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The World Is Amazing Here Is Why

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. Sunday funday in Lyngen, Norway, Who would you ski here with?

From @lindameixner @dr_charles_h.

2. A beautiful Fin Whale, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, and glassy seas

From @dolphindronedom

3. I've always found the rain very calming

From @iam.sk05

4. Just look at these views over our beautiful home of Svolvær, Lofoten

From @xxlofoten

5. The magic of Positano

From @terplanet

6. Looking forward to summer adventures in Norway

From @ninabfagerli

7. Green Zone at Rifugio delle Odle [Alto Adige], Dolomiti

From @elena_rota

8. Tulip season in the Netherlands, This is surreal

From @albertdrosphotography

9. Knock, knock, Say hello to these cute alpacas when you awaken from your slumber at Chalet Al Foss

From @jeremyaustiin

10. Who wants to move to Iceland?

From @iuriebelegurschi

11. What makes you really feel alive? At Voss, Vestlandet, Norway

From @eliasandkajsa

12. Beautiful spring in Locarno - Switzerland

From @michelphotographych

13. That is one gorgeous cat enjoying the snow

From @inkstaboy

14. The "Stairway to Heaven" is a tough climb—the one situated in Austria, that is fire

From @erika_eri_me

15. Balcony views in the Swiss Alps

From @lotter_live

16. Welcome spring, at Passo Gardena

From @brigrc

17. I’m Always Feelin Good in the air with team yellow

From @broseborough

18. Such a mood, I love Senja, Norway

From @ronald_soethje

19. La petite maison in Switzerland

From @doounias

20. Some of my best images from Amsterdam

From @arden_nl

21. What we do when we are bored in Iceland, Is a Volcano Eruption on your bucket list?

From @iuriebelegurschi

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