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Explore The Wonderful Iceland Virtual Travel

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1. Situated in Ásborgir, Iceland Lakeview Retreat features accommodation with a private pool and lake views

The accommodation is 20 km from Selfoss, and guests benefit from complimentary WiFi and private parking available on site

From @icelandlakeview

2. A land straight out of a fairytale

From @chrissbergan

3. Sunrise views from Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland

From @bradflowerss

4. Pastel sky vibes making Iceland 100x magical

From @ezduprat @whereisweatherby @thestrawhatbackpacker @luciana.travelphotos @florian_blochum_photography @thetravellingbrownie @glasscottagesiceland @northduo @thestrawhatbackpacker

5. Reykjavík, Iceland covered in snow

Reykjavik is believed to have been the first permanent settlement in Iceland. It was established in 870 C.E. by Ingólfr Arnarson. The original name of the settlement was Reykjarvik which loosely translated to the "Bay of Smokes" due to the region's hot springs. The additional "r" in the city's name was gone by 1300

From @bsteinbekk

6. Nothing really beats looking into the depths of the earth to me. There's something about seeing fresh lava broiling up to the surface

seeing it solidify as it turns into a brand-new landscape. It’s just so special and unique to witness with your own eyes and even through the footage of your drone. It left just a big impression on me, being able to be there so many times. This video was probably the closest I got with my drone during the entire eruption

From @jvn.photo

7. Would you stand there? Frozen in time

From @arontphotos

8. Moments of lonesome and serenity in Iceland. Choose your favourite picture

From @fraesposto @thestrawhatbackpacker @northduo @indefinitely_lost @ryanleebanks
 @david.prsl @chrishenry @chmueller80 @ryanditchphoto @karanikolov

9. One of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever witnessed. Icelandic horses

(including a foal) roaming around under a pastel sunset

From @linbergmann

10. Witness and enjoy Kirkjufell throughout different times of the day

From @benstraussphotography

11. Peter’s island, Eyjafjöll Mountains & it’s Glaciers

From @gaukurfromiceland

12. Beautiful Northern lights around Norway

From @gautelorentsen @viktorija.ge @sigurdloseth @xxlofoten

13. Iceland smoking volcanoes

From @hjorturlevi @norrisniman @ladanivskyy @maximilian.lehrke @thestrawhatbackpacker

14. Beautiful Kolugljúfur in Iceland

Kolugljufur is a stunning 2 km long and 20-25 meter deep gorge on the river Víðidalsá. The trip from road #1 is well worthwhile due to the scenery. The gorge was named after the giant Kola, a mythological troll, who lived there in a cave, stealing livestock and the occasional farmer

From @bthorarensen.photography

15. Joining the water for a 60 meters fall at Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

From @chrissbergan

16. There is literally a hidden treasure with crazy waterfalls at every corner in this country

From @chrissbergan

17. Magical views of Kirkjufell

From @jeongeun_jo

18. Your sign to head to Iceland for one of the most calming roadtrips in the world

From @ronald_soethje

19. Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland

From @svarnar

20. Iceland is always a good idea to travel

From @icelandlakeview

21. Can you guess if that’s Sunset or Sunrise?

From @tanjasolv

22. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, at Iceland. one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on Earth

From @dumitrip

23. This stunning glacial waterfall is a hidden gem of Iceland's famous Golden Circle

Tour buses usually do not stop here, as it requires a 4.5 mile roundtrip trek through ankle deep mud to reach. But what a sight to behold, and honestly not to be missed. The waterfall is fed by glacier melt from Langjökull Glacier. This glacial water is what gives Brúarfoss its insane blue color

From @andtheytravel

24. The eruption of an active volcano is an incredible natural phenomenon that is breathtaking. At Iceland

On the first day of the trip we immediately went to the volcano, but saw only freshly frozen lava from which smoke came out here and there, as it was the first experience to see this and walk on fresh lava, everyone was delighted. We were on an observation deck about a kilometer from the crater and I flew a drone to the crater and even went down ten meters to it where I saw a volcano roaring. At the time, I thought these would be my best shots with hot lava. In three days we are already on the opposite side of the island and all the instagrams show a new eruption, I think damn well, how come we did not get on it and still so far away, we had to reconcile

It took 12 days and we drove our route with a reserve of 1 day, it was a free day where everyone could do before departure what they want. Since I didn't want to walk around Reykjavik because I had been there many times, I decided to go to the volcano again with part of the team. Although in the morning there were no reports of attempts at a new eruption, but I had some inner feeling that it should be done

From @ladanivskyy

25. Can you guess the name of the animal?

From @gauihpicx

26. A collection of fascinating Aurora shots in Iceland

From @tales.of.the.north_

27. A plane flying over an erupting volcano

From @norrisniman

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