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The Wonderful Travel Around Singapore

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1. They say ‘do what makes you happy’ so I bought a ticket to Singapore

From @bertatheexplorer

2. Sunrise moment at Singapore

From @writteninthelens

3. Hello Singapore, your lights are fireflies in my heart

From @tjieuw

4. Singapore’s sunset can’t go unnoticed, at ArtScience Museum

Best places for sunrise and sunset views in Singapore:

-Labrador Nature Reserve.

-Raffles Marina Lighthouse.

-Yishun Dam.

-Marina Barrage.

-Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

-Marina at Keppel Bay.

-Woodlands Waterfront Park.

-Sembawang Park

From @zhehong.zh

5. Today we taking you guys through our 3 days beautiful itinerary in Singapore

However, the original legend was that a long time ago, a 14th century Sumatran prince spotted an auspicious beast upon landing on the island after a thunderstorm, which he was told was a 'lion'. Thus, the name Singapore comes from the Malay words “Singa” for lion and “Pura” for city.

Is Singapore in your 2022 bucket list?

From @livealittle.withme

6. Can every weekend starts like this please?

From @lloydsinn

7. Singaporean cuisine is as ethnically diverse as its people

From @catchflightsssnotfeelings

8. Food is an important aspect in Asian culture, and there’s definitely no shortage of delicious eats in Singapore

We spent as little as $10 USD and up to $50 USD at hawker stands. Just be sure to bring some cash as most hawker stands don’t accept card. Otherwise, most restaurants/cafes that we went to accepted card payments

From sightsbytsai

9. Rain vortex at Jewel Changi airport

Rain Vortex is located in the heart of Forest Valley in Jewel Changi at 78 Airport, Forest Valley entry and exit points are present at every level. It is linked to the arrival hall in Terminal 1 and the pedestrian walkway in Terminal 2 and 3.

From @kaneswaran_photography

10. Taking a walk in Gardens by the bay is amazing

From thetravelscribe

11. Things to do if you’re stuck in the airport for 10 hours

From @thehungrypandaaaa

12. A slice of Europe feel in Singapore.. Perfect afternoon hot chocolate with the view

From alyssoninlalaland



14. Super convenient things in Singapore that make the most perfect sense

From @hey.atan

15.  Here are some of our favorite things to do in Singapore

From @expeditioustraveler

16. Follow me to the new Avatar The Experience at Gardens By The Bay

• The cloud forest dome has been completely taken over by new interactive experiences I felt like I was walking through pandora itself at Disneyworld. Pick the 6-9pm evening session so you’re able to experience both day and night - it’s worth it

• There are 3 individual interactive stations to queue up for; discover your own avatar, play with fire shadows and fly your own banshee! There’s also a lot of group interactive stations that you pass along the way without a queue.

• Hot tip: Use the professional photographer experiences. There are quite a few of them all around the dome. It costs $39.95 at the end for ALL digital images (they combine groups if you’re with friends) so more the merrier!

• It costs $53SGD per person to go and includes the Flower Dome as well. There’s even a little peek at the new movie towards the end

From  @jacquiifrank

17. Today we exploring the beautiful lights of the gardens by the bay

The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden

Have you ever been to Gardens by the bay?

From @deboradionisio

18. Rainy vibes in Singapore

From @risamorris

19. LV Island Maison, Singapore. Tag someone who needs to explore Singapore with you

Housed in a spectacular Crystal Pavilion on the waters of Marina Bay is the world’s only floating Louis Vuitton boutique. With nautical-inspired interiors illumined by natural light, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison is a one-of-a-kind concept that connects to The Shoppes through an underwater tunnel

From @qwennieee

20. One of the most amazing spots in Singapore, at Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel

How to find this spot:
Nearest MRT is Dhoby Gaut Station. You need to take Exit B & head towards Fort Canning link. At the end of the tunnel, you will find yourself at the bottom of this staircase.

How to take this photo:
The photographer needs to kneel down right at the end of the stairs, and hold the phone down as close to the floor as possible. You have to use wide angle - 0.5 worked well.

How long we waited:
A solid hour! We arrived at 9:45am@and left almost 11am.

From kimfromthephilippines_

21. Must visit places in Singapore

From missing__ingredient

22. Stop scrolling and have a moment of appreciation for the beauty of Merlion park

Merlion Park is a famous Singapore landmark and a major tourist attraction, located near One Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District (CBD)

The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish that is widely used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Two Merlion statues are located at the park.

The original Merlion structure measures 8.6 meters tall and spouts water from its mouth. It has subsequently been joined by a Merlion cub, which is located near the original statue and measures just 2 metres tall.

Upon the completion of the Esplanade Bridge in 1997, the original Merlion Park location was also no longer the entrance of Singapore River and the statue could no longer be viewed clearly from the Marina Bay Waterfront

From @airtawas_deo

23. Haw Par Villa, or: welcome to hell, Looks like such a cool place for me

On Sunday I found this very interesting and slightly absurd place in Singapore’s West..

Haw Paw Villa is like a theme park or rather outdoor art gallery showing symbols of Cinese, Buddhism and Taoism mythology. The most famous ones probably being the Ten Courts of Hell.

It’s in a super beautiful garden (with a million of mosquitos sadly and a gem when you want to learn about Asian culture, history, philosophy and religion!

Also, they have a museum (Hell’s museum) exploring perspectives of death and afterlife of our world’s religions and philosophies 

If you’re looking for a little offbeat, enlightening, fun and cultural experience, come to Haw Par Villa (but bring mosquito repellent

From @lynntravelss

24. Save this location for later, This spot is a bit tricky to find

You have to cross the super trees and find the other trees behind/next to them. There will be a lake. Make a walk around the lake and you will find it. (There is a bus stop where you should enter in the park to the lake)

To sit on the rock you have to step in the water so it’s better to wear a sandal and not a sport shoes.

From norinaround

25. A glimpse of Singapore with us

From @muisgaga

27. POV: You are sick of the crowd so you decided to enjoy the view from the 57th floor

From @svdablog

28. SINGAPORE: ArtScience Museum detail

The museum is really close to:

- Gardens by The Bay (1h to explore)

- Cloud Forest (3h to explore)

- Merlion Park

- Helix Bridge

- SkyPark Observation Deck

My suggestion is to explore the museum later on the day because doesn’t matter if the sun goes down or the weather is not sunny because it’s inside.

From @norinaround

29. POV: You’ve arrived to the most beautiful airport in the world - the Jewel Changi Airport

With its iconic architecture, lush indoor gardens, one-of-a-kind attractions, and unique shopping and dining options, Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) is a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination for Singapore residents and international travellers to enjoy

From @postcardsbypriya

30. Top places to visit in Singapore

From @nareshlakshman

31. Tag a friend you would take to a 2D cafe! At Cafe Monochrome, Singapore

From anniestravelist

32. Today we showing you guys how Kat got to the rock in the pond without getting wet, at Garden by the Bay

From @sightsbytsai

33. It’s time to overcome your fear of heights, at Jewel Changi, Singapore

From @cirquz88

34. The Cloud forest - Home to the worlds tallest indoor waterfalls

and a lush mountain with plants from around the world. The 115 ft mountain sits inside a 2 acre 190 ft glass dome. Stepping into this, what looks like an alien planet or a futuristic world is something out of a movie

From lifeofmikey_

35. A guide to Singapore's real gem. Have you ever been to gardens by the bay?

One of the most remarkable structures in Gardens by the Bay is the Flower Dome, an enormous greenhouse that exhibits exotic flowers and plants from all 5 five continents

From @qwennieee

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