items that you often use while hiking close at hand. There are also dual access stretch mesh side pockets for storing water bottles and other gears and easily to reaching without taking the pack off. The dual upper and lower side compression straps, the internal hydration reservoir sleeve, and the removable top lid are unquestionably in need for a long trip.

Especially, it has a built-in whistle for extra safety and is backed by Osprey Guarantee forever.

Pros  Cons
  • Great organizational features with easy-to-reach massive  pockets
  • Average-weight
  • Anti-gravity system comfortably supports heavy load
  • Large waistband
  • Perfect adjustment system
  • Expensive
  • A whistle built-in

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 3. Gregory Baltoro 65L Pack


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Product details

Dimensions: 27.17x16.93x11.02 inches

Weight: 5.5lbs ~2.5kg

Volume: 65L

On the other hand, if you are looking for a backpack that is not only heavy-load but also easier to access than one normal top drawstring as most of the other backpacks, I strongly recommend this Gregory Baltoro Pack to be taken into your consideration.

Gregory Baltoro is designed with a U-shape zip that allows you to open the pack from top to bottom or even open entirely as luggage with its dual zippers, which helps you to access almost all of the belongings inside easily. Besides the main pack, there are also two zippered pockets on both sides and a stretchy mesh beavertail-style pocket on the front. With all those capacities, you could efficiently organize and get to your stuff according to their categories.

Another highlight of the Gregory Baltoro pack is its vented back panel and removable silicone lumbar grip zone. In addition, the pack also includes a QuickSwap 3D interchangeable pre-curved LifeSpan EVA foam harness and a hip belt in multiple sizes to precisely fit each body. These solid and suspension and plush padding features offer user-customizable contouring for a precise back panel fit as well as the comfortable sensation even if you backpacking for a long time, which helps you to manage a heavy-weight packing.

Also, the producer tags a lot of free components along with the pack, especially the free rain cover with its own removable zippered pockets which is not included in the Granite Gear Blaze or Osprey Atmost AG. However, this Gregory Baltoro backpack is a little heavier in weight than the Granite Gear.

All things considered, the Gregory Baltoro Pack is an easily accessing and comfortable backpack.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable with a heavy load
  • Heavy-weight
  • Large U-shape zipper and dual zippered lid pockets
  • The back panel might be a little stiff at first use
  • Free rain cover
  • Refined suspension system
  • High durability

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 4. Gregory Zulu 55

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Product details

Dimensions: 27.6 x 9.8 x 15.8 inches

Weight: 3.69lbs ~ 1.67kg

Volume: 55L

 The Gregory Zulu 55 is less capacity than other products mentioned above, but it is able to carry a heavy load up to 40lbs. This pack is very suitable for beginners or those who are looking for a multi-functional backpack.

The suspension system is a remarkable property of Gregory Zulu pack. The free float suspension is combined with low profile open-air ventilation, moisture-wicking meshes, thick padding with ergonomically designed shoulder straps, a well-padded waist belt. Gregory Zulu’s 3D comfort cradle system is a body-hugging fit and giving a comfortable and secure sensation. These suspensions are not top-notch, but it is relatively unique and better than most of the same price products in the market.

This pack also provides great storage features with flexibility. There are several accessing ways to inside belongings: normal top drawstrings of the main storage, front U-shape dual zippers of the top lid, and the front, as well as a zippered sleeping bag compartment, and a mesh beavertail pocket on the front for rain cover or drying out items.

Pros Cons
  • Light-weight
  • Less in volume
  • Little volume but able to pack heavily
  • Unremovable top lid
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Reasonable price

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 5. TETON Sports Scout 3400

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Product details

Dimensions: 27.6 x 9.8 x 15.8 inches

Weight: 3.69lbs ~ 1.67kg

Volume: 55L

In case you are low on budget, the TETON Sports Scout 3400 might be a good choice for you. This pack includes all of the necessary features and functions, and its price is less than half of other backpacks in the same category.

The suspension of the TETON Sports Scout 3400 is at a basic level. It has foam pads at the upper and lower part of the back panel, airflow molded channels along the spine, and an open-cell foam lumbar support. And you can also customize multi-position to fit your torso as well as your body size. Thus, this backpack might be comfortable for those who are beginners or in an easy trail.

Moreover, the reason why this pack is one of the best seller backpacks is certainly due to its multiple convenient details such as a sleeping bag compartment, rain cover, compression straps, top lid, and many pockets and mesh pouches. With all of those, this TETON pack holds up a great capacity and is very useful to arrange stuff in.

The TETON Sports Scout 3400 is made of 600D Diamond Ripstop material so the pack is strongly durable and also pretty well water-proof. You can even clean it using the washing machine, and it will come out like new. Therefore, this backpack is in use for every type of activity without worrying about carelessly breaking or tearing it. However, the pack is quite stiff and may leave scratches if you backpacking it without a shirt due to its hard material.

Pros Cons
  • Extremely High durability
  • Lots of extra pockets
Uncomfortable for long trails
  • Water-proof
  • Cheap price

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How To Choose The Right Backpacking Pack For You

After all, it is your decision to pick the most suitable backpack for your own taste and circumstance. If you are going to take a long and heavy hike or travel, you may prefer weight-reducing and comfortable suspension backpacks. Or if there are too many items you need to bring along, you might tend to packs with large capacity and lots of features. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you some guidelines that you might consider when buying a backpack.

Backpack’s Size

You should choose your backpack size depending on how long your trip is, or how many belongings you want to pack in. Normally, it can be identified as this range of backpack’s volume size below:

For the trip lasts:  Volume:
1 – 3 nights 30 - 50 liters
3 – 5 nights 50 - 80 liters
5+ nights 70+ liters

However, what more important is that backpack size should fit your body or torso in particular. First, you can measure your torso length by starting at your C7 and stopping at the top of your hip bones. According to your torso length, you can choose the pack size as:

Torso length  Backpack size
Up to 15”+ (up to 38cm+) Extra-small
16” to 17”+ (40 – 43cm+) Small
18” to 19”+ (46 – 48cm+) Medium
20”+ (50cm+) Large


 This range size is varied by different manufacturers, so you should make sure to take double-check and try the backpack on before you decide to buy it.

 Backpack Features

Shoulder straps, hip belts, and other suspensions are parts that you should take a really careful look at when choosing a backpack.

  • Shoulder straps: they should be contouring up and over the shoulders with very little space or gaps when you wearing.
  • Load lifter straps: they connect the shoulder straps to the top of the pack, you should pull them around 45-degree angle so that the pack does not lean too far from your back or flip while you are walking.
  • Sternum strap: this mid-chest strap allows you to connect your shoulder straps and strengthen the stability.
  • Hip belt: this belt is extremely important because the weight is mainly supported by this part, manufacturers often have their own hip belt size, so do not forget to try it on and adjust it beforehand.

The material of those features, especially their pads, affects directly on your sensation during your travel, so better take a good look at that. The better and more comfortable the pads are, the more expensive the backpack is, but you still should choose backpacks that contain:

  • Pads that are made of mesh and lightweight foams so that you can feel better in hot weather.
  • Hip-belts with accessory pockets to keep small items or at least your cellphone in handy.
  • Back panel should have ventilated design, lightweight mesh, and perforated foam materials

These are essential parts that you should notice when searching for a good backpack. Other details such as ultralight or water-proof materials, design, or style, using purpose,… is up to your reference. Last but not least, do not forget to learn about adjustment and functional system of your backpack in order to acquire a perfect body fit and useful one, and enjoy.

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