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Amazing Adventure Travel Destinations

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1. Some place to set up camp

From @le_bretagnard

2. Hotel room with an insane view of Niagara Falls

From @gjieparadise

3. The northern lights from below

From @vincentledvina

4. Climbing on board just to jump from the very top

From @noel.issa

5. Run out of snow? No problem

From @lukabees

6. Would you take the jump?

From @jeremynicollin

7. Tag someone you would explore Italy with

From @saltinourhair

8. Mesmerizing waterfall, at Glymur - Iceland

From @jaykyren

9. Ski lift tomfoolery, bro is so chill than the weather

From @griffinlaszlo

10. Tag someone you’d take this train ride with

From @harrysding

11. Threading the needle, What a vibe

From @thepeyben @skimanguy @1000skis

12. What possesses someone to even try this

From @dylanhcrane

13. Going for a swim, Tarzan style

From @camille.armand

14. Coaster with a view, at Gelmerbahn Switzerland

From @sahquart

15. Dropping into the weekend like...

From @remymetailler

16. Hope you’re not afraid of heights

From @antonivilloni

17. Tag someone you’d share one of these tents with

From @jacobcookclimbs

18. Tag someone you’d go on a road trip with

From @helenemoo

19. Already missing summer, And then you see the Austrian alps, and you will love it

From @solidayinn

20. Who could be annoyed at a delay as fluffy as this

From @ritchiethepyr

21. Paradise on Earth

From @pilot.alexis

22. Restaurants in Japan are amazing, I want to visit Japan again so bad

From @therealcyberbunny

23. After 3 months travelling this good boy was pretty excited to see his mum again

From @goldenboyhugo__ ⁠

24. Claudita is a Mayan women from Lake Atitlán in Guatemala and teaches us how to carry a baby with a tzute

a multi-purpose textile used for a variety of day-to-day activities. This way of carrying the baby allows the mother to have her arms free to engage in other labor and creates a deep bond between the two

From @indigeniasur

25. Would you do it? 555m in the sky. At Seoul Sky, Lotte World Tower


26. The Canadian passport is one of the most beautiful in the world

From @zonicimmigration

27. Did you know you can parkour down the 999-step staircase in Zhangjiajie, central China's Hunan Province

From @chinainsider

28. A substorm, sometimes referred to as a magnetospheric substorm or an auroral substorm

is a brief disturbance in the Earth's magnetosphere whereby an injection of energy enters into the ionosphere (where the Earth's atmosphere meets space) from space. This causes a brightening and increased movement of auroral arcs

From @vincentledvina

29. It looks so fresh, This took place in the North of Scotland

'We were out hiking in the mountains and came across a dried up river bed with a fresh water spring pouring thousand of litres out of it. You can see it's new as the water hasn't washed the grass away yet.'

From @he_grows

30. All'Antico Vinaio in Florence, Italy, is the most-reviewed "quick bite"

Only costing 6 euros for a sandwich made with warmed schiacciata, a flat, Tuscan bread thrown together with olive oil and plenty of salt. ⁠

The shop's most popular option is La Favolosa, meaning "fabulous." This order was the first on the menu and was also voted one of the top sandwiches in the world in 2019, according to a posted sign. This option came packed with homemade pecorino and artichoke creams, spicy grilled eggplant, and sbriciolona, a type of salami unique to the region.⁠

⁠Locals and tourists continue to stand in line for up to an hour to get their fix and it’s definitely worth it!⁠

From  @cobieats

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