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Europe Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Travel To This 2023 #8

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1. Where are the Tiramisu lovers!😍

From @beyondtheplans

2. The beauty of Christmas lights in Paris, France. ⭐️🎄

From @maaaples_

3. A weekend in Milan, Italy

From @im.nowhere

4. Imagine nearly missing your train because you were too busy watching Sir Rod Stewart, UK? ✨🤩

From ryanpowell92

5. The timeless charm of Vienna, Austria 😍

From @8thdistrictphotographer

6. Lake of Braies, Italy will never fail to amaze you!😍

From @mattworldph

7. Welcome to the Caribbean of Europe!🩵 At Sardegna, Italy

From @gianfrenk

8. Discover the most beautiful metro in the world! 😍❤️

From @marieletanneur

9. Vienna : Recipe for a magical Christmas ✨

🎄There are over 10 Christmas markets in Vienna, they’re all great but I visited and loved the following :

- Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz (till 26th Dec)
- Schönbrunn (till 4th Jan)
- Stephansplatz (till 26th Dec)
- Wintermarkt am Riesenradplatz- Prater (till 7th Jan)

You must have some Christmas food and drinks to really take it all in while getting the cutest photos at the beautiful installations 🫶

From prageetgoel

10. Embraces the serenity of Dublin’s dazzling sunsets.🌅🤩

From @joaobsb_

11. A must-try dish while you’re in Paris, “Raclette” ! 😋❤️

From @chiarizz

12. Discovering the breathtaking beauty of Duomo Rooftops, Milan from here 🏰✨

5 tips:
1. Eat at Trattoria Milanese
2. Visit Navigli District during happy hour and see the canals
3. See “Last Supper” masterpiece by Da Vinci inside Maria delle Grazie’s Convent
4. Check out Museo del 900 (modern) for one of the best views of the Cathedral.
5. Best bar in Milan: Ceresio 7

From @im.nowhere

13. The timeless beauty and charm of Rome, Italy

From @afrenchieinrome

14. Why you need to visit Nuremberg, Germany and one of the oldest if not the oldest Christmas Market in Germany

Come see why 2 million people visit Nuremberg Christmas markets each year in December and save this for later so you don’t forget

It is full of tradition around every corner and should be on everyone’s European Christmas market itinerary!
Have gluwein in its’ original home. Also, don’t forget this is the capital of Lebkuchen aka Gingerbread. I learned it started here because it was the center of trade in Germany, especially the spice trade which is how the spiced sweet began.
Meet Christkind! 🪽Every two years a young Nuremberg woman between 16 and 19 years of age was elected as Christkind for a two-year period. The main market is the Christkindlesmarkt which is the oldest and most famous market.
Sausage is king here. Nuremberg Rostbratwurst are prepared the traditional way on an open beech wood fire. Because they are only as thick as a finger. You must try it at least once and you won’t turn a corner without seeing a sausage.
While I don’t drink it was interesting to see the world’s l largest “Feuerzangenbowle” in the world. This is an alcoholic drink which is cooked on fire with sugar.
Have your wish come true at the Schöner Brunnen fountain next to the town hall. There are two brass rings on opposite sides – according to a legend, if you rotate the golden one clockwise, your wishes will come true.
Grab maybe the ugliest souvenir aka the plum people. What are they miniature figures, known as Prune Men, or Zwetschgenmännle in Nuremberg dialect, are small doll-like creations made of dried plums, nuts, raisins, and figs. These were the original gifts during times of the past and a tradition.
Whether you believe in Christkind, Santa, or something else, one thing is undeniable this market is full of spirit, Nuremberg is full of sausage, and this market is full of history around every corner which will put you in a pretty great mood in the holiday season.


15. Exploring the enchanting Christmas charms at Dublin

From @paddymc.ie

16. The incredibly beautiful Norwegian winter wonderland! ❄️

From @aarzand

17. Embracing the magic of Copenhagen, the journey into danish delights❤️

From @mamastravelss

18. Christmas vibes in Milan, Italy. 🎄

From @im.nowhere

19. Joins the rhythmic parade of music, culture, and joy. 💃

From @mypassporttohappy

20. 7 iconic locations below 👇🏽 (3 is my fav!)

First, save this post for your trip to Vienna, Austria 🎄✨

While essentially the entire city is decked out for the holidays, here are a few special places in Vienna that are extra festive (and perfectly Instagrammable!):

🎄 1. Popp & Kretschmer
🎄 2. Graben Street
🎄 3. Wiener Christkindlmärkt
🎄 4. Gerstner
🎄 5. Demel
🎄 6. Cafe Central
🎄 7. Sluka

From sugarandstamps

21. Save this market for next year with Winter Solstice passing everyday will become lighter

but Esslingen am Neckar shined a light this winter and holiday season with one of the most festive and unique markets in Europe. Their medieval market is located a short 20 minute drive or S-Bahn ride from Stuttgart and occurs from Nov 23- Dec 21 culminating with a beautiful winter solstice celebration.
Enjoy unique food items and explore over 200 stalls. There is also a traditional market as well, but the markets blend into one another as you roam one of the most historic cities in Europe. They have some of the oldest timber homes in Germany and it is worth a visit any time of year. But it truly shines during the holidays.
What I ate?
Quarkbällchen are sweet German fried dough balls made with quark (a german cheese), rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Raclette with sweet peppers bacon and more!
Kinderpunsch for a non alcoholic version of Gluwein.
Best cafe in Esslingen Nali cafe located in the perfect spot for the medieval marker in the square where the Christmas tree is, Alter Rathaus, and perfect to warm up with a latte plus it is super cute.

From travelsofsarahfay

22. Magical snow days in Gimmelwald, Switzerland

From @shareawalk

23. 5 Things to do in London during Christmas👇🏻

📌SAVE this post for your next visit

1. COVENT GARDEN - enjoy Christmas market and watch Snow every hour starting from 12PM until 8PM!
2. NEW BOND STREET - famous Ralph Lauren coffee shop, opening time 10am but make sure to be there around 9:30 already! It really gets crowded!
3. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS BUS TOUR - we went with @tootbuslondon they have several departure times daily! Price 26£ per person and it’s so worth it!
4. CARNABY STREET - so beautiful and nicely decorated for Christmas!
5. COPPA CLUB IGLOO - cute restaurant close to Tower Bridge, it’s always fully booked but they always keep one igloo for walk ins! Opening time 9am!

Which one is your favourite?

From tinkerbelltik

24. Experience the enchantment of Paris during the holidays! ✨🎄

From @zbarrera_

25. “Discover the Christmas wonder of Europe! 🌟🎄

From @scenes.from.london

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