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Videos and Photos Travel Around Switzerland

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1. The sunsets in Switzerland’s towns and cities are guaranteed to take your breath away

2. Sound on: The force of the water of the Rhine Falls is truly impressive

From @schaffhauserlandtourismus

3. Hello spring! The weather may not have been that spring-like in Switzerland

4. Walking through the vines and admiring the view overlooking Lake Biel

5. Zurich by night. Twilight’s blue hour and the city lights come together perfectly to make magnificent Zurich

6. When the sun and spring flowers brighten up the magnificent region Brione

7. Who wouldn’t want to sit on this bench to admire the view and take in the delicate perfume of the cherry blossoms overhead, at Geneva, Switzerland

8. Women reaching the summit, the first group of women to have contended with two 4,000m peaks in Switzerland

From @mammut_swiss1862.

9. Venturing through the streets of the old town of Neuchâtel

10. Spend the day in the beautiful region of Montreux

From @montreuxriviera

11. Do you recognise the mountain reaching up above the clouds here? At Toggenburg

12. Gliding over the water through the beautiful city of Lucerne

From @ilove_lucerne.

13. Certain places have no need of words to describe how blindingly beautiful they are

14. How could you not fall in love with the beautiful village at Lauterbrunnen

15. Hello April, The trees in full bloom, the singing of the birds and the bright sunshine reflected in the lake

From @ascona_locarno

16. The Niesen's overlooking the town of Spiez, what an impressive view

17. Do you need inspiration for Switzerland

From @rogerfederer

18. The flowers are slowly making an appearance in Switzerland’s mountains, at Oeschinensee

19. When spring cuts its path through winter, do you prefer the snowy landscapes of winter or the flower-filled meadows of spring?

From @tom_durrer

20. When the sun illuminates Zürich, the city seems so very peaceful

21. A palette of white and blue tones to make us dream of Swiss winter some more... Lake Lungern

22. Flying high above the mountains and admiring their enormousness... simply breathtaking

From @engelberg.titlis

23. Let’s admire the beauty of our Swiss villages in their white coats once more

From @sgbtourism

24. Winter’s natural landscapes in all their splendor

25. Beautiful flowers at Montreux, Switzerland

26. Spring is arriving slowly but surely in Switzerland, and the first few flowers are already brightening up the meadows

27. A very practical way to take in the beauty of the city Geneva, Switzerland


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