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Philippines Virtual Travel Videos, The Tropical Islands Paradise

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1. Feeling every drop of cold water cascading down, basin by basin at Ka Treasure Water Terraces Falls, Argao Cebu

From @w1ndirection

2. Seeing Batad Rice Terraces, Ifugao even on pictures is a good reminder that we are mere specks of dust here on earth

So the next time you get overwhelmed by the pressures of life, take a deep breath and realize there’s a bigger world out there to explore

From @frenchiesanywhere

3. Mount Samat cross, like you’ve never seen before. At Bataan

The towering 555-meter memorial cross honors and commemorates the heroism and bravery of Filipino and American soldiers who defended the nation’s freedom and democracy from invading Japanese forces back in the Second World War. Fun fact: On a bright sunny day, the cross can be seen from the Manila Bay.

From @willandjosetravels

4. Amidst complex resort developments, a rich and diverse marine life abounds Mactan, Cebu’s waters

From @fddavidii

5. Another Day Another Island. Can’t get enough of Philippines, at White Island, Camiguin. Good scuba diving nearby too

Every island has its own uniqueness. First day in Camiguin and we stumbled upon this secluded island. Only 650 pesos (~ USD12) for 4 people to visit from Camiguin mainland

From @crayban

6. It’s always an awesome feeling to be with nature and feel we’re on top of the world, at Benguet Province

From @rmbulseco

7. Welcoming golden hour on top of the world at Mount Hambubuyog, Ginatilan Cebu

From @lakwatserongengineer

8. The kind of vibe we look forward to at the start of the week, at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

From @crastulo_

9. A roadtrip view that is to die for, at Albay Province

From @michaela15

10. They say food is the best way to one’s heart. At Davao They say food is the best way to one’s heart. But can we also agree that eating with a nice view is a great antidote to anxiety and better mental health? 

From @my_kusina_ph

11. What was supposed to be a theme park full of fun and laughter turned out to be a chilling abandon kingdom never completed, at Fantasy World, Lemery Batangas

From @willandjosetravels

12. Finding calmness as a brand new week starts, at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

From @josh.bonifacio

13. Simply breathtaking at Mayon Volcano, Albay

From @eric_traveljournal

14. It was a rainy few days when we visited Albay, so Mt Mayon would show up once or twice – for a very short period of time

and then would be covered in clouds right away. We were hoping to see her one last time before coming back to Manila but to no avail, we did not get to see her again… Until we boarded the plane.


“I was so surprised to see Mt Mayon up close and on eye level when we took off. At a hundred feet up in the clouds, she peeked a little and bid us farewell as we flew back home.”

From @kimweeebol_

15. The reason I missed yesterday's flight, at Surigao del Sur

From @janderycke

16. We’re halfway through the week! Find time to dip into something relaxing and don’t let your anxieties get the best out of you

From @almystery

17. Fire skies and quiet seas - what a treat to end the day, at Siargao Island

From @adamdeep33

18. Golden hour is not to be missed when visiting Boracay Island, Aklan

From @pengpeng2k22

19. Float graciously like the swan while hustling hard underneath, at Kayangan Lake, Coron Palawan

From @ninjarod & @charnelle002

20. Calm and peace moment, at Maasin River, Siargao

From @nizzasupernova

21. Create memorable when travel to this amazing country

From TT

22. A celebration of spiritual renewal of oneself, faith, and aspirations, at Lepanto Mines, Benguet

From @brieyap

23. Majestic Mayon Volcano showed up from its cloud cover earlier just as we were about to leave Albay, at Bicol Province

From  @bise_leni

24. Camiguin may be a tiny island relative to neighboring island provinces in Southern Philippines, but it is brimming with gems like this

From @ashleyyeee_

25. A place that nourishes one’s soul at El Nido, Palawan

From  @pstrjasper

26. No words, just pure awe, at Coron, Palawan

From @ashleyyeee_

27. There’s every reason why the Hinatuan River in Surigao del Sur is described as enchanted, at Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

Because the bright blue water that flows through the Pacific Ocean seems to be emanating from nowhere

From @itsmerahfaxiv

28. Tucked deep within Siquijor’s lush forests is the majestic Cambugahay Falls, at Lazi, Siquijor

From @redmar.jan

Too majestic, you’d think you were in a scene from Avatar or a Disney movie

29. Did you know that the world-famous Chocolate Hills are composed of about 1,776 individual mounds, spread over an area of 50 square kilometers?

They are that extensive such that they cover the towns of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan in the island-province of Bohol

From @willandjosetravels

30. What’s the longest sandbar you’ve walked on? At Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte

From  @j.a.y.z.i.e

31. Boracay Island, Aklan in golden hour

Aside from its powdery white sand beach, what’s not to be missed when visiting Boracay is its golden hour. Make sure to grab a drink and bask in the gentle touch of sun rays from late afternoon ‘till dusk. You bet it’s gonna be magical

From @mykaqueen

32. Sliding into the week filled with hope and motivation. Go, seize that dream you’ve been manifesting

From @lauxrence

33. Breezing into the weekend, hopeful for better days ahead, at Duli Beach Surf

From @redmar

34. A peek into one of the many small island beaches surrounding Coron — Malcapuya

From @pinoytravelfreak

35. With over 7,000 islands comprising the Philippine archipelago, it’s not impossible to have a piece of paradise all to yourself

From @bikeandbreakfastride

36. Can’t wait till I can come back to this amazing tropical again

From @lugaresquevocedeveconhecer

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