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1. A simple adventure through the village and arriving at a waterfall.


2. Besides being famous for its beautiful hills, in Sumba you can also find a waterfall that is very iconic as in this picture. Anyone know what waterfall this is?

From @alifeiimagined

3. Always in awe of people who have been active since the morning. At Special Region of Yogyakarta

From @ekoyulist

4. In the middle of the rainy season like now, who misses summer?

From @jonashornehoj

5. Take a deep breath, at Gretek, Bali, Indonesia

From @wheresmolliegray

6. There are many beautiful places in Cianjur, one of which is this waterfall.

From @rizki_syafari

7. Start today's activities with fun. is like watching this view, which is soothing to the eyes.

From @saprimmz

8. Walking among the shady trees, and the air is very cool with the sunshine. It's a fun morning story

From @syaifularieef

9. One thing that is fun when visiting a place is being able to learn about its culture.

From @jhoysaekoko_

10. A story about a morning in the city of Padang.

From @740aerialvideography

11. Nusa Penida Island in a beautiful day

From @wanderskyy

12. What a beautiful view on Mount Rinjani. Who has witnessed it in person?

From @danielkordan

13. Unusual morning view at Kawah Putih Ciwidey.

From @warmanwardhani

14. A journey that at that time always amazed me at every step. At Ugem Village, Yahukimo, Papua

From @iroel_iman

15. Simple motions, but like inviting you to visit Merese Hill immediately.

From @ecell._

16. Beautiful reflection at Cikoneng Bojong Soang

From @ganialdan

17. When nature calls, I can only come and enjoy it

From @jipun_bento

18. The island of Java is famous for its landscape beauty. And one of them is in an area in Magelang

From @miqbalfp

19. Good morning from Rancabali tea plantation

From @rizki_syafari

20. Beautiful colors look a sight on Mbawana beach.

From @felixindrawan

21. When some pictures are like telling a story. About beauty, feelings and admiration, at Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi

From @she.f.sho

22. This is a show that I think everyone who comes to Bali should attend, at Uluwatu Temple, Uluwatu, Bali

From @oto.nikuradze

23. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere in Waduk Jatiluhur Purwakarta

From @badakkekar

24. The mountain hot, at Semeru Mountain

From @misbahafef27

25. Merry Christmas to friends celebrating this day. At Gereja Katedral Larantuka

From @leonard_c4me

26. Would you be this excited if you visited Pink Beach?

From @jhon_indon

27. It's a dramatic view of Bromo on this one. Have you witnessed this before?

From @felgra_photography

28. Sunset is just too beautiful to see, at Bali, Indonesia

From @vi_vny

29. He said, "The Magical of Paisupok Lake". And I agree, it's really magical

From @mickwagey

30. The best from South Cianjur.

From @rizki_syafari

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