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Canada The Bucket List Destinations To Travel To This May 2023

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1. Montreal, Canada is better covered with snow

Montreal has a semi-continental climate owing to which the weather is bitterly cold in winter. The month of December witnessed heavy snowfall in Montreal and the temperature dips down to -2 degrees Celsius

From @heloise_573

2. Discover the mesmerizing Lake Louise of Canada

Canada's lakes is that it has more lakes than any other country in the world. In fact, Canada has an estimated 3 million lakes, which cover approximately 9% of its total area. The Great Lakes of North America, which are shared by Canada and the United States, also contain around 20% of the world's freshwater supply. Many of these lakes are found in Canada's northern wilderness areas and offer some of the most pristine and beautiful natural scenery in the world

From @swissclick_photography

3. A beautiful foresty aurora in Waskesiu-Prince Albert National Park

Aurora is a colorful light show in the sky caused by the Sun. Auroras happen when particles from the Sun interact with gases in our atmosphere, causing beautiful displays of light in the sky. Auroras are often seen in areas near the North Pole or South Pole

From @herry.with.an.e

4. Montreal in Autumn is masterpiece

Once the autumnal equinox comes around, leaves start to turn colour begins and fall in Montreal, a brief but beautiful time lasting from late September until late October to explore the city. This lasts until late December, when the winter solstice begin

From @heloise_573

5. In Canada every road leads to a beautiful destination

💡Best drives in Canada

1-Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim Highway

2-Alberta’s Icefields Parkway

3-New Brunswick’s Fundy Coastal Drive

4-Alberta’s Dinosaur Trail

5-Ontario’s Highway 60 Corridor

From @danschyk

6. Hope this got you guys falling in love with sunny Banff, Alberta

Town of Banff has an elevation of 4,537 feet (1,383 metres). This makes it by and large the highest town in Canada

From @sameer.design

7. We capturing the cutest mummy bear and baby bear encounter at Alberta

From  @tati_yyc

8. 10km hike is definitely worth this morning view, at Canadian Rockies

From @damexplores

9. Best decision , still so many places to see & explore

From laylarundle

10. Canmore, Alberta looks straight out of a movie

In 1884, the town was officially named Canmore by Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron of Strathcona and Mount Royal. Smith was also the co-founder and director of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Alexander Smith named the town after Malcolm III of Scotland who ruled Scotland from 1058 to 1093. The king was nicknamed Canmore which literally is “big head” meaning “great chief”

From @jordan.lothian

11. Just a normal charming day at Canada

From chasingviewsbc

12. Dreamy Canadian Rocky views

The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the highest peaks in North America, and the highest of them all is Mount Robson. Standing at 3,954 meters (12,972 feet) above sea level. Mount Robson is located in the heart of Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. The mountain is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers, with its most popular trail, the Berg Lake Trail, leading to a beautiful glacier-fed lake at the base of the mountain

From @kitazakibanff

13. Fresh mountain air and breathtaking views at British Columbia

From @marco.firouz

14. From the majestic mountains to the sparkling waterfront, Vancouver has a little something for everyone

Vancouver skyline is a beautiful and dynamic sight that reflects the city's unique blend of natural beauty and urban development

From @camilaciasu

15. It’s tanning season in Vancouver

From @camilaciasu

16. On a ride to Lillooet

To range beyond range through the peaks and valleys of the Coast, Cayoosh, and Chilcotins, through the unceded ancestral lands of the Líl̓wat Nation, the St’at’imc Nation, and the Tŝilhqot’in Nation is to let the roads less travelled lead you farther and farther from distraction, deeper into landscapes that reflect the raw and rugged elements of British Columbia

From @twogirlsaway

17. Join with us for the ultimate summer getaway in Ontario

Ultimate Guide At Ontario

1) river rafting - you can do this at grandriverrafting or riverrunrafting or borealriveradventures

2) a glass bottom boat tour to Flower Pot Island - view shipwrecks, see flowerpot formations and explore a national park! thebruceanchor

3) catch a sunrise in algonquin_pp (find an East facing lookout!)

4) there is a natural waterslide in Algonquin. Take the 8km Cheater Trail (close to Barron Canyon) to access it for a day trip! Wear water shoes, a life jacket and a helmet.

5) hike The Crack trail in killarneypp - remember to reserve day passes in advance!

6) waterfall chasing - I recommend checking out Hamilton, Niagara Region, or Muskoka! Check out my blog linked in my bio for specific recommendations.

7) swim at the Grotto discovertobermory - water here is a little cold but so pretty and such a great experience! It gets busy so go early and reserve your spot in advance.

8) whirlpooljet is an experience everyone should have - it’s a blast!

From @yourmatiekatie

18. Left our heart in Vancouver

Vancouver was named the fifth Most “livable city in the world” and tenth Cleanest City due to its high standard of living and quality of life

From @emem_emeow

19. Moving to Vancouver definitely sounds like a good idea

Vancouver is also called “Hollywood of the North”. In North America the city comes second after Los Angeles in TV production and third in feature film production (after Los Angeles and New York). Most productions made in Vancouver are American, whereas most Toronto based productions are Canadian

From @youwithaview

20. POV: it’s the season of beautiful skies, at Toronto, Ontario

From @thatzenlyf

21. Save this for later! 5 Must visit national parks this summer

From ferlattez

22. Spending summer overlooking these views, at Maligne Lake/Spirit Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta

UNESCO declared Jasper National Park a World Heritage Site in 1984. The stunning and diverse mountainous terrain is home to several glaciers, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, peaks, limestone caves, and fossils

From  @thediaryofatravelbug

23. Spring has arrived in Toronto, and the cherry blossoms in High Park are in full bloom

The park is bursting with color and life, as visitors from all over the city come to enjoy the beauty of these magnificent trees

💡High Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Toronto, covering an area of about 161 hectares (400 acres)

Don't miss your chance to experience the beauty of High Park in full bloom

From @16.priya.das

24. Springtime strolls at Spencer Smith Park, where the cherry blossoms bloom and the beauty of nature meets the energy of the city

The park was named after Spencer Smith, a local resident who was a member of the provincial parliament and a champion of parks and green spaces

From @mkdrone_

25. Surrounded by towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and vast forests, Banff National Park is a natural wonderland that will take your breath away

The park is home to over 1,000 glaciers and ice fields, making it one of the largest ice masses in the Rocky Mountains

From @world.from.my.eyes

26. That top of the world view


27. Moonlit aurora nights

From herry.with.an.e

28. The night when the ground turned green. Some of the most vibrant aurora reds and greens I’ve ever seen

From @herry.with.an.e

29. The view is definitely worth the climb, at Kananaskis Fire Lookout, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

From @happy_yyc_campers

30. We’ll definitely be missing Lake Louise’s snowy blanket

If you’re entertaining ideas of a summer splash in Lake Louise, think again. Thanks to the glacial melt, the water is either frozen or freezing at all times. In fact, most lakes in the region are glacial-fed, and the rivers are equally as frosty

From @shoeb_captures

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