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Wonderful Nature Places Around The World

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1. Keel-billed Toucan

From @panama_photos

2. Adventure cats, enjoy the sun with the sunflowers

From @siberian_reinhardt & @perseus_purrs

3. Passing through Bhorle waterfall in Nepal

Imbued with mountains and rivers, Dolakha is an adventurer’s paradise. Would you go on a trip here?

From @Yubraj Pradhan

4. Livingstone's turaco

From @82matt

5. Hello there little birdy friend

From @linda.j.ennifer⁣

6. Northern light magic right after the pastel beautiful sunset, at Lofoten, Norway

From @alex_stead

7. Northern light magic in Nordreisa, Norway, Is it on your bucket list to witness the beauty of Northern lights?

Insider tip: Norway offers one of the most captivating spots to see Northern lights, and you have the best chance of catching this magical sight when visiting the country between early September and early April.

From @epicnaess

8. Fall mood in the Acadia, gotta see you next year lovely season

From @mblockk

9. Gouldian finch

From @timflachphotography

10. Golden Pheasant

From @jedweingarten

11. Adventure twin fluffy friends, at British Columbia

From @siberian_reinhardt & @perseus_purrs

12. The sweetest surprise while ice fishing (how cute is that nose!)

From @thony_hidalgop

13. White Mandarin duck

From @basriakcasoy

14. The wonderful Northern light right above my head. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in person before?

If not (or if you’d like to witness their beauty again), Norway is a great location for spotting this natural phenomenon. Some of the best areas in Norway are Tromsø, Kirkenes and Lofoten, all known to be in the heart of the aurora zone.

From @alex_stead

15. Fall is one of the best times to visit Acadia National Park. The weather is crisp, the crowds are much lighter than the summer season, and the foliage is spectacular

From @mblockk

16. White-browed Coucal

From @wild_things_by_leeanne

17. Enjoying the peace and quiet, at Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

Located in the remote village of Vadal in Norway, it is meant to inspire you to recharge your spirits and reconnect with yourself

From @marensolem

18. Let me take you to a new home little baby cub

From @lore_explore⁣

19. White-Cheeked Turaco

From  @ted_wildlife

20. Japan autumn colors are simply out of this world. In many places you can see such explosion of colors - red maples glow with

at first rays of morning light. Are you planning to visit Japan?

From @danielkordan

21. Enjoy the wonderful Northern light with the mountain view, at Lofoten, Norway

From  @alex_stead

22. Human slingshot, Would you be up for trying this out?

From @benjaminforthun

23. Lovely morning from Acadia National Park

From @mblockk

24. Rainbow hummingbird

From @magic.birding

25. Take a small nap, how beautiful is this fella

From @andrea.dilenardo⁣

26. Javan green magpie

From @patrickvb75

27. Epic cliff hiking. Would you dare to take on this challenge? At Shaanxi Province, China

Chang Kong is a cliff hiking road in China’s Hua Shan mountain. The walkway was created back in the 13th century - today, it’s made from wooden boards (all secured together for additional safety), leading to one of Hua Shan's five peaks.

From @chinainsider

28. Watercolour glass beach in Russia

Ussuri Bay wasn’t always filled with bead-like, rainbow glass. Located near a porcelain factory, the beach was often used to dispose of unwanted glass…and over the years, nature has polished the glass into colourful “pebbles”. Would you visit this beautiful beach?

From @lemonishe

29. Toco toucan

From @octaviocampossalles

30. Helping out a thirsty friend, Do you find snakes beautiful or scary?

While its name suggests an obvious colour, the black-necked spitting cobra can also be yellowish-brown or reddish in colour. They are mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa, and can grow anywhere from 1.2 to 2.2 metres long. Have you ever heard of this species before?

From @lika_pxl

31. Walk with the path, how fluffy is this little guy

From  @siberian_reinhardt & @perseus_purrs

33. Rock whale family in Thailand. Aptly named Hin Sam Wan (translating to Three Whale Rock) at Mueang Bueng Kan District, Thailand

this impressive sandstone formation is over 75 million years old. From atop the whales, travelers are greeted by amazing views of the beaches of Mekong, the Phu Wua Forest and the mountains of the Pakkading district. Insider tip: To make your trip to the rock formation even more epic, we recommend visiting in the afternoon, just as the sun sets

From @tontoxin

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