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Those Videos Will Make You Want To Travel Again

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1. Blanketed in pastel skies and watching the waves crash. Does this remind you of candy floss, too?

From @maya_gypsea

2. Time exceptionally well spent. Set against the backdrop of Dubai’s beautiful sunset is Burj Al Arab

From @cshep

3. When the impossible becomes possible, did your heart race while watching this next-level ride?

From @ivressefilms & @flynnaerials

4. Would you live this experience? The Pendulum Jump in Brazil

From @fragatafpv

5. Driving around the city of love, Paris

From @lepinkfigaro by @bei.bei.wei

6. The clearest and most spell-binding turquoise water you will ever see, at Riviera Maya

From @terplanet

7. Are you just as confused as the bystanders watching? At Union Square Park, NYC

From @never_unpacking

8. Located between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, the Al-Sahaba Mosque is a sight to behold

From @helloomelissa

9. Up close and personal with the wilderness! Set amidst the rocky dolomite ridge of the Madikwe Game Reserve

From @campsbaygirl

10. A hidden hot spring in beautiful British Columbia. When most people think about winters in Canada

From @brendinkelly

11. Leave it up to France to impress you in your daily strolls. This outstanding masterpiece of Gothic architecture is the Strasbourg Cathedral

From @tonyrammath

12. Inspiring wonder, amazement, and fear, the Kaieteur Falls is one of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls in the world

From @world.from.my.eyes

13. A lake of extraordinary tranquility and elegance, cruising through world-famous Lake Como and admiring its stunning scenery

From @alexpreview

14. Would you hop on a ride with these adorable puppers? A road trip to Woodstock would be twice as fun

From @bennieandmaple, @kjp

15. Our kind of passenger seat, the Southern Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2300km along the Queensland coastline

From @saltyluxe

16. Say hello to this curious elephant calf practicing his charge

From @danstevens_wildlife

17. How beautiful is this pink palace? The Schloss Benrath

From @bei.bei.wei

18. A moment of relaxation, this tranquil pool is a tiny piece of paradise in Washington State

From @movchai_travel

19. Between heaven and earth lies this picturesque respite amidst the Dolomites

From @hotel_hubertus

20. Antarctica’s hidden secrets, and were sailing across the Antarctic Peninsula

From @coldnail_

21. Did Miami in your bucket list?

From @cshep, @loganstrongarms & @reme_martyr

22. Daydreaming of sunny weather and summer adventures. Switzerland is the place to go if you yearn to swim in beautiful blue lakes and hike incredible mountains

From @samir.sparks

23. The icy landscapes of Cirque de Saint-Même. Lying at an altitude of 900 meters, the cirque is a reinvigorating escape for those who seek nature

From @alexis.marcellin

24. Paddleboarding the day away

From @nathanleeallen

26. When you only have 4 hours of sun a day, you gotta drive out to make the most at Hammerdal, Sweden

From @sebastian_schieren

27. Glorious 5am views in Norway. Would you dare sit on the edge of this towering cliff

From @seffis

28. Just two best pals exploring together, while many think dogs and cats don’t get along

From @calvin.andco

29. How serene is this scene in Wyoming?

From @visittheusa

30. Reaching new heights this year, the Front Range is a steep mountain range that spans deep into central Colorado from southern Wyoming

From @_.soul.fire._ & @bry.manning

31. The breathtaking valleys of Lungern in Switzerland. Nestled between Lucerne and Interlaken

From @amir_asani13

32. This oddly satisfying drip castle shot in Santa Cruz, California has got us mesmerized

From @kirkmaxson

33. When your stay is a destination in itself, this incredible hideaway tucked in the traditional village of Bresela

From @terplanet

34. Fiery clouds blanketing the alps, at Dachstein Sky Walk, Austria

From @piet_flosse


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