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Daily Videos Travel Around The World ( April 29 )

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1. Chasing waterfalls in beautiful British Columbia

From @jasminmccarthyy

2. Happy hug an Australian Day

From @laurabrown99 @thekangaroosanctuary

3. Can't not like Australia can you

From @itsdavesdrone

4. Dolphins spotted playing on the coast of New South Wales, Australia

From TT

5. 10 amazing places in CANADA, in 1 video

From @jasminmccarthyy

6. How crazy is nature though! Iceland has it all

From TT

7. The Masonic Initiation Wells of the Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal

From @sennarelax

8. Let's get out there this weekend

From @pazcal__

9. Dreamy vibes at this crazy bridge in Washington State

From @withluke

10. Early morning in Bali’s rice fields, Did you spot the gorilla head?

From @jennasilver_

11. Morning coffee on our deck. Anyone want to move in ?

From @chrisrlocke @juliiathompson

12. Stella Island Luxury Resort, Crete

From @shirmaman_

13. Crystal Clear Waters in the Maldives

From @samura_maldives

14. Sending tropical vibes from Maldives

From @maldivestribes

15. Immerse yourself into the jungle

From @lisa.muuur

16. Welcome to Bora Bora

From @jeremyaustiin ft. @missangievilla

17. Maldives is a must

From @maldivestribes

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