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Norway, The Bucket List Destinations To Travel This December

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1. Scenery shots of Norway’s mother nature

From @northmas

2. Happy 1st advent. How are you celebrating? At Lofoten Islands, Norway

From anniessecrets

3. Bergen , Norway, through the our lens

Bergen is known for its artistic strength. Among others the city has been the home of famous composers such as the classical composers Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull

From @annatakle

4. Calling all nature lovers

From @walkovertheworld

5. Name something better than a pancake with a view, we'll wait

From @veronicaeh

6. 7 places you shouldn't miss on your trip to Norway. Are you planning a trip to Norway this year?

1. Stryn

2. Segla

3. Preikestolen

4. Reinebringen

5. Nyksund

6. Heddal stave church

7. Trollstigen

From @finnghal

7. Aurland is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited

ride the Flåmsbana from Myrdal (one of the steepest/most beautiful train journeys in the world)

hike Prest

visit the Stegastien viewpoint

walk to Brekkefossen waterfall

eat at the Flåm bakery

kayak on the Aurlandsfjord

stroll around the farms of Flåm village. You’ll find lots of cows & sheep

visit the small Viking villages nearby; Gudvangen & Undredal

From theholisticbackpacker

8. Sunrise in svolvær hits different

From Svolvaer: Searching for the Northern Lights, Witness nature’s most dramatic light show in a spectacular natural setting on this Northern Lights tour from Svolvær. Stop along the way at the village of Kabelvåg to warm up with hot drinks and cake at a typical Norwegian pub. During your safari, you will walk among silent forests, frozen lakes and old fishing hamlets. You will enjoy the best spots to admire the “Queen”, the Aurora Borealis

From @vedvikphotography

9. The Northern Lights dancing over Lofoten

November through February is the absolute peak season for Northern Lights viewing because the nights are the longest, but a visit anytime between September and March should give you a good chance to see them, with March offering the best chance of clear skies

From @ronald_soethje

10. Scenic roads of Norway. Would you take a ride here?

From @laurilohi

11. Sunrise moment, at Sanna

This spectacular island is called Sanna. It is located in nord Norway next and part of the Træna municipality. Once per year the municipality hosts the Træna festival. An amazing experience between camping and music.

From @nicola_montaldo

12. All time favorite kind of fireworks. Northern Lights all over Lofoten Islands, Norway

From @gautelorentsen

13. Happiness is holding tickets that say Norway

Amazing places to visit in Norway:

1. Hjørundfjorden

2. Trolltunga

3. Hemsedal

4. Norangsfjorden

5. Loen

6. Urke

7. Lofoten

8. Rakesætra

9. Sæbø

10. Reinebringen

11. Geiranger

12. Romsdalseggen

13. Voss

From @oyehaug

14. Between the living and the dreaming,there's Norway

From @martahupalo

15. On a night like this

From @jens.birkeland

16. Photos that prove Norway is straight out of a Fairytale

From @skeye_photo

17. We want to share the most captured the perfect northern light moment. At Tromso ,Norway

From @tromsolove

18. We blessing your feed with a rainbow we spotted in Norway. Are you planning a trip to Norway soon?

Obviously, Norway has an incredible diversity that goes far beyond its beautiful scenery, with its culture being just as exciting and beautiful to experience

From @eyeambeny

19. The amazing aurora dancing right above our head, at Tromso, Norway

Even though I could hardly feel my fingers from taking pictures in below than freezing temperatures, the Aurora dancing above the bonfires made an incredible atmosphere I couldn't hardly resist taking a picture.

From alexkournoutis

20. A great Aurora performance, at Tromso, Norway

From @alexkournoutis

21. Can you imagine staying here watching the northern lights, at Hattvika Lodge

Hattvika Lodge is located in Ballstad, in the Lofoten Islands region. Some units have a balcony or patio. The Fisherman's Cottage units include a kitchen equipped with an oven, a fridge and a dining area. The Hillside cabins feature a small fridge.

From @michellevonkalben

22. That moment when you finally get the chance watch the most epic view of northern lights

In Tromsø there is always a good chance of seeing the northern lights in the period September until April. These are the months of the year when it is dark enough outside to see the lights dance across the sky

From @arctic_road_trips

23. Norway is amazing during winter

Norway Shares A Land Border With Russia, You might think this is surprising, but it is very much true. The border between Norway and Russia is more than a hundred miles long. Many locals also cross the border to buy cheap fuel for their vehicles, while the Russians cross over to buy products of better quality

From @friluftsbjerke

24. Thank you for stealing my eyes from the crowd and stealing my heart from me

From  @twoandavan

25. The best view comes after the hardest climb

Trolltunga is one of Norway's most popular hikes for good reason. It is an incredibly scenic hike, ending at the Troll's tongue, a thin sliver of rock perfect for creative photographs. This is definitely a hike to add to your bucket list

From @cheaviajar

26. She takes an ice bath in Dalen, Norway. Would you dare do it?

Dalen is located in the heart of Telemark, at the upper end of the Telemark Canal. In a fjord landcape, surrounded by steep mountains and wild nature, like a fairytale, adventures await you. Dalen is the perfect holiday destination with attractions and activities for the whole family

From @helenemoo

27. Ice swimming adrenaline rush

Cold water swimming—also known as winter swimming or ice swimming—describes swimming outdoors (lake, river, sea, swimming pool, etc.) mainly during the winter or in the colder and polar regions, Cold water helps to boost the white blood cell count because the body is forced to react to changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes better at activating its defences. Cold water swimming activates endorphins. This chemical is what the brain produces to make us feel good during activities

From @wariacki_mors

28. Go discover the Airbnb cabin in Norway

The world’s longest road tunnel is in Norway. Lærdalstunnelen connects Aurland and Lærdal in Vestland and is an astonishing 24,5 kilometers long. It’s divided into four sections, separated by three large mountain caves. The main tunnel has white lights and the caves have blue lighting with yellow lights along the walls to give an impression of sunrise

From @friluftsbjerke

29. Lofoten's magic

Lofoten is a mecca for hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, skiing, Arctic surfing (in the summer AND winter), and cycling. The tourism scene there has a very young vibe, with lots of budget accommodation, and even the luxury accommodation markets itself towards adventure seekers

From @amalielundstad

30. Today we kayaking in Lovatnet, Norway

What makes Lovatnet so beautiful is the green color that comes from the melt water from the glaciers that lies on the mountain peaks around

From @erikhedenfalk

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