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Amazing Bucket List Destinations To Travel To This 2023 #18

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1. Wandering through the charming streets, one colorful step at a time, at Cartagena, Colombia

Guatapé and Cartagena are two destinations in Colombia famous for their colorful streets and vibrant architecture. Guatape, a small town in the Antioquia region, is known for its brightly colored buildings and ornamental panels that depict scenes from local life or historical events. Cartagena, located on the Caribbean coast, features historic colonial-era buildings with balconies overflowing with flowers and intricate wrought-iron balconies and wooden doors

From @crave.traveling

2. Discover nature's grandeur in all its glory at Grand Teton National Park

where towering peaks, serene lakes, and abundant wildlife await

Grand Teton National Park is in the northwest of the U.S state of Wyoming. It encompasses the Teton mountain range, the 4,000-meter Grand Teton peak, and the valley known as Jackson Hole. It’s a popular destination in summer for mountaineering, hiking, backcountry camping and fishing, linked to nearby Yellowstone National Park by the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway

From @rob.phillips.photography

3. Point of view of Tasmania’s magical night skies, at Australia

Tasmania, a stunningly beautiful island off the southern coast of Australia, is known for its dark and starry skies, making it an ideal destination for stargazers and amateur astronomers alike. One of the main reasons for Tasmania’s dark skies is the island’s relative isolation and low levels of light pollution

From @jsn_pdog

4. Get ready to hit the open road and embark on the ultimate adventure, at Great ocean road , Australia

There's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned road trip

From @jrodcaptures

5. The veins of Planet Earth, at New Zealand

The braided rivers of New Zealand are one of many art forms that Mother Nature has perfected since the beginning of time. As the glaciers clinging to the sides of mountains and the blankets of snow dressing the peaks begin to melt, intricate rivers are carved into the sand, flowing and intertwining across the landscape

From @braybraywoowoo

6. Experiencing breathtaking views from British Columbia mountains, at Canada

Prepare to have your breath taken away by the awe-inspiring sky view from the magnificent mountains of British Columbia. As you ascend to higher altitudes, a world of panoramic beauty unfolds before your eyes.

From @justin.choquette

7. Step into a world of vibrant hues and serene landscapes, discover the mesmerizing greens of Japan

The lush greenery of Japan is not only visually stunning, but it also holds cultural significance as a symbol of life and renewal. From the serene bamboo forests of Arashiyama to the vibrant tea fields of Uji, Japan's greens are a must-see

From @tomohase_

8. Immersed in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand's icy wonders

New Zealand's icy mountains are not just beautiful but also challenging. The country attracts mountaineers from around the world who come to conquer its peaks

From @danielmurray.nz

9. Aloha me away to paradise

Hawaii is breathtakingly beautiful due to its stunning landscapes. It boasts lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, vibrant coral reefs, pristine beaches, majestic volcanoes, and dramatic cliffs. The diverse flora and fauna, coupled with its warm tropical climate, create a paradise of unparalleled natural beauty that captivates the hearts of visitors

From @8june13

10. Discovering the beauty and charm of Prague, one cobblestone street at a time - An experience to last a lifetime

Prague is home to the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world, built in 1410. Also , Prague is a charming city with beautiful cobblestone streets that offer an unforgettable experience

From @yannisbougias

11. Namibia Desert is a majestic tapestry of endless dunes and untamed Beauty

Discover the ethereal beauty of the Namibia Desert, a captivating landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, immersing you in a world of otherworldly magnificence. From towering sand dunes to vast salt pans, this desert region is a testament to the raw power and sublime allure of nature. At the heart of Namibia's desert lies the Namib-Naukluft National Park, a sprawling expanse of rugged terrain that showcases the world's oldest desert. Witness the mesmerizing sight of Sossusvlei, where colossal red sand dunes rise majestically against the backdrop of an azure sky. Marvel at the iconic Dune 45, a towering masterpiece sculpted by the wind, or venture further to Deadvlei, a hauntingly beautiful clay pan adorned with the skeletal remains of ancient camel thorn trees

From @sarahanddean

12. Discover the breathtaking beauty of McWay Falls in Big Sur, California - A true natural wonder

McWay Falls is a rare waterfall that flows directly into the ocean, creating a stunning and unique sight that draws visitors from all over the world

From @j_kreiss

13. 50 shades of… blue, in Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

When mother nature is better than photoshop.

No picture can do justice to this incredible natural phenomenon: a BLUE waterfall!

Magic? No, just the chemical reaction of some volcanic minerals found in the water

Did you ever imagine that Costa Rica had so many unique places?

From @thetravelization

14. This is the Rio Celeste waterfall in the Tenorio Volcano National Park in Costa Rica

and it is really famous for it’s beautiful turquoise color!

