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Wonderful Northern Lights Around The World

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1. Create a heart from snow, how wonderful

From I2567 DY

2. Walk on the lake with my best fur friend

From @luna_anita_engadin

3. Swimming here in Norway, is this is in your bucket list?

From  @annette.weum

4. Incredible large humpback whale surprise in Norway, Who would you go on a arctic safari with?

Did you know a fully grown humpback can weigh more than 5 adult elephants? That equals around 30 tons

From @mornehardenberg

5. Good night from Norway, with the best view of northern lights

From TT

6. Magical nights at Senja Island - Norway

From TT

7. Powerful evening at Norway

From TT

8. A proposal under the aurora lights, how romantic is this

From @elisazh

9. A rare northern lights at Norway, mix with the other colors

From TT

10. Winter magic, good morning from the Norway

From TT

11. When the sky explodes randomly above you

From @nightlightsfilms

12. A calm night with soft aurora light at Norway

From TT

13. Enjoy the night with your lovers with the northern lights view

From TT

14. Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Have you seen a sky like this before?

From @h0rdur

15. Ice skate thru snowy forest on this nearly-two mile trail

From @ms.kate._

16. Dinner with a view at Norway

Fjösn is built inside an old barn which has been completely renovated. We have combined the original, cultural character with large glass surfaces and a “New York Loft” style. Inside the building, we also have production facilities for local, fresh and good products that we use directly into our Fine Dining concept. Who would you visit with?

From @erwinyte

17. Northern lights dancing above Northern Norway

From @maxrivephotography

18. Bubble freezing in Norway, slowly and beautiful

From @pocket.macro

19. Crazy nights, the aurora dancing at Norway

From TT

20. Reindeer ride under the northern lights

From @qorz.

21. The northern lights right from our room, amazing view

From TT

22. Hiking with friends here in Northern Norway

From @pernilleberglund

23. Happy sunday everyone, how adorable and fluffy are they

From @sidneytorresiv

24. How cute is this white reindeer in northern Norway?

From TT

25. Your winter bucket list, enjoy the vibes

From TT

26. What an unforgettable moment at Norway, enjoy the aurora dancing

From @elisazh

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