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Virtual Travel Around The Australia

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1. Cue the wanderlust

From @riancope

2. Ready, set, go. Witness these baby turtles making their first-ever dash to the ocean

From @shot.by.sheree

3. Ready for a tongue twister? Say perfect, purple Perth sunset three times over

From @scottslawinski

4. Howe about a quick dip? At Lord Howe Island

From @zotheysay

5. Just your casual sunrise flight over the Bungle Bungle Range

From @tarynyeatesphotography

6. But first, coffee. We didn’t realize how much we needed to see a baby turtle yawn

From @_markfitz

7. Sunrise surf-ection, at Torquay in Victoria

From @activeloulou

8. Is there anything more joyous than witnessing a baby turtle make it to the ocean?

From @samlawrencephoto

9. Beachy bliss, LuckyBay in Western Australia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

From @hockeys_cruise_oz

10. Today's cuteness overload, super cute quokka and adorable

From @cambojones2020

11. This is perhaps the cutest sneeze you will ever see, permission to watch on repeat granted

From @australianreptilepark

12. See you later, mate. Heron Island is where Green and loggerhead turtles flock to lay their eggs during nesting season

From @aleksmutated

13. It's almost the weekend... things are looking up!

From @cecil1958

14. Sharing a little rainbow magic from Byron Bay

From @lielaine

15. Friday feast, this adult koala eats 0.5kg – 1kg of eucalypt leaves every day

From @reneehowell18

16. A sight like this is pretty common on Queensland famous reef and is the perfect reason to pop on a snorkel

From @christian_miller_photo

17. Ready or not, here I come!

From @closter6000

18. When three’s a crowd, it seems the breakfast buffet at Tasmania zoo is just too good to share

From @Launceston

19. We’ll take a long walk on the beach any day

From @south_aus_drone

20. The tap has well and truly been turned on at Barron Falls and we’re soaking up every moment of this incredible sight

From @_sarahlatham

21. Here’s to many magical mornings ahead, amazing

From @susiereynolds66


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