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Planning Your Travel Tips For April

TravelOpel Admin

1. Spa times in Maldives hit just different

From @marriottbonvoy

2. Live a life you will want to remember one day

From @segara

3. Heaven on earth

From @dhigalimaldives

4. Romantic summer nights in Maldives

From @emeraldmaldivesresortspa

5. A bunch of penguins in Antarctica

From @prebenjensen_

6. If you’re looking for us... this is where you will find us!

From @marriottbonvoy

7. Imagine walking by these magical pool terraces at sunrise in Bali

From @thebossofbali

8. Wait to see how clear the water is in the end

From TT

9. The suite life on a suite escape

From @marriottbonvoy

10. If this won’t give you beach vacay vibes then probably nothing else will

From @segara

11. Wish this was your everyday morning routine? If your answer is “yes”, then welcome to the club!

From @kurumba_maldives

12. Heaven is a real place on earth

From @dhigalimaldives

13. Why watch nature documentaries on movie when you can have this show in real life?

From @marriottbonvoy

14. Glassy water days on Long Bay Beach in Turks & Caicos

From @sanddollarimages

15. Morning strolls in Maldives. That sound on repeat is all I want

From @maldives

16. Sliding into the weekend like, at El Salvador

From @romkfr

17. FIRST LOOK inside the new Super Nintendo World in Japan

From @usagidon0429

18. Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, paradise has been found

From TT

19. Sunset rides in Bahrain

From @elshaiji

20. Breakfast with a view in Greece

From @juliagal_

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