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The True Beauty Around The World (Pictures and Videos)

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1. It‘s baby turtle season in beautiful Australia

From @aleksmutated

2. Sliplining adventures at the Fisher Towers, Utah

From @therealfastmarcus

3. A beautiful view over the Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

From @naturebeauty8967

4. Here is some Sunday Baby Turtle madness! Have an awesome day

From @aleksmutated

5. Australian Shovelnose Ray, Banjo Fish, Bank's Shovelnosed Ray

From @aleksmutated

6. Chasing waterfalls at the beautiful Plitvice Lakes Nationalpark, Croatia

7. A beautiful encounter at the San Rossore Natural Park, Italy

8. When you forget you left a camera in front of an erupting baby turtle nest

From aleksmutated

9. Exploring the beautiful Gorges Du Verdon, France

10. Relax

From aleksmutated

11. Precious little nuggets


12. A beautiful full moon over Cappadocia, Turkey

13. What can possibly be better than a baby turtle? That’s right - many more baby turtles

From aleksmutated

14. One of my favourite little fish to observe is The Yellow Boxfish (Ostracion Cubicus)

From aleksmutated

15. Electric blue

From aleksmutated

16. Precious little nuggets

From aleksmutated

17. A jungle adventure at the Cambugahay Falls, Philippines

18. A beautiful camping spot in Hawaii

19. A beautiful sunset in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

20. A beautiful getaway to Santorini, Greece

21. A beautiful water bridge at the Netherlands

22. A magical Misty morning in China


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