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Travel Destination Ideas To Travel New Year 2022

KingdomOfCat Admin



1. Hooman bring me some fish treats, here I come!

From @johnbozinov

2. Exploring a breathtaking natural gem at River Umngot, India

River Umngot is an amazing natural wonder because the water is completely transparent between the months of November and February. You can actually see the bottom of the river as you explore it on a boat and the best part is the water is bright green on a sunny day

From @bruisedpassports

3. A legend spotted at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

When you think you're too old to play in playgrounds and do backflips off a swing, this guy spotted in one of Philadelphia's playgrounds proves otherwise

From @kiingdoggy

4. At here we don't take sunbath, we take icebath, and nap

From @johnbozinov

5. We hope adorable clip brightens your day: "Baby Pyi Mai enjoying cooling off in her splash pool with her super nanny D-Max"

Look at this little chunky, furry head babe. Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population. Through a multifaceted approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational ecotourism operations, the foundation is dedicated to saving elephants and any animal in need

From @saveelephantfoundation

6. Diving in a winter wonderland at Rjukandefoss, Norway

Located in a small gorge and surrounded by a plethora of trees, the Rjukandefoss is one of the most beautiful and picturesque waterfalls in Norway. In the winter, its scenery becomes all the more dramatic when it comes blanketed in powdery snow

From @avhaugland

7. Safety first, at Wichita, Kansas, US

Here's a reminder to always wear a helmet on motorcycle rides—just like these two adventure buddies cruising down Wichita, the largest city in the US state of Kansas. Do you take your pets when traveling? Tell us about your best adventures

From @two_chihuahuas89

8. A local friend we meet today while diving, an adorable Seal in Antarctica

From @johnbozinov

9. On our way to Hogwarts! At Brocken Railway, Germany

Aboard the Brocken Railway in snow-blanketed Germany makes us feel like we're the main characters of a film. The scenic ride offers passengers breathtaking panoramic views of the Harz Mountains National Park

From @evolumina

10. Chilling out here at Siwa Oasis, Egypt

At the Siwa Oasis region in Egypt, you can find hundreds of salt pools and salt lakes that look absolutely surreal. If you can't swim, fear not—the high salt concentration of the water (more than 95%) increases its density and buoyancy, allowing one to float effortlessly

From  @lokoskales

11. A Gentoo Penguin boy curious about the camera we are holding

From @johnbozinov

12. A surreal pink sunset at Utrecht, Netherlands

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht is a wonderful place to explore, especially if you adore beautiful tree-lined canals and terraces by the water. A great place to immerse in every breath of life, the city is home to peaceful neighborhoods filled with history. Best of all, it's easily accessible to some big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague by train or by car within just an average of 30 minutes

From @utrechtalive

13. Ice, ice, baby, at St. Petersburg, Russia

This guy shows us this super cool (literally) chunk of ice in one of St. Petersburg's bodies of water. The rivers and canals freeze in this city throughout the winter season, which runs here from late November to March. These rivers and canals begin melting at the onset of spring

From @ksumoskvina

14. Finishing work before the holidays be like, at Zambezi River, Africa

This was shot in the Zambezi River, the fourth-longest river in Africa. Flowing out to the Indian Ocean, it passes by a total of six countries: Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. The famous river offers a spectacular playground for white-water rafting, kayaking, river boarding, and jet boating

From @_hullspeed @danejacksonkayak

15. A mother and daughter of Gentoo Penguins

From @johnbozinov

16. Powder days at France

when the conditions are so good, you just gotta do a frontflip here and there, even with skis on! This was shot in France, which is known for being home to some of the most iconic and best ski resorts in the world

From @anthonyroobert vs @alexisdumas

17. Take a moment to watch this magical bird watching clip taken in snow-blanketed Engadin

an Alpine valley region in the eastern Swiss Alps. A valley of pristine nature and a place of tranquility, Engadin is a beautiful spot where you can forget life's troubles and be in the moment

From @federico.sette

18. Royal Penguin, look so cool and adorable, this guy is the most friendly locals at Antarctica

From @johnbozinov

19. Teleport to Mexico, can you name all of this destinations?

All locations in the video: 1. Ven a la luz, Tulum 2. Cenote Oxman, Valladolid 3. Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido 4. Grutas de Tolantongo, Hidalgo 5. Campeche 6. Tolantongo Waterfall 7. Bacalar Lagoon 8. San Miguel de Allende 9. Prismas Basálticos, Hidalgo

From @oneoceanaway_

20. Spotted: Neo doing tricks in Moscow, Russia. Can you guess where this was filmed in Russia?

The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment in The Matrix film series, is finally out in the US today, December 22.

