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1. Canada’s ocean playground

From @lifeofashmac

2. Who knew you could ski in Northern Ireland!?

From TT

3. What it’s like living in Canada in 20 seconds

From @meghanorourkee

4. Stop your scrolling and get to Kaikoura right now! It’s dolphin season and you really don’t want to miss this show! Who’s keen

From @barekiwi

5. When I say that the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia feels like a dream

From @jimenasuarezv @matiasderada

6. Never knew Bolivia had these type of destinations! Could this be the best waterfall in Bolivia ?

From @carolinagiraldov

7. I have this saying for when I think something far exceeds my expectations: “Life’s a movie.”

From @matiasderada

8. Beautiful spring in Locarno, Switzerland

From @michelphotographych

9. Giant panda snacking on some carrots. Is this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

From @thisisanimalsworld

10. Welcome home, Beep beep, sheep coming through

From @19mtroutman

11. Coastal walks in Madeira, Portugal

From @bokehm0n

12. Epic sunset above the ocean in the Faroe Islands

From @marcograssiphotography w/ @shainblumphotography

13. A group of volleyball enthusiasts played a game in front of an erupting volcano in Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula

From @ruteinars

14. Floating road in China

From TT

15. Step into a world of trees at Golden Ears Park in BC, Canada

From @rachelbarkman

16. Black sand beach in Iceland

From @liljadiskristjans

17. The purest, most wholesome thing you’ll have ever witnessed

From kenchxna TikTok

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