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Bucket List To Do And Places To Travel In 2022

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1. Throwback the firework moment at Singapore. Happy New Year

From  @jungraphy_

2. Crazy view of NYC but please don’t try this!

From  @rdog1204

3. Lauterbrunnen is a village and a municipality in the Interlaken-Oberhasli

administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Have you been to Switzerland?

From swiss_beautiful TT

4. How beautiful is Indonesia! Here are some facts about Indonesia

-Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world.
-There are 100 active volcanoes in Indonesia.
-Indonesia has over 600 ethnic groups.

From  @jordhammond

5. Winter has its own beauty, at Oregon, USA

From @drew.simms

6. Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century historicism palace above the village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria

Germany. It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in honour of composer Wilhelmina Richard Wagner

From @lightmixphot0

7. Hazy sunset at Dubai

From TT

8. The amazing pastel sunset with the snowy mountain behind, at Slovakia

From @borievkyphotogallery

9. Hovden is a village situated in upper Setesdalen Valley, Norway

The scenery here is beautiful with mountains, open country, water and birch woodland. What’s on your bucket list this year?

From @philip_halv

10. Stokksnes Peninsula is one of the top locations in south east Iceland

It’s a private land and you have to pay an admission fee to be able to visit but it’s all worth it. The reflection of Vestrahorn mountain in the lagoon at the foot of the mountain filled with seawater is what makes Stokksnes black sand beach so special

From @jasonmengvisuals

11. Lake Oeschinen is a Unesco World Heritage Site and considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain lake in the Alps

The color of the 56-metered deep lake changes between blue, green, and turquoise-and all of the above. Who would you go there with?

From @dbucnev

12. Throwback Happy New Year moment from New York

From @elbroji_othman

13. Drachenburg Castle with a bird eye view, at Germany 

From @bokehm0n

14. The most amazing moment from Dubai, once time per year!

From @faisal.alnajran

15. My excitement for 2022! Are you excited too?

From @alpacasa.nl

16. I got the chills just watching this, at Idaho, USA

From TT @ chicken23451

17. Happy new year to all of you, from Dubai! We hope this year brings you peace, health, and happiness. 2022 will gonna be a blast!

From @tgfromdubai

18. Kootenai Falls swinging bridge, right above the Kootenai River in Montana

you can get the rush of the rapids and the seclusion of the mountains. In 1984, a flood ripped through the area and tore out the original bridge. It’s since been rebuilt with a stronger foundation and is now protected by the Libby Dam from future destruction

From @maximooutdoors

19. Spider-man when he first learned how to use his webs: AHHh, at Utah

From @hallelondon

20. Bom Jardim is a small village located around 150 km North of Cuiabá

Capital of State of Mato Grosso), Brazilian mid-west

From @daydamm @vilkertravels

21. The most epic firework before, at Paris, France

From @katia_mi_

22. Rehearsal of Russian Swing Act by Cirque du Soleil! Have you seen them?

From @impeccbl3 TT

23. Largest high alpine meadow in Europe during sunset, at Italy

From @kylekotajarvi

24. Sliding down from the 53rd floor of a high-rise ensconced within an all-glass capsule at Dubai

From @elena_mandziuk

25. Be with the nature, amazing vibe for any nature lover!

From @borievkyphotogallery

26. It’s cuffing season alright, so adorable

From @thebigcatsanctuaryuk

27. This has to be the best view ever!Where is the best view you’ve had? At Washington State

From  @drew.simms

28. Merry go round everyone?

From @derevenski_parenek86

29. Pink pastel sunset sky, right at Poland to the north and Slovakia to the south

From @borievkyphotogallery

30. Just casually chilling up there! Would you try this? Epic vibe at Dubai

From  @kuczynska.maja @mairis_l

31. So fierce, look at this adorable big catto at Norway

From @itseriksen

32. The last sun rays get through the dark clouds

From @borievkyphotogallery

33. Distinguished gentleman, tag a distinguished gentleman you know, at Ballart, Victoria, Australia

From @zookeeperkimicorne @ballaratwildlifepark

34. This time of the year, everywhere you go is just so magical, at Vancouver, Canada

From @scottcbakken

35. Would you try this swing at Dubai?

From @maximignite

36. Some facts about Shinjuku, Japan

It officially has the busiest train station in the world, where every day 3.4 million passengers utilize six different train companies.

-It has the largest number of eating establishments in all 23 wards of Tokyo: 5, 795

-It has he biggest collection of skyscrapers in Tokyo

-Its shoppers spend almost $28 million per day… every day

From @jungraphy_

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