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Virtual Travel To Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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1. Best time to visit Cape Willoughby Lightstation, when it's rough weather. 

From @quentinchester

2. How good was that little splash of sunshine? At Emu Bay, South Australia, Australia

How to catch some Vitamin D?  As the mercury starts to rise over the coming months, finding a spot to park your beach brolly comes all to easily at Emu Bay, with 4kms of powder white sand providing plenty of elbow room at the water's edge. See you by the seaside in spring

From @matty_shepp1

3. Slippery Sam here was only too happy to pop over for a little chat, at Seal Bay Conservation Park

Winter and spring are perfect times to visit to this local icon, with sea lions often hanging out in the dunes near the boardwalk away from the sea breeze, providing some pretty incredible viewing opportunities

From @nikkiki73

4. A happy koala know when they can meet other people again. At Ecopia Retreat

we can't wait to welcome you back to our little patch of paradise, starting tomorrow! If you've been climbing the walls as much as this little bloke, a little 'nature therapy' could be just what the doctor ordered, right? Stay safe and see you soon, everyone. Thanks for taking this beauty on your own little wildlife sanctuary

From @ecopiaretreat

5. Vino, views, sunshine, tasting platter. Are we missing anything? The best picnic vibes is here, at Dudley Wines - Kangaroo Island

In case you're wondering, that's the 'big island' (a.k.a. Australia) over there in the distance, and we're all waving at you... See you on the weekend?

From @mila_sini

6. Tunnel vision to the weekend, roadtrip inspo, at Penneshaw, South Australia

There's a little slice of magic around every bend around around our place, If you've ever arrived into Penneshaw by ferry and made your way down Hog Bay Road, odds are you won't forget our unofficial 'welcome' arch on your way through

From  @pierrebenoitsucheyre

7. Penneshaw, how's this for a little colour show to wind up a winter's day?

There's no doubt that the clear light and fresh air at this time of year delivers some of our most pastel-perfect moments, so hey - if you're heading our way you'd better make space on your memory cards

From @sophiesre

8. Somewhere under that starry sky, the bushes are rustling and wildlife is out foraging for dinner

From @blntpencil

9. Crank up your volume to hear this little exchange between two of our most passionate locals. at Seal Bay Conservation Park

From @nikkiki73 and @kangarooislandodysseys

10. Is there anything like a warm stone on a winter's day? An adorable Long-nosed Fur Seal pup at Cape du Couedic

It was nice of the Sun to make a little cameo this week, and this little Long-nosed Fur Seal pup is totally in his element lying on a hot bed of ancient rocks at Cape du Couedic. Our little sea puppies are around 6-7 months old and getting stronger every day - something that's key to braving the raging seas and winds of a Southern Ocean winter

From @quentinchester

11. Nice of Mother Nature to roll out the green velvet at Middle River, Kangaroo Island

We may be on the countdown to spring, but winter's been decking out our rolling hills, valleys and farmland in spectacular fashion. Right now, our rivers are flowing and birdlife abounds, with the melodic call of cuckoos signaling the start of each new day

From @quentinchester

12. How good did that little burst of sunshine feel this week? At Kingscote, South Australia

From @sarwarsazzad

13. Winter looks good on you, Antechamber Bay, South Australia

Tucked neatly into the pristine wilderness of Dudley Peninsula, this local gem is spectacular in all seasons. After a brisk beach walk, pull out the picnic gear (and hey, maybe even a little local vino?) for a serenely sheltered lunch on the banks of the Chapman River

From @quentinchester

14. It's been one heck of a winding road, but thanks to locals staying on track, at Flinders Chase National Park

No doubt we can expect a few more speed bumps as we navigate these strange times together, but for now we're looking towards that wild, wonderful horizon out there with optimism. See you here soon

From @lightandmotionphotography

15. A moment of calm amidst the chaos... Our crystal clear waters rival the Great Barrier Reef

In their diversity, with gorgonian corals, sponge gardens and more than 200 species of fish - including the rare Leafy Seadragon - calling this liquid paradise home. These guys are a protected species and are hugely elusive, being known to camouflage themselves against a backdrop of seabed and reeds. At Boxing Bay

