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Wonderful Maldives Travel Vibes For You

TravelOpel Admin

1. Endless shades of blue at Maldives

From zeebalife

2. Making new friends under the surface

From @nabaaahu

3. How was this real life?

I couldn’t comprehend how a place so perfect could exist on earth. But trust me, it does

From @t___hassan

4. The most beautiful place in the world. Do you agree?

From @giacomo_maldives

5. Rays at Soneva Jani, how beautiful

From  @ishotmaldives

6. Light breeze, swaying palm trees, and powder soft sand. what more do you need on a Monday morning?

From TT

7. The Maldives is always a good idea

From @ahmed_rishaan

8. Sunday brunch on a secluded island anyone?

Sharing some sunny paradise vibes with you all on this gloomy Sunday afternoon. Wherever you are in this world - I hope this dreamy Maldives sandbank brunch gives you those total holiday vibe you have been longing for... Perfection 

From shewanderseverywhere

9. Somewhere between the crashing waves, soft sand, and salty air. There’s nothing like spending a day at the beach

From TT

10. Always in a tropical state of mind

From @raffrafey

11. This is the Maldives

In case you haven’t been - put The Maldives 🇲🇻 on your bucket list, it’s a paradise of natural beauty, unforgettable experiences, true hospitality, incredible food and drink options, fun activities and gorgeous sceneries. A destination build for everyone

From shewanderseverywhere

12. Summer sun is spreading its love all over the place. Before embrace its love

From @t___hassan


From @terplanet

14. Chilling with the sharks

From @navaz.mv

15. Paradise awaits in the Maldives, Pure paradise

From travelwiththesoulmates

16. Good Morning, Did you know The Maldives is the flattest country in the world


17. Imagine walking on this beautiful sandbar at Maldives

From @fromtinyisles

18. In a mission for finding the perfect spot

From @flywithemil

19. That water color though

From @michutravel

20. A blissful moment under the tropical sun

From TT

21. Island vibes hits different in Maldives

From @jetset_anna

22. Would you like to explore Maldives

From @t___hassan

23. The Sunny Side of Life

From @zettemaldives

24. Sights you are bound to never forget

From  @meeruisland

25. Wanna walk on barefoot? I wish I was there right now

From TT

26. Once you’re here, you’ll feel like you’re home

From @giacomo_maldives

27. This is how one week vacation in Maldives look like. 

From @michutravel

28. Dipping into the weekend like we mean it

From @pilotluana

29. Waking up to having breakfast served in the pool

From @sir

30. Imagine waking up here, Nothing but peaceful and relaxing views

From thetravelingwhites

31. Imagine being here right now

From @terplanet

32. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing

From TT

33. Local Lifestyle, A place to relaxing

From @giacomo_maldives

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