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Maldives The Wonderful Tropical Honeymoon Destinations To Travel

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1. Magical Maldives


2. Beautiful day in paradise

From @alexpreview

3. My current mood right now

Palm trees, ocean breeze with endless sea views is currently on my mind

We all need mornings like that right? TAG someone who you would love to share this swing seat with

From @jetset_anna

4. Cannot get enough of this view


5. It’s a beautiful day


6. Dreamy weekend at here anyone?


7. How beautiful is this? Wonderful summer bucket list


8. Life is more enjoyable beside the ocean. Here is just kinda cool!


9. Tag someone you’d like to go here with

Soneva Jani is nestled within the tranquil waters of the Noonu Atoll, where sun-drenched blue skies and azure seas stretch out in every direction

From @momentsofgregory

10. Imagine having your breakfast here

From @juliagal_

11. This is a sign to visit Maldives this summer!


12. Have you ever seen water THIS crystal clear?


13. The most beautiful place in the world. Do you agree?


14. There is no place like home

From @islander_maldivian

15. Thinking we may just move in and never leave. Who wants to join us?

From @valentin.ayupov

16. Island days are the best kind of days


17. Welcome to the endless summer in maldives


18. Run away and finally stuck in paradise

Exploring maldives in a different way is a once in a lifetime experience. The perfect mix of local islands and resort exploring 

I can absolutely recommend doing a mix travel when you’ll visit maldives

From @worldtravelfox

19. There’s no place like the Maldives

From @pnb_journey

20. Let’s talk all things Maldives

A unique thing about the Maldives is that most resorts are situated on their own private island — in fact, one island, one resort is the typical approach for hotels within the archipelago.

From @allthingsmaldives

21. Thankful for this beautiful earth

From @terplanet

22. The best morning view with the breakfast ever!

From @momentsofgregory

23. Cannot get enough of this view

From @ishotmaldives

24. I want to be here right now!


25. Sometimes it’s all about chilling out and enjoying the view… or it should be all about that, anyway

No better place than the Maldives to make that dream a reality

From @waseembe_4520

26. Turquoise water and white sandy beach

From @t___hassan

27. A beautiful place to be lost

From @prasseed

28. Beautiful day in paradise


29. Take me here!

From @moui.fit

30. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maldives’ little islands


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