From @trekhopton of @ausocean

16. With glorious sunshine one day and a chilly breeze the next, this kangaroo enjoy the day

Mother Nature can certainly keep us (and our wardrobes) on our toes at this time of year! If you're heading our way in spring, pack a jacket in with your bathers to make the most of the longer days and better weather. As we skip our way into the season, you'll find it's also a prime time to see little kangaroo and wallaby joeys out of Mum's pouch and enjoying some time in the Sun

From @odd_ila

17. Magical sunset through the dark cave, at Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island

For thousands of years, Mother Nature's been producing the world's best reality show at Admirals Arch. As the sun sets and the waves crash in, golden light pierces the abyss, bringing a little slice of magic for late-stayers in Flinders Chase National Park

From @mila_sini

18. Amazing purple sky at the sand dunes, at Little Sahara, Kangaroo Island

The sand dunes at Little Sahara were formed around 7,000 years ago by vicious winds that eroded marine debris from the Pleistocene era into sand, carrying the grains inland until they were stopped by a ridge and vegetation at the current site. These giant dunes are entirely made from ground marine shells, and cover a site of around 2.5 square kilometers, about 4km inland from the sea

From  @alicekuersch

19. Meanwhile, in Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island. Lovely pastel beautiful sky

beneath the pastel skies of this local gem, the salty air and stunning aquamarine waters dissolved into a technicolor dream... As the days get longer and the temperature creeps up, you'll find this place a prime spot for picnics, sunbathing, fishing and surfing - just make sure you stick around for the evening show too

From @daniellelomas

20. Sunday hangs with the locals, at Kangaroo Island

was taking a little time out today, this local lass and her adorable offspring just had to move in for a closer look… In her words: “This is a wild Kangaroo Island Kangaroo. Her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to come and check out the weird thing sitting in the wet grass, so awesome, I shed a few happy tears”. How amazing is that?

From  @nikkiki73

21. True to form, there's wine at the end of the rainbow here at The Islander Estate Vineyards

who are throwing their doors again from tomorrow... As our local cellar doors, breweries, distilleries, pubs, restaurants tour operators and accommodation providers all spring back to life over the coming days (many open from today), just remember to call ahead to check opening times

From @kiguide

22. A window through time, to the amazing beautiful sky view, at Flinders Chase National Park

At Weirs Cove recently, and with the Sun shining down on those turquoise waters below, she found the perfect frame for her photo! The ruins of the old storehouse stand defiantly atop the towering cliffs of Cape du Couedic, having been built around the turn of the century. Back then, supplies were brought in by ship before being hauled up to the top by rail - all under the gaze of the legendary lighthouse

From @lotsoleum

23. Turn around guys... you're missing out! Anyone need an incentive to rise early tomorrow morning

making us all reach for our alarm clocks with this beauty! Winter, you're wonderful

From @the.new.farmers.wife

24. The little fur seal feeling cozy at home, at Vivonne Bay

From  @daniellelomas

25. Just white, blue and this beautiful, Is there any place more magical than Pennington Bay?

It doesn't matter what season, a visit to this place is like food for the soul. As you stroll along those squeaky white sands and breathe in the salty air, schools of salmon dart between waves as seabirds hover overhead. The maelstrom of city living couldn't be further away, and hey... that's just the way we like it

From @liam.pixels

26. While we're busy bunkering down, Mother Nature's gone full circle with the paint set at Antechamber Bay

You'll find plenty to reflect upon in the stillness of dawn and dusk around here - and after a little time out (and a whole lot of rain) a lush green carpet and a bouquet of native flora awaits at the other end. Stay tuned to our socials as we bring all the wonder of winter to your couch

From @quentinchester

27. "Seeya, come back soon okay?" Our little mate Keith doesn't mind the odd pop-in from his mates. At Kangaroo Island

Right about now, joeys are emerging from their mothers’ pouches and starting to explore, which will continue on our road into spring, so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for cuteness - particularly around dawn and dusk

From @nikkiki73

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