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Iceland The Wonderful Virtual Travel

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1. Happy Singles Day, would you love to stay at here?

Talk about being single - could this be the loneliest house in the world? Elliðaey is located on an island on the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago and despite a popular misconception, the house on it is not photoshopped

From @ladanivskyy

2. When traveling West Fjords you will stumble upon many fascinating gems and the Valagil ravine is undoubtedly one of them

This spectacular ravine is built from ancient lava, giving an otherworldly feeling. It also hides a picturesque waterfall that you simply cannot miss!

Up for a short hike?

Here’s how you get to Valagil Go to a parking lot 9 kilometers/6 miles south of Suðavík in West Fjords and follow the path for around 40 minutes, and you’re there

From TT

3. Have you tried horse riding in Iceland? The Icelandic horse breed is unique for many reasons

What makes horse riding in Iceland even more special is the beautiful surrounding landscape

From @hrimnircollection

4. One of the things that Iceland is famous for is definitely the cozy Icelandic wool sweater, called lopapeysa

The Icelandic lopapeysa is more than just a pretty souvenir: it’s a lifesaver in Icelandic temperatures, a truthful companion on all travels and outdoor adventures, a sustainable piece of clothing that lasts for a very long time, and finally, a stunning must-have piece, that always looks good

From TT

5. Southern part of Iceland that goes all the way to the East Fjords is simply magical

The coastline where South meets East offers spectacular views on fjords stretching out to the horizon. Come and see for yourself, and remember to look out for reindeers

From @that.icelandic.guy

6. Akranesviti lighthouse at sunset is a photographer’s delight

A short drive from the capital will take you to the lovely town Akranes in West Iceland where you can stroll along the Langisandur beach that will lead to Akranes lighthouse. You can even go up the lighthouse and enjoy the fantastic ocean view

From TT

7. Lighthouses have a certain kind of charm whatever the season, don’t you agree?

Iceland has over 100 lighthouses along its shores! This one is located in Garðskagi in Reykjanes, a photo-worthy spot that makes for a great day of exploring and breathing in that fresh ocean air

From TT

8. Winter season in Iceland is made for adventures

Who is your adventure buddy? Tag below so that you can start planning your trip together

From TT

9. Did you know that the waters of the Blue lagoon have healing properties

The silica and algae in the lagoon have a nourishing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, making the Blue lagoon a perfect wellness destination

The additional bonus is the volcanic landscape of Reykjanes that you can admire as you soak in the geothermal waters

From TT

10. Welcome to the “Whale Capital” of Iceland

The lovely village Húsavík is located in North Iceland and it is a true gem that offers variety of activities, from whale watching to hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. It’s also a great starting point for exploring the Diamond Circle, a magnificent route full of breathtaking spots

Fun fact about this charming town: its popularity was boosted by a Netflix production The Story of Fire Saga, a must-watch movie about an Icelandic band that was chosen to perform at Eurovision

From @northsailing

11. The Snæfellnes peninsula, Westiceland is full of beautiful gems like the famous Kirkjufell mountain

the Vatnshellir cave or this stunning black church called Buðir church. This iconic landmark attracts many visitors because of its gorgeous surroundings - mountains and lava fields. It also has a fascinating history: it was first built in 1703, but it rotted down and was rebuilt in 1848. The Buðir church is particularly picturesque in the wintertime, covered in sparkling snow

From TT

12. Relaxing, rejuvenating and unforgettable - that’s how you can describe the experience of bathing in the Secret Lagoon

These thermal baths are the oldest swimming pool in Iceland, and they are located in the geothermal area near Fluðir in South Iceland. What makes the Secret Lagoon unique is the mineral water sourced from a natural hot spring

From @svarnar

13. Today we celebrate the Day of Icelandic Language

This day is also the birthday of a famous Icelandic poet and author Jónas Hallgrímsson What is interesting about Icelandic is that it does not usually adopt foreign words; instead, new words are created in order to keep the language free of outside influence. Til hamingju með daginn