The source of the distinctive turquoise color is cause of a physical phenomenon known as Mia scattering Celeste River is fed by two colorless rivers, the Buenavista River and Sour Creek. Buenavista River carries a large concentration of aluminosilicate particles with a small diameter. Sour Creek has a high acidity due to volcanic activity.

When these two streams mix to form Celeste River, the drop in pH causes the aluminosilicate particles to aggregate and enlarge

These suspended particles produce Mie scattering which gives the river a strong turquoise color

From @peekaroam

15. She shows us how amazing Rio Celeste, Costa Rica is

The Celeste River borders several hot springs and has one large waterfall. It takes about an hour to hike to the waterfall from the park’s entrance

From @alpiinesoul

16. Discovering the ethereal beauty of Rio
Celeste, where the water is as blue as the sky above

Rio Celeste is a river located in Tenorio Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. The river is famous for its vivid turquoise-blue color, which is caused by a chemical reaction between volcanic minerals and the water. The Rio Celeste is also known for its waterfalls, hot springs, and hiking trails, which offer stunning views of the surrounding rainforest and mountains

From @meg.nacree

17. Escape to a world of turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, and pure bliss - Bora Bora is waiting for you

Bora Bora is actually a volcanic island, and its towering peak, Mount Otemanu, is a remnant of its volcanic past

From @rebekakerecseny

18. Escape to paradise and experience the magic of Reunion Island

Reunion Island - An oasis of natural beauty and adventure

Reunion Island is a French overseas territory located in the Indian Ocean, known for its stunning volcanic landscapes, coral reefs, and diverse flora and fauna. It’s the perfect destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

From @somewhere.island

19. Explore this spectacular view from Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck is located at the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. Visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city from 57 floors above ground level. The deck also features a bar and restaurant, making it a popular spot for tourists and locals alike

From @kevouthere

20. The stunning Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, a sanctuary located at a cliff side close to Lake Garda

From @mikita.yo

21. Step into a world of ancient beauty and spiritual wonder at the Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona

The Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona is a breathtaking pilgrimage site located in the Italian region of Veneto, perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the Adige Valley. It is known for its stunning panoramic views, beautiful frescoes, and peaceful atmosphere. The sanctuary attracts visitors from all over the world and is a must-visit destination for those seeking spiritual and cultural enrichment

From @sennarelax

22. An appreciation post for the architecture wonder of “Madonna Della Corona.”

Legends around the Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona According to an old urban legend, several inhabitants of the Adige Valley saw a dazzling light during the 10th century coming from the Monte Baldo mountain range. As they got closer, they noticed the phenomenon was coming from the cliff on the corona mountain.

From @bad.drones

23. The Madonna Della Corona is a hidden gem

tucked away in the mountains, it offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The sanctuary is open to visitors year-round, and admission is free. Visitors are encouraged to respect the sanctuary's religious significance and to dress appropriately

From @bad.drones

24. Madonna della Corona Sanctuary

You will find it a stone’s throw away from Verona and just off Garda lake. This is a special place to visit and is one of Italy’s most well-known sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Built on a rocky terrace standing at a height of 774 m and overlooking the valley of the river Adige, it emerges from the craggy slopes of the Monte Baldo massif. Known initially as the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Monte Baldo, was later called “della Corona” for the crown that the mountain peaks form around the sanctuary

From @mikita.yo

25. Mine is 35 meters deep

The waters that surround Seychelles are home to over 1,000 species of fish and 300 species of coral. The islands are visited by giant Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, and are home to the critically endangered Hawksbill and Green Turtles

From @deepbluediaries

26. One of my favorite moments under water

From @deepbluediaries

27. Wreck diving in Cyprus. What an amazing experience to see this 172m ship up close

From @deepbluediaries

28. When you’ve been approached by an octopus and get photobombed by a curious turtle

From @deepbluediaries

29. Just breathe

From @deepbluediaries

30. Some hungry turtles in Bohol, Philippines

From @deepbluediaries

31. Step into a world of ancient wonder and tranquility at Cathedral Cave in South Africa

Nestled along the rugged coastline, this captivating natural formation invites you to explore its majestic depths. As you venture through the towering entrance, be prepared to be awestruck by the cathedral-like rock formations that soar overhead. The interplay of light and shadow creates a mystical ambiance, while the rhythmic echoes of crashing waves add to the enchantment. Take a moment to absorb the serene atmosphere and admire the intricate patterns carved by time. Cathedral Cave is a testament to the immense power and beauty of nature, offering a serene sanctuary for reflection and a glimpse into the Earth’s magnificent geological history

From @sonder_movement

32. This is your sign to visit The beautiful Georgia

Georgia is known for its peaches, its southern hospitality, and for being the birthplace of some of the most influential people in the world including Martin Luther King

From @ch_u_p

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