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Christmas Atmosphere Around Europe - Virtual Travel

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1. December in London, United Kingdom is a vibe

From @constantinamoi

2. Beautiful evening above the Dutch masterpiece. Do you prefer sunset shots? At Amsterdam, Netherlands

From @arden_nl

3. The scent of freshly baked biscuits, typical South Tyrolean handicrafts

wooden houses lights and nativity scene: the Christmas market turns Lake Carezza and the incomparable scenery of the Dolomites into a magical place.
We think that visiting Italy this season is the best gift you can give yourself

From @nikkkkkkk 

4. Mediterranean people when they finally see the snow

From @talibmalik920

5. Charming and cozy December nights in Lapland, Would you travel here or it's too cold for you?

Btw. Lapland is officially home of Santa Claus

From @momentsofgregory

6. Cozy Friyay vibes. With whom would you spend the weekend here? At Norway

From @solfure

7. Magical Christmas light at London is the best, how amazing

From @constantinamoi

8. Charming and special, that's what France is all about in December

From @voyageblonde

9. All red, just like a gift, at London

From @constantinamoi

10. Tis the season! Have you ever tried ice-skating? We haven't but winter wonderland in Russia looks sooo attractive

From @iklimsentunali

11. Winter vibes in the capital, which is not only the crown jewel of Riga, Latvia, but also of the Baltics

It has more than 600.000 inhabitants and its old town is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you prefer northern countries?

From @egonslacis

12. They call it the most beautiful European city for a reason. Have you ever been in Prague, Czech Republic?

From @takemyhearteverywhere

13. Collect moments, not things. You'll have no regrets when you get old. Did you have any special moments in 2021?

From @catchagypsea @chalet_al_foss

14. Feels like summer here. Wait for it, at Finland

From @elinamae

15. When Mediterranean vibe hits too hard. At Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

From @laurandnicolas

16. Strasbourg, France christmas market by night

From @la_chouette_photo

17. The whole Europe is enjoying December, What's your favorite winter joy? At Russia

From @warm_ykt

18. Colorful house with Christmas vibes at Riga, Latvia

From @egonslacis

19. Cozy evenings in German villages, Have you visited Germany yet?

From @jan.1402

20. Cold Baltic evenings at Tallinn, Estonia. Do you prefer northern vibes?

From @kehuang12

21. Sometimes you just need sea to clear your mind, jump right down into the paradise, at Milos, Greece

From TT

22. Snowy rooftops combined with old streets for a perfect winter mood in Scandinavia, at Stockholm, Sweden

From @assal_photography

23. Beautiful Strasbourg with Christmas market by night, only in winter season you will find the big tree like that

From @la_chouette_photo

24. Beautiful view from above of Prague, Czech Republic at night in winter season

From @takemyhearteverywhere

25. Do you have any plans for the winter?

From Namuk

26. Magic above Regent street. Have you ever been in London in December

From @justefe

27. The amazing France at a winter night full of decorations

From @voyageblonde

28. Light festival in Gent, Belgium

From @ghentphotography

29. December view in Munich, Germany

From @dr0newrks_

30. Refreshing your body and soul with a morning cold bath on Svalbard, Norway

From @avhaugland

31. Christmas market fever has started, here at Erfurt, Germany

From @magictiron

32. Refreshing Saturdays in Austria. Do you like the mountains camping?

From TT

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