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Tips For Making The Most Of Your Car Date Night

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Home is the first space in your life, and work is the necessary second, outside, or within your dwelling. The car is a treasured third space.

Americans have a special attachment to their chosen ride, often naming it, and always feeling the freedom it represents with avid appreciation. From receiving a first kiss, to having the “let’s move-in together” conversation, in the third space, it is a meaningful destination for memory making moments. It is also an escape haven, and the perfect venue for communication, life contemplation, nugget and fry food consumption, and music blaring/vocalizing, de-stressing from life’s numerous challenges.

1. Glam Camping: The car version of camping in the woods, in a comfy style, with all the elements of nature; fresh air, a blanket of star light, crickets, a flowing stream.

With the back seats flipped down, open windows, and thick duvet cover and pillows, your car is the perfect retreat. Add hot takeout food shared, selfies, a mutually gathered personal playlist of music, and the night is made.

2. Mini-Road Tripping: A short trip down the open road to see where it leads, or to find a predetermined historic site or scenic highway. The get-a-way feels are there, to share. As with any trip, be safe, knowing you are protected with car insurance coverage and roadside assistance from a trusted provider like Freeway Car Insurance. The long-term memories of date night should be the evening of laughter and smiles, rather than that of being stranded, hailing for help on the side of the road. Preparation here goes a long way.

3. Drive-In Movie Night Viewing: A retro-event like the drive-in is so special under the night sky. With your own version of flavored popcorn, and fizzy drinks, and candy, watching old movies, or newer on the big screen is joyous.

There are over 300 drive-ins throughout the United States. Not found. Bring your laptop, and stream a Netflix movie in your favorite, outdoor, green space.

4. Scenic Sunset and Selfies Dating: Grab a hot latte, and watch the sun set from as high up as you can drive in your hometown. The aroma of your “cuppa”, added to that colorful orb, sinking in the night sky, provides the kind of time sharing that affords peaceful, artistic, wondrous, calm to the healthy mind and soul. Music is an option.

5. Group Zoom Date Calling: If you want to share a part of your evening with your besties, bring your treats to your favorite green space, then zoom call them, sharing memories, laughter, music, and made-up games. Later, make moments just for you two. Relationships always include time for friends.

6. Stargazing: A clear night sky holds numerous meteor showers, massive galaxies, and loads of space junk for sky watcher couples to observe together, portable telescope, binoculars, or naked eye style.

Making a wish on a falling star, together, is a high-five style dating event.

Having a prioritized car date night in celebration of authentic, shared, life experiences, is the bridge you build for deeper compassion, respect, and for challenge-proofing your relationship. With deeper compassion, respect, communication, and loving commitment can come a lifetime of togetherness.


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