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Visiting Tuscany, An Amazing Region Of Italy

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1. Torretta del Bagno is one of the four coastal towers of the island of Capraia, built by the Genoese in 1790. to protect Fort San Giorgio in the event of a siege. As the name suggests, it is very close to the water, at the foot of the hill of the castle, in a site that is one of the rare "discese a mare" of the island, spots where the sea is quite easily accessible by foot. And what a sea it is!⁠⁠

From @davidesambuchi

2. Candalla Falls is a charming wooded path takes you to the cold and emerald waters of the basins and the fairy Candalla waterfalls of the Lombricese river.

From @simona.sternini

3. From the Gulf of Baratti, a picturesque path, that crosses holm oaks forests and Mediterranean scrub, leads to a fairy corner of the coast, by name and in reality! Buca delle Fate (the fairies hole) owes its name to the presence of some Etruscan tombs scattered in the rock, although there is another hypothesis linked to a legend about fishermen, melodious mermaids, seahorses carousels and dolphins parades, an underwater gallery with phosphorescent jellyfish, a garden of algae and coral, and tears transformed into pearls

From @danieletonin.projects⁠⁠

4. The astonishingly beautiful Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see in any traveler dream

From @jorrocooper

5. Tuscany. Summer. Sunday. Just breathe

From @alessandro_melucci

6. Amazing day for taking deep into the nature, at Candalla Falls, Tuscany

From @simona.sternini

7. Another day at Candalla Falls, enjoying the fresh atmosphere

From @simona.sternini

8. What a road at Parco Dell'uccellina, pines are one of the features of the Uccellina Nature Park, along with kilometres of coastline, marshes, cultivated fields and pastures, Mediterranean scrub and hills scattered with medieval towers. A protected area that is home to large and small mammals, reptiles and birds, and that you explore on foot, by bike, on horseback, in a covered wagon, in a canoe or, if you're a child, atop a donkey. A natural amusement park!⁠⁠

From @mayo_mvphotography

9. A glimpse of today's life framed by yesterday's legacy, at San Gimignano. Some pictures can only be shot in Tuscany!⁠⁠

From @chiarafest

10. Gallicano, at the gates of Garfagnana, has been a borderland since the Middle Ages. It was either rebellious or ruled, involved in the contrasting interests of three states: the Republic of Lucca, the House of Este in Garfagnana and the Signoria Fiorentina. Today it stands peacefully amid green and wooded valleys, in a relaxing forested scenery

From @comunegallicano

11. The view from the Apuan Alps, majestic marble mountains while enjoying a sew view

From @elisa_spinosa

12. Pine needles scent and salty breeze. The beach is calling

From @dabugram_

13. The mural "David" by artist Kobra, in the Gualtero Conti quarry, a tribute to Michelangelo and the Tuscan marble history and tradition

From @srake

14. Grab a bathing suit and head towards the hills of Camaiore, an extraordinary landscape that stretches from the Apuan Alps to the Versilia seaside. Here, not far from the village of Vado and next to an old mill, a charming wooded path takes you to the cold and emerald waters of the basins and the fairy Candalla waterfalls of the Lombricese river

From @simona.sternini

15. The sea, the sandy beach, the sunset, the Ferris wheel, the view that stretches across the Versilia coast

From @flora_perna

16. Teatro del Silenzio, in Lajatico, is the striking project by tenor Andrea Bocelli: an amphitheatre meant to hold one show a year, before returning to its usual silence and making way for the real star, the scenery

From @elisa_spinosa

17. Under the Tuscan sun and the mountains glance in Cinquale di Montignoso. Cinquale di Montignoso offers a beautiful riviera, equipped with luxury beach resorts and the opportunities to practice classic water sports, with stunning view of the Apuan Alps on the background

From @marino.giorgini

18. The almost lunar surface of large white granite rocks, against the wavy surface of the deep blue sea. A perfect combination for a perfect summer day in Sant'Andrea, on Elba Island.⁠⁠

From @cresciulloandrea

19. Sailing the sea of Capraia, when the colors of the sky match the lava red rocks ⁠⁠of Cala Rossa

From @capraiagramm

20. The view that stretches across the Versilia coast, the Versiliana Villa and Park home of Gabriele D'Annunzio in 1906 ("the most beautiful place in the universe"). Marina di Pietrasanta, the maritime district of Pietrasanta, really has some aces up its sleeve

From @flora_perna

21. Marciana Marina, the charming little fishing village on the north-west of the Elba island. With a stunning view of Monte Giove to the west and Monte Perone to the east, Marciana Marina fits into one of Elba's most gorgeous panoramas, and the old harbour is a classic destination for sailing enthusiasts

From @verofasce.ph

22. Crete Senesi” (Sienese clays) is a distinctive area resembling a lunar landscape: hills mainly made by “mattaione”, a sediment of marine origin with a high mineral content, some old brick farmhouses, cypress trees, the wind that shakes the golden wheat, at Castello di Leonina

From @sisisandrone

23. At Cupola del Brunelleschi. Brunelleschi's Dome: the largest in the world at the time of construction and still today the largest masonry dome ever built. Photos, videos and, the luckiest among us, live: we all have in mind its silhouette that stands out in the skyline of Florence

From @dorcas__gustine

24. In the middle of the Apuan Alps, on a SUP, at Alpi apuane

From @activedayjob

25. In the heart of the Crete Senesi stands the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, magnificent on the outside and containing a treasure chest of artworks on the inside

From @scienti.ph.ickitedesigns

26. The Baptistery of Volterra: a 13th-century structure with an octagonal base and a top that stands out and marks the beautiful skyline of the town, at Volterra, Italy

From @francescabologni ⁠⁠

27. The Fantiscritti marble quarries, this last one known all over the world for its precious marble, which also characterizes the architecture of the city.

From @lapimpa_92

28. A sunflower field at Larciano, Tuscany at 6AM

From @hassk80

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