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The Amazing Of Norway With Christmas Atmosphere

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1. The beautiful Christmas trees at Henningsvær 

From @kristinfolsland

2. How big and clearly this tree is, at Tromsø

From @yngos

3. Snowy greetings postcard from Morgedal, at Telemark

Did you know that this area is the cradle of skiing!

Where Sondre Norheim was born. He was a norwegian cross-country skier, alpine skier and ski jumper in the 19th century, and one of the great pioneers of modern skiing, involved in the development of new equipment, special ski bindings and telemark skis

From @robomoravec

4. Get into the magic Christmas mood. As darkness falls, the cities light up. Experience the Christmas markets in the Norwegian cities

From TT

5. Christmas lights in town, at Bryggen in Bergen

From  @terjephoto

6. Say "KOS", and Norwegians expect everything from a cosy gathering around a candle light on a wooden kitchen

on a wooden kitchen table to holding hands whilst standing in the middle of nature at night, watching the northern lights or enjoying the atmosphere of a snowy forest lying in a hammock

From @fiks_photo

7. Green dreams, at Longyearbyen

From @snymannen

8. Give an experience as a present, at Geilo, Norway

Choose an invigorating dogsledding tour drawn by friendly huskies into winter wonderland landscape

From @thetravelbook

9. Just dropping by to wish you a lovely Sunday, how adorable

From TT

10. The Christmas tree next to the lake, at Flåm

From @theogdogg

11. Where to find the Christmas spirit in Greater Oslo

There's nothing quite like a festive market to bring out the Christmas spirit. Every year Bærums Verk puts on an old-fashioned Christmas market where you can enjoy cozy stalls, Christmas workshops, farmers market and children’s activities

From @jochrrand

12. The spectacular Stegastein viewing platform with panoramic view 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord

From @gofjords

13. Look who greet us today, at Skjervøy, Norway

From @tommysimonsenphotography

14. A big whale made with light, at Bergen, Hordaland

From @lumagica_no

15. Norway's first LUMAGICA light park is open! At Bergen, Hordaland

From @lumagica_no

16. From Tromsø, with love. Get into the magic Arctic city Christmas feeling

From @isakbrun

17. Add this to your 2022 to do list

Experience Kusama’s magical universe located in Bærum only 20 minutes from Oslo city center. Hymn of Life permanently installed at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

From @henieonstad

18. The big Christmas tree at Kristiansand

From  @annecathrine20

19. Woohoo, Ski resorts are preparing for the season!!! Slopes and lifts will open this week-end

Norway is an alpine skiing paradise. The season is long, the resorts are nice, and the views are impeccable. And there is something for everyone!

From @skigeilo

20. Winter wonderland, The moon, the sun and the Christmas tree. Let the Magic of Christmas begin

From @kristinfolsland

21. It's that time of the year again in Bergen

The world's biggest Gingerbread town is now open! (until 31 December) more than 2000 buildings made of gingerbread make up this spectacular miniature version of Bergen

From TT

22. "What is the best location to see the aurora in Tromsø?" well, let me show you

Here are some nice locations around Tromsø: Ersfjorden, Sommarøy, Grøtfjorden, Kattfjordeidet, Fjellheisen, Lakselvbukt, and so on..

Now that you know the locations, get out there and explore!

From @jensenmedia

23. From the amazing Norway with the atmosphere

From TT

24. A hilarious sign from Norway

Did you know that Norway has a Christmas town called Drøbak? The good people of Drøbak will be happy to tell you that Santa Claus or Julenissen was born close to this town. At night, thousands of lights create a fairytale atmosphere that is completely unique. The old wooden houses have quirks and charm, and details for you to discover. According to Drøbak’s official road signs, you might catch a glimpse of santa lurking around town…

From TT

25. If you’re looking for that Holiday cheer - it’s right here. The Christmas market in Trondheim is just one of several Christmas markets in Trøndelag

From @nikksen_

26. The light without end, and it dancing right above our head, at Tromsø

From @jensenmedia

27. My best paw to travel with me at Geilo, Norway

From @thetravelbook

28. The night at Tromsø, you can see the whole galaxy at here

From @jensenmedia

29. Is this is the best Xmas costume ever?

From  TT

30. Can't wait for days like this

Norway is an alpine skiing paradise. The season is long, the resorts are nice, and the views are impeccable. And there is something for everyone!

From @olamatsson

31. 50 shades of blue over Hammerfest

The polar night when the sun does not rise (25 November - mid January) is in fact a season of colors!

Polar twilight, Who needs sunlight when you've got the blue hour (which occurs when the Sun is far enough below the horizon so that the sunlight's blue wavelengths dominate)

From @sonni1973

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