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Beautiful Moment Around The World

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1. The turning of leaves at New Hampshire, US

From @neohumanity

2. We're obsessed with this insane cliff jump. Just like her, can you hold a camera while doing this?

From @mrgndk vs @nikofilmz

3. Enjoy the aurora light at “The Last Frontier”, at Alaska

From @charlysavely

4. Wildlife conservationist shares a touching moment with a chimpanzee in South Carolina, USA

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent primates that are capable of building bonds with humans

From @mokshabybee_tigers

5. Take a peek at this for a taste of that good island life, at Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

In a league of its own, Fernando de Noronha is considered one of the most paradisaical getaways in Brazil. The archipelago comprises 21 islands and is known for its rich flora and fauna and its protected Marine National Park.  Did you know about Noronha? Which tropical paradise are you heading to next?

From @casarouviajar

6. Serving some autumn magic, at Utrecht, Netherlands

Known for its medieval center, Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands you shouldn't miss out on.

It boasts beautiful canals, wharf cellars housing cafés, and terraces by the water that shapes its unique atmosphere. The centuries-old university town is simply magical to witness during the fall. Best of all, it provides big city amenities while still maintaining a provincial, small-town vibe.

How would you describe this place?

From @utrechtalive

7. A breathtaking scene, Autumn is quite short in many parts of Altai Region, Russia

and by late October, it's normal to expect snow in some places, which makes these fleeting moments of beauty even more precious. Where do you think is the best place in the world to see fall?

From @tissenl

8. On top of another world, at Goblin Valley, Utah, USA

Who needs Mars when you have Canyonlands like this in Utah? Check out this birds-eye view of Goblin Valley! This remote state park will be unlike anything you’ve seen and the closest you’ll come to setting foot on a martian-like landscape

From @brianjohnsadventure

9. In the middle of the snow, Is Alaska a dream destination for you?

From @charlysavely

10. Traversing through Mexico

From the peaks of Mexico's most active volcanoes to the steep and colorful streets of its historic villages, this highlight Reel takes you on an epic adventure. 🇲🇽 Did you catch the wooden railway? Which trail here is your favorite?

From  @kilianbron vs @pierrehenni

11. Watch this handstand-rope-swing with your sound on. Did this make your stomach lurch?

This giant rope swing can be found in Moab, Utah, and is sought-after by extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts. Besides taking a lot of courage and guts, precautionary measures are needed to achive a successful, once-in-a-lifetime swing.

From @kylor

12. The fire and ice, from the eyes of a Husky

From @charlysavely

13. Next-level ‘wakeboarding’ at Gold Coast, Australia

Just when you thought wakeboarding is challenging enough as it is, professional barefoot waterskier Keenan Derry effortlessly shows us his insane barefooting tricks in Gold Coast, Australia

From @keenanderry

14. The most beautiful road in the autumn vibes, at Delta Junction, Alaska

From @neohumanity

15. The coolest city when it rains, at Tokyo, Japan

Bustling with energy and flashing lights, Tokyo at night is always a lively place—whether it's dry or rainy. Sidewalks are always found teeming with people heading for dinner and drinks after work, while people on the go pour in and out of subway stations. Who else misses exploring Tokyo? When was your last trip here

From  @jungraphy_

16. Moments that make you feel alive at Hawaii, USA

Tandem skydiving 120mph above the clouds in Hawaii is an adventure you will always treasure. If you're in for the thrill, bookmark this and add it to your bucket list! Tandem skydiving is unquestionably the safest way to experience skydiving for the first time, too

From @_jessicamorris

17. The turning moment, from yellow to white, welcome winter to USA

From @neohumanity

18. Caption this! How smooth was that turn? At Kerala, India

Whether it be hiking into the Ghat Mountains, canoeing through wetlands, or cycling through coconut plantations, the Indian state of Kerala is filled to the brim with adventure. Here, the journey is just as interesting as each destination

From @shahmanshahu

19. Cozy morning views at Alberta, Canada

A scenic landscape, a good book, and a hot cup of coffee are just what we need to start the day right. This was taken in Alberta, a Canadian province that's home to endless jaw-dropping scenery and picture-perfect landscapes

From @wilderness_addict

20. Words aren’t enough to express just how magnificent the destination is, the amazing Alaska

From @charlysavely

21. Dazzling nights with a view at Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower has a light show that takes place every evening from sundown until 1 AM. Every hour, the tower glitters with sparkling lights for a full five minutes. The final show at 1 AM is said to be the most magical of all. Have you watched the Eiffel Tower light show and can you guess which stay this is?

From @fashioninmysoul

22. Bundle up, grab your trusty camera, and pay a visit to Upstate New York for these breathtaking spots

From @neohumanity

23. In the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. How amazing is this moment?

Despite being a mega-city, Istanbul is home to a range of birds that are very much part of the urban landscape. You can spot them circling above ancient monuments, perching on rooftops, and swimming on waters

From @ilonajilova via @_ignis_sanat_

24. The magical wall, at Alaska

From @charlysavely

25. GTA bike be like, at France

This guy is living in a video game and we're all just watching! A multi-awarded athlete, Aurélien Fontenoy is a professional at conquering challenging trails and extreme stunts. Here's him on a normal day in France

From @aurelien_fontenoy

27. The road without end, to the snow mountain

While many describe Alaska as jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring, these words aren’t enough to express just how magnificent the destination is. With wild, wide-open spaces and the most spectacular wildlife, Alaska will truly leave an imprint on anyone who embarks on an adventure here

From @charlysavely

28. You are my best paw-friend now!

From @charlysavely

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