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Austria The Wonderful Destinations

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1. Damüls in Vorarlberg

From @greetilegems

2. That feeling, winter is coming back to the alps, at Rofangebirge in Tirol

From @thomas_iceberg

3. A sleigh ride through the Salzburg winter landscape in Filzmoos. Doesn’t that look fantastic?

From _na_diinne_

4. A little insight into the glacier cathedral in the natural ice palace, at Natureispalast

From @natureispalast and @tirolertageszeitung

5. Ok, you probably won’t find snow right now, but isn’t this video from Hallstatt incredible?

From @finduslost

6. Achensee in Tyrol

From @achensee_tirol

7. Throwback the beautiful Christmas holiday around the city Vienna

From @seplb

8. Throwback Christmas in Vienna. Add this to your winter 2023 bucket list

From @seplb

9. Come to the Vienna Philharmonic Ball with us

Vienna’s ball season has finally started, adding so much colors, joy, music, and excitement to the cold January! Have you ever been to a ball in Vienna?

From @storyofzhu

10. Doesn’t that look like a lot of fun? Tobogganing on the Koralpe

From @stefan.schuhstar

11. Far too warm for snow these days in Hallstatt. Do you want a longer winter or are you ready for summer?

The snow falls gently in Hallstatt, Covering the little village with a white blanket of peace.

From _walkcatwalk_

12. Hallstatt in Winter

--How about a little tour in Hallstatt?

The UNESCO heritage site of beautiful Hallstatt is beautiful with flaky rain.

I came to Hallstatt again by train. If you have a # climatticket, you don't have to pay extra for every public transport in Austria.

After getting off the train, we crossed the ferry to the center of Hallstatt. 7€ per person round trip

I guess it wasn't crowded because it was so cold.

If you have any questions or concerns, write them in the comments.

From @ayseguls.worlds

13. The beauty of Hallstatt

From @ogik_jatmiko

14. The moment of silence with a view! At Hallstatt

From @ogik_jatmiko

15. Have you already been on the slopes this year or are you just surrounded by green meadows?

From @wilder.kaiser

16. Here are 5 breathtaking hidden gems in Vienna that take you to a different world

Hidden Gem In Vienna

📍Palasi Liechtenstei
📍Jesuit Church
📍Ernst Fuchs Museum/Otto Wagner Villa

From @storyofzhu

17. Holiday region Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest) in Upper Austria

From @csorinctin

18. Ice skating on the largest natural ice surface in Europe, at Weissensee, Carinthia

From @cycling.siblings

19. Incredible mood captured in the forests of Upper Austria

From @ogik_jatmiko

20. Innsbruck in Tyrol

From @fredfriedrichbohringer

21. Mystical morning at Hohenwerfen Castle

From @anton_steiner

22. Pürgg in Styria

From @clickpix_eu

23. Snow at Michaelaplatz in Vienna

From @romanpixs

24. Snow in Salzburg

From @johannaznr

25. Somewhere in Austria

From @ogik_jatmiko

26. Stairs to nothing, Dachstein. Such an amazing beautiful expansive view with lovely birds circling the landscape!

From @max_pawlikowsky

27. Sunrise in Carinthia

From @the_man_from_england

28. The Meerauge in Bodental, Carinthia

From @co.st.photoshoots

29. The skier’s heart laughs. Night operation on the Hochwurzen

From @planai_schladming

30. Winter wonderland in Salzkammergut

The lake’s glasslike surface reflects the world around me in a magical, frosty glow

From _walkcatwalk_

31. Winter wonderland in Salzburg: the picturesque pathways are lined with music and enchanting views

From @_walkcatwalk_

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