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1. The magical moment at Mitre Peak, New Zealand

From @williampatino_photography

2. Here’s what we’d put in our New Zealand Starter Pack

From TT

3. Which reflective lake can you spy beyond the trees?

From @williampatino_photography

4. Ever wondered why some beaches in New Zealand have black sand?

Over time ancient volcanoes eroded, creating the iron-rich black sand we see today. In the North Island, most of the black sand came from volcanoes near Taranaki

The dark colour means the sand heats up fast, so keep those jandals on as you dash for the water! We'd love to hear your memories of visiting black sand beaches

From @mickieenz

5. Soaring over the peaks

Did you know the Remarkables are one of the only mountain ranges in the world to run directly north to south? The only other range are the Rocky Mountains!

From TT

6. There's nothing like walking alongside the famous Blue Spring

Did you know the water in the Blue Spring flows so quickly that it could fill a 25-metre swimming pool in just over 12 minutes?​

From @a.d.f.photography

7. Enjoy the sunset moment at The iconic Mitre Peak!

From @laurie_winter,

8. Mitre Peak in a beautiful day, where the mountain meet the cloud

From @leecook_images

9. The stunning colours of the sun rising over our highest peak, Aoraki Mount Cook

Where is your favourite viewpoint to see this magnificent maunga (mountain)?​

From @meghanmaloneyphotography

10. The iconic Mitre Peak, the water just like an another portal to the mirror world

This peak rises a sheer 1692m from the waters of Milford Sound and is one of the most photographed mountains in New Zealand.​

From @tommy_tvrdy

11. Wanaka Tree in the autumn season, how amazing is this tree and the view

From  @gsubovsky

12. Wanaka Tree in a beautiful pastel purple sky

From @leecook_images

13. The lonely tree, at spring season, at Wanaka Tree

From @myinsidetravel

14. What a view over the Tararua Range

While winds blowing up from the Cook Strait often cause wild, changing weather, if you catch it on a clear day, wow

From @kristinamonts

15. This breathtaking 245-metre cliffs at Parininihi (the White Cliffs) can only be visited at low tide

However, when it’s accessible, you can follow these cliffs down the west coast of the North Island. Have you been here?​

From @tommy_tvrdy

16. Whale hello there big deep-sea whale guys! At Kaikoura, New Zealand

From @allancronin_wildlife

17. Nothing like clearing your mind while wandering through the forest

It's been shown that spending time in nature can evoke feelings of peace, tranquillity, renewal and inspiration. How do you feel when walking through the forest?​

From @pabloorioos

18. Sutherland Falls are an astounding 580m high, making them one of the highest waterfalls in New Zealand

They descend in three cascades from Lake Quill in Fiordland. You might also recognise this spot from the end of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when the Eagles fly by

From @suhas.jpg

19. Winding its way along the edge of Fiordland National Park is the wide, flowing waters of the Waiau River

Did you know this river doubled as the fictional River Anduin at the end of the first The Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring?

From @williampatino_photography

20. A pack of rare albatross in Kaikoura, New Zealand

From @allancronin_wildlife

21. Milford Sound is a spectacular combination of mountain peaks, clear waters and dramatic forest-clad cliffs - a magical spot to watch the sunset

From @leecook_images

22. The perfect peak of Mount Taranaki

According to Māori legend, there's a love story behind this picturesque mountain. Taranaki once lived with the other volcanoes of the North Island's Central Plateau - Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. When he made romantic advances towards a beautiful mountain named Pihanga, Tongariro erupted in jealousy. Banished to the west, Taranaki was maddened with grief. When his peak is shrouded in mist and rain, he is said to be weeping for his lost love.​

From @lizziehouse

23. A big whale friend we meet today, at Kaikoura, New Zealand. it's an animal lover's paradise

From @allancronin_wildlife

24. Kaikōura, New Zealand is well known for its picturesque wildlife encounters, here is a dolphins raising up

From @allancronin_wildlife

25. What is this Tawaki (Fiordland Crested Penguin) up to? 

From @allancronin_wildlife

26. Discover some heart pumping activities in Queenstown

From TT

27. Take only photos, leave only footprints, at Tongariro National Park

There are so many beautiful walks in Tongariro National Park, have you walked one of the tracks there? 

From @dawninnewzealand

28. Road tripping the South Island of New Zealand

From TT

29. A special tree, throughout the seasons, now is winter

From @gsubovsky

30. The top things to do in Rotorua

From TT

31. Things to see and do in Wellington, New Zealand

From TT

32. A show in the night sky at Cardrona Valley. Have you ever seen an Aurora? 

A burst from the sun and clear skies meant people from Southland to Christchurch were treated to this beautiful Aurora Australis last night 

From @ehjosef

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