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Amazing Bucket List Destinations To Travel To This 2024 #34

KingdomOfCat Admin


1. Cornices are overhanging snow formations accumulated on the edge of ridges or cliffs in mountainous terrain

posing a significant danger to backcountry travelers due to their potential to collapse and trigger avalanches. Hike safely! ⁣

From @o_leeps ⁣@sashamotivala

2. The sounds of rain on a frozen lake 🧊⁣

The sounds of rain falling on a frozen lake create a soothing, unique melody. Water drops meet ice in a delicate symphony. This natural phenomenon offered me a moment of tranquility despite the downpour. 🌧️ ⁣

From @chasseurdesons

3. Can’t win ‘em all 🤷‍♀️⁣

From @adventuringwithlyd

4. Would you consider becoming an alpinist? 🏔️


5. Spectacular Scottish scenery showcases stunning snow-covered slopes, serene shimmering lochs, and sweeping, silent landscapes, shaping a sublime seasonal spectacle. ❄️⁣

From scottishmunrojourney 

6. True / false?

From @brian_hikes_all_day

7. Navigating the sketchy winter ascent of Angels Landing

with its snow-draped trails and icy patches, adds an extra layer of adrenaline to the breathtaking adventure on this iconic trail.⁣⁣

From @drew.simms ⁣⁣

8. Winter in Oregon is a wild symphony, blending the coastal rhythm of the Pacific Ocean

the deep harmony of evergreen forests, the snowy crescendo of mountains, and the adventurous cascade of waterfalls into a thrilling and untamed landscape.⁣

From @jhamilbader ⁣

9. Hiking through Yamadera in Japan during winter unveils a serene and mystical experience

with snow-dusted trails leading to ancient temples and stunning vistas. Would you take 1000 steps necessary to reach this 1000 year old temple?⁣

From @bassetts.bouken ⁣

10. Sky Pond is one of the most visited Alpine Lakes in the Rocky Mountain National Park and once you are there you understand why. 🏔️⁣

Distance: 9.5 miles / 15 km return⁣
Starting Elevation: 9,240 feet / 2800 meters⁣
(at Glacier Gorge Trailhead)⁣
Highest Elevation: 10,880 feet / 3316 m⁣
(at Sky Pond)⁣
Elevation Gain (trailhead to⁣
Sky Pond): 1,640 feet / 500 m⁣
Total Elevation Gain: 2,125⁣
feet / 647 m⁣
Time required: 5 to 7 hours⁣

From @fatblackandgettinit ⁣

11. Walking in a winter wonderland! ❄️🏔️🌖⁣

From @tonytnally

12. Diving into summer 2024!🏔️ ⁣

From  @jan.znidarsiic

13. Olympic National Park’s diverse ecosystems encompass lush temperate rainforests, rugged alpine landscapes

and picturesque coastal shores, offering a unique convergence of biodiversity within one captivating park. Would you adventure here?⁣

From @mattandkarensmith ⁣

14. Winter sunsets in the mountains are a stunning spectacle, coloring the sky with soft hues and casting a serene ambiance over the snow-capped peaks. Do you do winter sunset hikes?🏔️⁣

From @denis.barbas ⁣

15. Hiking in winter is pure magic and you get to enjoy a popular spot all by yourself. Do you hike in winter?⁣⁣

From @eliasandkajsa

16. If you hold out for the ideal moment, you’ll spend the entirety of your life waiting.


17. Let the winter season begin ❄️ ⁣

From @benedikt.hoehny

18. Nature is amazing!⁣ How would you explain this phenomenon?

From @khasenkam and @theadelaideset

19. Ever seen a waterfall falling upwards?⁣

From @rjhooperphoto

20. Ridge hikes are awesome!⁣

From @austreenc

21. Summer summit naps hit different. 😴 ⛰️⁣ Do you take naps on hikes?⁣

From @chasethealberts

22. Would you hike 25 kilometres / 15 miles through the Scottish Highlands and have a beer at this pub?⁣⁣

From @ohwhataknight_

23. All’s well that ends well.⁣ Definitely can feel that 😁

From @_bcphotos

24. Hiking through the many colors of Montana 🇺🇸⁣

From @aidinrobbins

25. Would you wake up at sunrise to see this? 🌄⁣

There is nothing like starting your morning with a sunrise hike. 🥰 Waking up while there are still some stars out, hiking during blue hour and seeing the clouds turn pink, and finishing as the sun pops out and lights up the world. Pair all of this with some coffee and I don’t think there is a better way to start the day ☕️⁣

From @theloverspassport

26. Which one are you?⁣

From @hikingprogirl

27. These are my simple pleasures... what are some of yours?

Life can really throw us for a loop sometimes, but it can also bring so many opportunities for us to be happy. I find myself happiest outdoors, and whenever possible having that experience looks like these moments, but often times it just looks like taking a walk through my local park. Whatever the experience is, I hope you find those simple pleasures that make life rich and bring calm to your day. 🤍⁣

From @jhamilbader

28. Would highly recommend visiting Florida for some of the most beautiful leaf peeping! 🍁 😉 ⁣

From @thecapturingcouple

29. Would you climb these treacherous stairs? ⁣

From @ben.glassco

30. Sometimes you just need to take a hike. ✌️ ⁣

From @thenationalparktravelers

31. Would you visit Scotland in November?⁣

From @findingnewness

32. King of the Alps 🐐 ⁣

Captured this male Ibex lounging around in front of Mount Blanc a few days ago in Chamonix. What a moment! 🤯 🏔️

From @kylekotajarvi

33. Through the bell tower to the waterfall. 🍂 Do you fly drones on your hikes?⁣ At Foroglio, Switzerland

From @sebastian_schieren

34. Make sure to add this hike to your list! And be prepared for the stair master because it is A LOT of stairs, but so worth it! 🍁 🍂 ⁣

From @_asipoftee_for

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