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Hiking Outdoor Virtual Travel Moment

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1. The Pyrenees Mountains form a natural border between France and Spain

respectively known as Les Pyrénées and Los Pireneos in each country. Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, this international mountain range is snowcapped for most of the year and is home to some of the most renowned ski resorts in both France and Spain

From  @jokinmarc @jabisanz @justkay @pi.vieira @mathoumonge @larraend and @mayraalvis13

2. The amazing view around The Pyrenees, Spain and France

Some of Europe's most picturesque hiking trails can be found in these slopes, peppered with small villages that are made up of different cultures, speak different languages, and serve their own unique gastronomies

From  @jokinmarc @jabisanz @justkay @pi.vieira @mathoumonge @larraend and @mayraalvis13

2. With whom do you get out there? At Lake District National Park, England

From  @staywildjen

3. Sweeping flower fields, mystical ponds, rolling mountains – South Korea

From @jefferyjung @seulowlee @namchosun_landscapes and @dotzsoh

4. South Korea is a land of staggering natural beauty. Awash with breathtaking scenery and arresting landscapes

this peninsula offers a visual extravaganza, which pretty much also means countless photo opportunities and memorable hikes

From  @jefferyjung @seulowlee @namchosun_landscapes and @dotzsoh

5. Magnificent collection of pristine Finnish countryside

From  @tonitoyras @sannivierela @miikahamalainen @makerantala and @viimeistamuruamyoten

6. The amazing moment around Finland

From @tonitoyras @sannivierela @miikahamalainen @makerantala and @viimeistamuruamyoten

7. Bears make consistent noise on the trail so bears are not interested in coming near in the first place⁣. At Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA

back/sidestep away slowly, do not run or charge at it⁣

don’t drop your pack for it⁣

if you see a cub, mama is around somewhere so slowly get yourself out of the area⁣

if possible, hike in a group⁣

bring bear spray, have it handy and know how to use it⁣

talk so the bear knows you’re human vs. another species (like prey)⁣

make yourself as large looking as possible⁣

talk so the bear knows you’re human vs. another species (like prey)⁣

make yourself as large looking as possible⁣

don’t hang around in general unless you’re a good distance away, just keep moving⁣

keep your distance from the bears; if you are closer than 50 feet from one, keep hiking & don’t linger⁣

tell your fellow hikers when you see one on the trail you saw a bear so they can prepare⁣

prioritize your safety over getting pics, be aware of the bear’s behavior⁣

Do you hike through bear country? What are your tips for keeping yourself & the bears safe on the trails?⁣

From @amanda_wanders

8. Have you ever considered Taiwan as a hiking destination?

The Vancouver Island-sized country has a staggering 286 mountain peaks above 3000 meters (9800 feet), one of the highest densities of tall mountains in the world. These include Yushan (Jade Mountain), 3,952 m / 12,966 ft, the tallest peak in Northeast Asia. The island may be small, but it has a lot to offer in terms of natural attractions, with some truly incredible hiking trails

From @ygt1016 @dotzsoh @handble @yin4881 @hyy_0827 @startsfrom0905 and @gonzalobendito

9. How many of these spectacular Washington hikes have you done?

1. High Rock Lookout ⁣

2. Hoh Rainforest ⁣

3. Summit Lake⁣

4. Storm King⁣

5. Hidden Lake⁣

6. Enchantments ⁣

7. Winchester Mountain⁣

8. Chainlakes Loop⁣

9. Fremont Fire Lookout ⁣

10. Tolmie Peak⁣

Be mindful to plan some of those hikes based on your physical level and check trail reports and weather before your hike. And please follow 'leave no trace' principles on hikes, no dogs/flying drones on hikes in national parks. Happy trails! ⁣

From @alberthbyang

10. Sequoia was the first park created to protect a living organism. Found only in the unique environment of the western Sierra

From @_mcastaneda_

11. Hiking with the giant, at Sequoia National Park

the massive sequoia trees grow at between 5,000 and 8,000 feet in elevation. To protect the giant sequoias from logging, Sequoia National Park was established in 1890. Would you go for a hike among the giants?

