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Wonderful Egypt Travel

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1. The Sinai Trail, Egypt’s first long-distance hiking path, will help preserve long-overlooked natural wonders and a vanishing way of life

The trail is one of the country’s most extraordinary tourism projects. Ben Hoffler, an Englishman, wrote a trekking guide to South Sinai in 2013 and traversed some 7,000 miles of this high desert wilderness with its Bedouin inhabitants. The path was founded by Hoffler and three Bedouin tribes, whose members serve as guides, cameleers and cooks.

The first parts of the Sinai Trail opened in 2015. In 2018, with five more tribes joining the group, it was extended into a 350-mile loop across the bottom half of the triangular Sinai Peninsula. Along with the Red Sea Mountain Trail, another long-distance path on Egypt’s mainland that Hoffler helped the Maaza tribe open in 2019, the Sinai trail has put Egypt firmly in the ranks of a booming hiking movement in North Africa and the Middle East.

From  @sima_diab

2. Ready for an adventure? Reach new heights at Mount Moses where the view from the top will be worth every step you take

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3. A foggy day in Ras ElBar city at 6:00 am

From mohamedyassin183_

4. Here’s a glimpse into what many of the Nile cruise experiences look like, pamper yourself while you pass by Egypt’s iconic monuments in Luxor

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5. Explore “Abo Dehka Genan” Ismail Yassine’s apartment with us

Ismail Yasin is considered a very special and unique case among Arab comedians. He was famous for mocking himself and his looks in his films

From @fekraa.idea

6. One of the most delicious hidden gems for seafood at New Cairo

From @moodk.fe.foodk

7. Moments from one of my favorite days, at Alexandria, Egypt


8. All the way from Zezinia to Cairo. Tag a foodie

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire, consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit

From @daywithwell

9. The Charm of old Cairo. Have you ever been there?

Old Cairo, or Islamic Cairo, is charming yet chaotic. The narrow golden-stone streets of the World Heritage Site have captivated visitors for centuries

From @sarahmonim

10. Looking for an exciting way to spend your Christmas vacation? Here’s a glimpse of where you could be.


11. Experience a truly unique lifestyle in Aswan, welcomed by the signature hospitality and charm of its locals


12. Don’t miss the golden chance to elevate your vacation with safari trips, a star-studded sky, and the endless magical desert. Experience a unique jolly holiday!


13. Are Luxor and Aswan on your bucket list?
How about you visit them RIGHT NOW, it’s the perfect season for it


14. You could be here now, diving into turquoise beaches, cooling off on a yacht, and dancing all night


15. HAPPENING NOW; Heavy rain, thunder and hailstorms hit large parts of Cairo

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16. Batman spotted on a magical night on El Suez Road

From @habib_alam_eldin

17. Just a normal day in Cairo, Egypt

From @explorewithchriss

18. Egyptians know how to turn everything into fun, at Cairo

From @ahmed_say_ed_

19. Today we captured the Rain in the Pyarmids of Giza

Cairo generally registers less than 1 inch of rainfall per year, with even less recorded along the corridor of pyramids

From @unaty_rosamagdala

20. Do you usually spend your Christmas in the snow? Maybe this year, you should go diving for a change! Egypt is the best diving destinations in the world


21. Walking in History

From @thequickstyle

22. This year Egypt was buzzing with iconic events and celebrations! If you have not visited Egypt in 2022, 2023 is your chance

From TT

23. Have you ever wondered how Christmas in Egypt looks like? Egypt’s Christmas spirit is as bright as its street-decorations! Here is a glimpse of last year’s jolly season

From TT

24. A day in Sharm El Sheikh feels a lot like this!

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25. Share your favorite Egyptian Christmas moments! We’ll post the best ones on our stories and tag you!

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26. Untouched islands, sandy beaches, turquoise water and SUN!

What more do you need for an unparalleled getaway? Switch up your vacation and come to Egypt

From @blueocean_eg

27. Slipping into 2023 like... At Egypt

From @hadedyy

28. Q: Most of Egypt’s land is desert ?
A: True.. but that’s our kind of desert

From sebatarek

29. But first, tea. Do you love tea? At Cairo, Egypt

There are two main Egyptian tea varieties; Koshary and Saiidi. Koshary is popular in Northern Egypt and is a black tea brewed with cane sugar and fresh mint leaves for a light and refreshing drink. Saiidi tea is commonly consumed in Southern Egypt

From @fatmah_tariq7

30. Fayoum is not JUST a desert! The endless sand-dunes lead to magic lakes, whale fossils, and people that greet you with the best tea

From hassanassafphotography

31. Check out how’s beautiful breakfast by the pyramids

From @aureliestory

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