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Wonderful Destinations To Travel This January 2022

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1. How cute is this little fella?

From  @morgans.pals.rabbitry

2. Exploring the sea, at Barra de Cunhaú, Brazils

This was taken in Barra do Cunhaú, a coastal paradise in Brazil that's peppered with beaches, mangroves, dunes, rivers, and trails. Its beautiful reefs also offer shallow, clear, and beautiful natural pools. If you love outdoor adventures, this is the destination to go to as there are plenty of fun activities in store here, such as swimming kitesurfing, windsurfing

From @gefersonmario

3. The Hogwarts Express! Would you ride it? What do you think of this ultra-realistic design commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter?

From @bat.not.bad

4. Turn your phone upside down, What awesome reflections, at California

From @michael__egbert

5. Tag someone to make their day better with this fluffy little one, at Bergen, Norway

From @hmgaard

6. A reminder how small we truly are, at Monterey, California, US

a massive Blue Whale spotted in Monterey, California. An adult blue whale can take up to about 10,000 gallons of water in its mouth while eating—however, the baleen in the whale's mouth filters the food and the whale pushes most of the water out. How fascinating is this Blue Whale sighting? Have you ever seen one out in the ocean before?

From  @slatermoorephotography

7. Looks like the mirror in Shrek

From @kkkatyaga

8. Did you know this is an official road in Iceland?

From @hemmi90

9. Headed to the sunset through Koko Crater’s Stairs of Doom at Oahu, Hawaii, US

These “stairs” are actually part of an old railway track, leading to one of Oahu’s most beautiful spots. Would you dare to explore this track?

From @braxxtondemello

10. Turkish tea with a view, at Charming Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

From @tiebowtie

11. The beautiful hot springs of Grutas de Tolantongo, México

From @erikamtzga

12. Swimming in the jungles of Costa Rica

With only 0.3 percent of the world's land mass and 4 percent of the world's species, Costa Rica is often cited as having the highest species per area unit in the world. The government of Costa Rica, seeking to maintain this idyllic tropical setting has designated approximately one-fourth of the land to protected areas (national parks, wildlife refuges) for the conservation of the biodiversity. Costa Rica also boasts many volcanoes, both active and inactive, that have been declared national parks

From @jeremyaustiin

13. Winters in Iceland be like, enjoy this wonderful vibe

From @kyanasue

14. Only the coolest tricks, in Spain

Reversed or not reserved, UCI Trials World Champion Alejandro Montalvo has got mad skills to make that epic climb! Who else wants to brush up on their bike skills after watching this?

From  @alejandro_montalvom

15. Have you ever been chased by a Triggerfish before?, at Maldives

From  @sideytheshark

16. Would you dare climb this ladder?, at Grosser Donnerkogel, Gosau, Austria. how brave Girl

From  @piet_flosse

17. This warms my heart, how cute is this fellas

From @myrtlebeachsafari

18. Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen today?, at Ballarat Wildlife Park, Australia

This little sweetie is a sub-species of the Western Grey Kangaroo called kangaroo island kangaroo. Which are originally from?! You guessed it! Kangaroo island. They are short, stocky and a have dark chocolate-brown colour fur which make them quite unique

From @zookeeperkimicorne

19. Armadillos are such interesting animals, kinda reminds us of a Pokémon, a real one

From @jayprehistoricpets

20. Sweetest trio, come on hooman, we just want a picture of us

From @margaret__german

21. The sun-soaked, secret caves of the Caribbean. Tag a person who needs a weekend escape like this, at “The Baths” of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

From @destinationchaser

22. Epic view in the mountains of Turkey at Liva Bungalov

From @gocebey

23. Sound on: Blue whales are the largest animals to have ever existed. Is seeing one on your bucket list? At San Diego, California

FACTS: • A blue whale's tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant—its heart as much as a Volkswagen Beetle • They weigh as much as 200 tons (approximately 33 elephants). • Its stomach can hold one ton of krill and it needs to eat about four tons of krill each day. • They are the loudest animals on Earth and are even louder than a jet engine

From  @dolphindronedom

24. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature, at Kew Muang, Thailand

From @ruk.sherene

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