From @_mcastaneda_

12. 10 miles and 4000 ft of elevation later… Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you want. At Olympic National Park, USA

But still, the trip was full of good memories. Shared moments of trial help build camaraderie. We had a good team on that trip

From @drewmason ⁣

13. Flanked by desert to the south and mountains to the north, Utah sits in the middle of the Wild West’s geological playground

Jump in the car, get on a tour bus or even hire your own RV, and get exploring the rocks, plains and majestic mountains above gulches, lakes and canyons

From @s_kingsley @reneeroaming @matthewhahnel @yuri_vantowski @traveling.dreadhead and @photographybymicke

14. Utah, USA, the most wonderful destination for any hiker

From @s_kingsley @reneeroaming @matthewhahnel @yuri_vantowski @traveling.dreadhead and @photographybymicke

15. Tag one you’d like to invite on a Norway trip and enjoy views like these. At Ringedalsvatnet lake, Norway

From  @eliasandkajsa

16. Wildflower filled mountain meadows, icy lakes, deserts and the highest volcano in Asia, Mount Damavand 5,609 m / 18,402 ft. At Iran

From @alpacinohsn

17. The wonderful nature around Iran

From @alpacinohsn

18. it’s not surprising that Norway is among the most popular destinations for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts

With fjords, mountains, seascapes and in general the large variety of landscapes, Tag your buds who should visit this Nordic country with you

From @care4art

19. The French Alps also boast some of the highest peaks in Europe.

From @jokinmarc @morgan_bodet and @chadtorkelsen

20. The French Alps offer numerous opportunities for hiking through its natural parks

In addition to acting as habitat for many protected species, the parks also boast impressive glaciers that you can hike inside of. The Alps are the ideal destination for a whole host of leisure and outdoor activities – skiing, hiking, mountaineering, white water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, visiting hot springs and tons more

From @jokinmarc @morgan_bodet and @chadtorkelsen

21. Happy Friday, guys! Where will you go adventuring this weekend? ⁣At British Columbia, Canada

From  @nat_venture

22. Tasmania is a treasure trove of natural wonders with stunning landscapes, unique flora and fauna

From @kirkjrichards @wildbonde @domcarterphoto @anton.wilk @lovethywalrus @danieltgum and @philipscrimgeour

23. Tasmania - Being a compact island, it's easy to access its many different environments - from alpine ranges, wetlands and grasslands to coastal heaths and vast temperate rainforests

From @kirkjrichards @wildbonde @domcarterphoto @anton.wilk @lovethywalrus @danieltgum and @philipscrimgeour

24. It’s that time of the year! This time no reservations, that means mo people mo traffic At Yosemite National Park, USA

Would you brave the crowds to see this absolute stunning display of nature's capabilities?

From @markian.b 

25. This is the Schilthorn Thrill Walk in the Swiss Alps, which leads down into the perpendicular walls of the imposing rock massif

The steel structure clings to the rock and features a crawl-through tunnel, glass-bottomed floor, and rope and cattle grid lend an additional frisson of thrill to this spine-tingling adventure. Tag a friend who should do it

From  @bella_theglobetrotter

26. Who would you challenge to hike the infamous Half Dome Cables with you? At Yosemite National Park, USA

From @sarahmiasham 

27. Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile’s Patagonia region, is known for its soaring mountains

bright blue icebergs that cleave from glaciers and golden pampas (grasslands) that shelter rare wildlife such as llama-like guanacos and pumas. Some of its most iconic sites are the 3 granite towers from which the park takes its name and the horn-shaped peaks called Cuernos (Horns) del Paine

From @danielkordan

28. They don’t call it Colorful Colorado for nothing! At Last Dollar Road, Telluride, Colorado, USA

From  @austinpedersen__

29. Under the snowy boughs and branches of the big trees, Sequoia National Park makes for a magical winter wonderland

Hidden beneath their winter "coat," dusty summer trails disappear and hiking boots give way to snowshoes on well-marked trails. Sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snow play will reward the well-bundled visitor

From  @markian.b

30. Åselidalen is a beautiful valley carved out by glaciers some hundred thousands years ago

Crystal clear mountain lakes and waterfalls surrounded by jagged peaks will leave you mesmerized

From @frank.dahl

31. The best hikes in Costa Rica are the hikes that showcase the remarkable biodiversity of the Central American country

There are so many beautiful beaches, waterfalls and rivers, and so many dramatic volcanoes and vibrant nature reserves too - meaning most decent hiking routes in the country cover some sort of beautiful scenery

From @thewaterfalltrail @josemostajo @edison_n09 @bigmoonmandybot and @expeditionearth.live

32. Thankfully, there’s so much forest, of so many different varieties, in Costa Rica

A massive 25% of Costa Rica's natural beauty is protected, with a staggering 28 national parks, over 50 wildlife refuges, and a stunning 5% of the world's biodiversity found in the country - no wonder it's a hiking haven

From @thewaterfalltrail @josemostajo @edison_n09 @bigmoonmandybot and @expeditionearth.live

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