From @konst_bel

21. Adélie Penguin wonder if hooman give him treats

From @johnbozinov

22. Swiss train rides, Do you have favorite memories of train rides taken in the winter?

This breathtaking moment shows the scenic train ride from Gornergrat back to Village Zermatt, offering incredible views of the iconic Matterhorn and tranquil snow-blanketed villages

From @emrije.a vs @amir_asani13

23. Magical holiday vibes taken in the charming Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, this gorgeous street filled with indie shops, restaurants, and cafés is a great place to take a stroll in—especially when it's decorated with sparkling and festive lights

From @pandeyrr

24. A Gentoo Penguin at Antarctica is ready to sing a song

From @johnbozinov

25. Stroll along this sparkling street at Nikolskaya Street, Russia

This was taken in Nikolskaya Street, a lively and bustling street in the Kitay-Gorod sector of Moscow. It's home to architectural gems, historic hotels, and a great selection of restaurants. Every holiday season, it's adorned with a remarkable display of lights that truly bring out the magic in the air

From @psygames.ru

26. We're loving this cozy winter setup taken in Masan, South Korea

Located west of Busan, Masan is a beautiful urban city that's home to shopping centers, delicious restaurants, and lovely river walks. From Seoul, it takes roughly 4-5 hours to get here by bus, train, or car 🇰🇷 Whether it's scented candles, hot chocolate, or a festive playlist, what are your must-haves at home during this holiday season?

From @ooo._.ni

27. We wish you all a sparkling Christmas Eve filled with wonder, joy, and festivities

Here's Santa Claus spotted on his flying sleigh drawn by reindeers. This was shot along the lakeside promenade of Montreux in Switzerland, which is known for its annual Christmas market that brings a touch of magic in this special season. Are you on Santa's naughty or nice list? If you celebrate Christmas, share with us what you'd like to receive from Santa this year

From @sennarelax

28. Discover a magical winter wonderland at Brühl, Germany. filled with exotic adventures, epic shows, and exhilarating rides at Phantasialand’s three themed hotels

Indulge yourself during the holiday season with Wintertraum’s festive shows and dazzling lights, while whizzing through the resort on the thrill ride Taron, the world’s fastest multi-launch coaster! With numerous breathtaking attractions from culturally themed worlds like Chinatown and Down in Africa to thrill-seeking roller coasters and water rides, this resort will bring the whole family an unforgettable dream-like stay. Tip: here offers a unique fusion of three different hotel themes across the resort! Immerse yourself into the cultural heritage of Africa at the Hotel Matamba, a wintry Rookburgh at the Charles Lindbergh Hotel, and Asia’s festive joy at the Hotel Ling Bao

From @jerometraveller @reme_martyr @gaston_luna

29. A touch of magic at New York, USA

wishes you all the merriest holiday season filled with love, happiness, and prosperity. This was shot in the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan of New York City. The center is known globally as one of New York City's most iconic attractions—as it's where the famous Christmas tree is illuminated annually during this season. The magic doesn't stop there—since 2007, the lumber of each tree has been donated to Habitat for Humanity and is used to build homes

From @_jordan_kennedy_

30. Happy Holidays to our 'deerest' family. We're sending you season's greetings from adorable deer squad in snowy Colorado, USA

To every single person reading this: We wish you happiness, peace, and joy all season long. May you and your loved ones experience light, laughter, and love in this special time of the year

From @emilygracecarroll's

31. An adorable Crabeater Seal at Antarctica

From @johnbozinov

32. Let we show you a splendid time of the year to go outside and put some skates on!

Have you skated in outdoor ice rinks this year? Situated in front of the iconic Natural History Museum, this spectacular rink is lit up by thousands of fairy lights and features a glittering Christmas tree. You can go ice skating amidst the dazzling backdrop, pass by the museum’s alpine-style Café Bar for hot drinks, and watch skaters glide on the ice from the cafe’s balcony. If you haven't gone ice skating yet, take this as a sign to try it out! If you happen to be in or nearby London, this skating rink is open until January 16, 2022.

From @dr_difilippo

33. Join us as we strolls through this charming fairytale town in Germany

Nestled in Northern Bavaria, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is known for its medieval architecture that makes you feel as if you've stepped back in time. Do you have any favorite old towns in your home country

From @lumadeline

34. Dressed to the nines and ready for the view. How amazing is this red number worn amidst this iconic Cappadocia backdrop?

With its fairy chimneys, distinct rock formations, enchanting cave dwellings, and fabulous hot balloon rides, Cappadocia is truly one of the most scenic travel destinations in the world. What's the top destination on your travel wish list and why?

From @voyagefox_ via @tdskytography

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