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Underwater Pictures and Videos That Will Amaze You

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1. First Light Jellyfish, do you spot it?

From @mitchellpettigrew

2. Look but don't touch, to see a blue ringed octopus is always a highlight

From @mystic_divers

3. What the underside of a sawfish looks like!

From @fathomlesslife

4. Pretty Beautiful the water reflexes at Coolum, Queensland, Australia

From @mitchellpettigrew

5. Cave diving. "The Pit” is a very busy place and especially mid day when the sun beams hits the center of the cenote at Tulúm, Quintana Roo, México

From @alex_dawson_photography

6. Paddle-boarding with a pair of humpbacks playing beneath the surface. Meeting humpbacks at their most curious is an unforgettable experience

From @jaxonark

7. Hawaii has never looked so good, What are your top 3 bucket list dive destinations?

From @bluelifewild

8. The only kind of whirlwind we wanna be in

From @jferreragallery

9. Turtles always seem to know where to swim to make sure photographers get the best shots

From @tobymatthews

10. Chilling with the mantas in Ningaloo! Amazing animals, beautiful clip!

From @samlawrencephoto

11. When a Weedy Seadragons looks you in the eyes, incredibly beautiful looking creatures

From @onebreathdiver

12. Where's your favourite dive site to "sea" horses?⁠

From @snorkeldownunder

13. Say cheese!! And Smile! It’s Saturday!

From  @jayclue

14. Most sea stars have five arms, and all have thousands of feet

From @juliette_horn

15. Have you ever been scuba diving, today we found a stunning Bigbelly Seahorse under Rye pier

From @onebreathdiver

16. Be with the fishes

From @alexkyddphoto

17. How wonderfully this one is, at Finland 

From  @andy_torbet

18. Marine iguanas are living mini dinosaurs only in Galapagos

From @sheltondupreez

19. Amazing Seahorse wish you have a good day

From @tissue20

20 Tentacle, or Tentacool

From @francescoturanophoto

21. Elephants are excellent swimmers like all other mammals, The pachyderm’s massive body, very surprisingly, gives them enough buoyancy to float easily

From TT

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