From TT

14. This East Iceland gem is one of the highest waterfalls in the country and it is located only 30 mins away from Egilsstaðir

The landscape around the Hengifoss waterfall in Austurland is a real color explosion: the greens of moss, blues of water and reds of the clay between the rocks create a magical sight

Fun fact: On the way to Hengifoss there is Litlanesfoss waterfall, equally picturesque

From @lightsinn

15. Are you ready for your winter adventure? Try kayaking among peaceful Icelandic fjords

and experience Iceland’s incredible winter scenery from a different angle. Kayaking tours are available at various locations around the country and are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced kayakers. It’s a wonderful opportunity for wildlife watching, so you might be able to spot birds, seals, whales, and more

From TT

16. Can you imagine a more dreamlike experience?

Stepping inside one of these crystal glacial caves is one of the highlights of the Icelandic winter season. New caves form every year and it takes experienced guides to identify the safe ones to visit.

Who would you bring along with you to explore ice caves one day

From TT

17. Winter in Iceland is stunning

Between glaciers and volcanoes you will find this gem - the Svartifoss waterfall. Svartifoss means „the black waterfall”, the name derives from the unique basalt columns surrounding the waterfall

From TT

18. Kicking off your week with this beautiful view

Sitting on top of Reykjavik and surrounded by woodland, is this remarkable landmark building called Perlan (The Pearl). It’s full of wonders on the inside, where you can enjoy a nature exhibition, an indoor ice cave and a lovely café along with a 360-degree observation deck at the top, that treats you with an incredible city view

From TT

19. Driving around the beautiful wild landscape of the West Fjords is a great part of the Icelandic adventure

Escape the crowds and road trip to the remote peninsula where you feel like you have the whole place to yourself.

Pro tip: fly to Ísafjörður from Reykjavik and rent a car to visit charming villages around the Westfjords

From TT

20. Winter in North Iceland might be cold but seeing the beauty of the aurora makes it all worthwhile

Anyone planning to visit Iceland this winter and catch the northern lights?

Pro tip: Keep in mind is that although auroras can be seen from dusk till dawn, on average, they most often appear around 11 PM. So, when you are outside chasing auroras, preferably stay out between 10 PM and 1 AM, and you have a better chance of catching them!

From TT

21. The beautiful church at Reykjavík, Iceland

From TT

22. We cannot imagine a more dreamy winter destination

Floating icebergs and crystal blue water await at Jökulsárlón, the “glacial river lagoon” in South Iceland. This stunning place has been a setting for Hollywood movies, including “Die another day” and “Batman begins,” which boosted the popularity of the lagoon. The lagoon is home to seals that gather in large numbers to catch fish during the winter, and who knows, maybe you will spot one

From TT

23. Soak into the bathing culture in Iceland

Krauma geothermal spa in West Iceland is the perfect spot to rejuvenate and relax after a day full of adventures. The geothermal water at Krauma is sourced from Europe’s most powerful hot spring at a temperature of 100°C (212°F). This stunning wellness center is situated only 60 minutes from Reykjavik among picturesque mountains.

From TT

24. This spot is rarely seen without a long queue of people waiting - and we totally get why

This popular hot dog stand “Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur” or “City’s best hot dogs” is located in central Reykjavik and has been there since 1937. What makes the Icelandic hot dog special is that they are made mostly from Icelandic lamb, along with pork and beef - and of course, the sauces that Icelanders are crazy for: ketchup, sweet mustard and remoulade

From TT

25. Did you know that recent studies have shown that the Vikings discovered America before Columbus?

Travel back in time and visit the Viking World Museum in the Reykjanes peninsula where you can learn more about Viking history and culture in Iceland  There are four exhibitions at the museum, including “The Icelander”, a magnificent replica of a Viking ship that is well worth a visit.

From TT

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