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The World Is Amazing, Those Videos Will Show You

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1. Could you imagine being this close?!

From @penelopes_adventures_

2. Would you do this?!

From @p_shep1

3. Imagine being in a torpedo underwater

From @wave.tv

4. This is amazing!

From @jeromygreen

5. Looks fun, Girl shine BRIGHT THATS AWSOME

From @pixiiewixiie

6. Would you slide? The best thing you need to do before 30

From @megan3826

7. Who wants to go to Chile and slide those dunes

From TT

8. Tag someone who’d go on this ride, at Great America in San Jose!

From @kohamtt

9. Who wants to skate here in AZ, The cameraman is fire

From @caitlin_skates

10. Me and my best friend little horses like the water, so we ride!

From @simplyhannah1

11. Have you visited hot springs in the snow yet?

From TT

12. This is bucket list for someone, not for me lol

From @brotherhq

13. Here we go May

From @codywestonandrew

14. The best feeling ever

From @faayeded

15. Zip lining into a cenote with in Mexico

From @lobbin_larz

16. Tag someone who could do this with you

From @evon_martinez

17. Travel with best friend is something amazing

From @xiajeri @emzadott

18. Welcome to the amazing Costa Rica

From @hopeisdopee & @raynakatzz


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