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Wonderful Travel Moment Videos Around The World

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1. This veggie chow mein from a local street vendor in Delhi, India is definitely making our mouths water

From @foodieebaee

2. A little sweet, a little sour and oh-so gooey, at Mexican

This popular treat produced from the fruit of the tamarind tree is often found in Mexican sweets. Have you had a Mexican Tamarindo candy?

From @floridafruitgeek

3. Our summer plans now include scenic boat rides through the waters of Thailand

From @terplanet

4. Instant coconut water anyone? This clever juice machine in Delhi, India makes getting fresh coconut water fast and easy

From @gunjandelights

5. the fact that this restaurant is in a cave or the unbelievable view, at Polignano a Mare

From TT

6. Would you take on one of the world's most dangerous hikes? At Kalavantin Durg, Panvel

From @p_.yush

7. Little Havana in Miami will give you a little taste of Cuba and have you wanting more.

From @ballandchainmiami

8. This is your sign to get Japanese avalanche pancakes

From @miles_taihang

9. Just wait for it..., at Multnomah Falls, Oregon

From @thebasicnomads

10. Have you ever had a sip of fresh sugarcane juice?

Extracted from pressed sugarcane, the sweet stuff can be used as a natural sweetner in foods and beverages around the world

From @kristineustas

11. Las Vegas is known for many things, including having the most craziest pawn and vintage stores, Today, we’re on the hunt to find the weirdest items throughout this iconic city

From tastemadetravel

12. Our weekend plans include…booking a summer trip to the beautiful city of Rome, Italy

From @explorewithele

13. Afternoon tea in London that you will love

Celebrate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee while enjoying the tour of London with the selection of favourite treats

From @london.by.kseniia

14. Barcelona is one of the best known markets in the country of Spain, we will takes us around as she tries all the delicious treats this popular market has to offer

From @mafe.eats

15. POV: You’re about to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

From @boonravikul

16. Barcelona decorates Casa Batlló in roses once a year for Saint George’s Day festivities. Have you ever visited?

From @shootwithjuan

17. This incredible spa in the shape of a familiar sea animal Would you want to vacation here?

From @terplanet

18. There’s just something so fantasy-like about a waterfall adorning this charming Swiss village

From @world.from.my.eyes

19. Ever wondered how to spend 24 hours in Singapore? Here is how

From @jrizzy

20. The scariest hike, the most epic view, at Kowloon Peak, Hong Kong

From @tremy21

21. The breathtaking Victor Emmanuel II National Monument was built to honor the first king of a unified Italy. Have you ever visited?

From @explorewithele

22. In Thailand, 7-Eleven is not your average convenience store

From @bucketvision

23. Bookmark the Galapagos Islands for your next eco-friendly vacay

From TT

24. With its spiral staircases and bizarre bedrooms, this house in Vietnam is surely one-of-a-kind

From Tastemade

25. You love coffee. You love eggs. So, why not try Vietnamese egg coffee?

From TM

26. Your dreamy bungalow is just a kayak ride away

From @taylorosullivan

27. You've never visited a plant shop like this before, at under a New York bridge

From @urbangardencenter

a local family-owned plant and garden store, rooted back to the 1960s. The coolest part? It's located under a New York bridge!

28. There’s golden hour… and then there’s golden hour in a tulip field

From  @melis.andreea

29. Come for the coastal Italian cuisine and stay for one of the best views in Los Angeles

From TT

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