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The Beauty Of Norway

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1. Hike in town, with a view, at Tromsø

Find out how to spend the weekend in true Tromsø style: cultural Friday, Saturday with the locals and urban Sunday walks

From @turkjellene

2. Happy Cinnamon Bun Day, at Lom, Norway

Do it the Norwegian way!

Find a bakery near you, and enjoy a "bolle"

The "bolle" (bun) is always there for you!!!

No matter how or when you want them, they are literally available on every corner, from bakeries and cafes, shops, petrol stations

From @bakerietilom

3. "Ut på tur, aldri sur" which mean "Out on a trip, never grumpy". Anyway, enjoy the view at Lysefjorden

From @renathejacobsen

4. New openings at Norway, for All that new exciting places

From on video

5. Norway. Powered by Nature, at Fjord

From @sabrina.binkert

6. It's World Car-Free Day, Paddling in town, an alternative! SUP or kayak, at Oslo

From @madgoats_norway @futuredove

7. The autumn in the north can be stunningly beautiful, don`t you agree? At Snowhotel Kirkenes

Especially the time when the Rowan trees turn red. In the background, there is a cabin inspired by the traditional hunting and fishing hut, named "gamme" that you find in the wilderness of Lapland - the Sami areas of the Arctic

From @snowhotelkirkenes

8. Norway is the cradle of skiing. Did you know that the first cross-country ski race took place in Tromsø in 1843?

From on video

9. Greetings from Hammerfest

An urban surprise along a barren, mostly uninhabited coast, Hammerfest is an arctic town full of life and outdoor adventures. Surrounded by mountains, sandy beaches, and impressive coastal landscapes, this eye-catching town is a great starting point for an active holiday

From @sonni1973

10. Feel the summer vibes of lovely days in the capital, Oslo

From TT

11. Autumn is such a colorful & beautiful time in Alta

How about enjoying this cozy time in one of Aurora Canvas Domes?

From @glodexplorer

12. Need some space? Norway's got it, at Jotunheimen National Park

The Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen boasts Norway's highest mountains (Galdhøpiggen 2469 moh, Glittertind ca. 2465 moh, Store Skagastølstind 2405 m). Did you know? In Norse mythology, the Jotun were giants - trolls - who lived in a place called Jotunheimen

From @linatraveltnorge

13. Street art in town, name "After school", at Bodø, Norway

Bodø is a lively city located just above the Arctic Circle, where you’ll get a perfect mix of cultural events and fabulous hiking trails.

From @rustamqbic

14. Deichman Library, atrium, Vibrant hub. The five-storey library houses 450,000 books distributed over five floors

From @zhenjanord

15. Can not wait till I can hit the road with this waterfall view again, in Trollstigen

From @laboonthewhale

16. Gleam of autumn light in late September month, at Bergen, Hordaland

From @elskerbergen

17. Mountains start gradually to cover with snow

From @rofl_k_photography @anjanordvaalen

18. This dreamy place, Mountain views towards Hjelledalstind and Falketind

From @knuds

19. The Flåm Railway, An invitation to an enchanting train ride. Allow yourself to travel slow and explore

From @irinaeidesvik⁠

20. Fantoft Stave Church in its autumnal touch, at Bergen

From @annatakle

21. Coffee break Norwegian style. Where is your fav place for a good coffee?

From @amundsengyltnes

22. It's World Tourism Day, and here is a short video of the amazing Norway

From on video

23. The first snow of the season is finally here, at 

From @rofl_k_photography

24. Message from the Arctic north! "Nordlyset leverer". The Northern Lights deliver

From @joranlynum

25. The beauty of Borgund Stave Church, thanks to the Vikings’ interest in boat construction and home building

was further developed. The work culminated in the stave churches. Researchers believe that there have been just under 2 000 stave churches in Norway. 28 of these are preserved

From @asbjornimmortal

26. Greetings from Bergen

Bryggen - the extraordinary collection of quayside wooden buildings that is rightly a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was in this area that the city was founded in 1070 AD. But in 1350, perhaps the most significant event in the city's history was the establishment of an office of the Hanseatic League here. Very quickly the dockside grew with buildings as a consequence of the relationship with this important north and central European trading federation. In Bergen the trade was mainly built on fish

The buildings are amazing, built and rebuilt many times, sometimes as a result of fire damage. But today's structures are quite something to see

From @mal.dickson.photography

27. Need some tasty waves? Take your art experience to the next level in Oslo

Waterfall along the Akerselva river, a popular recreation area with a vibrant history and lovely cafes and restaurants, playgrounds, swimming spots and parks along the route. A green and fresh lung that provides you with extra energy and joy of life

From TT

28. Bird's-eye view over Saltstraumen - The worlds strongest tidal current

From @martinsdanga

29. City Lights, at Oslo

From @oddvar_arnesen_

30. Taste the Autumn. At the roadless apple farm Ytre Eikjo in Lustrafjorden, the apple farmer uses his boat to the grocery store! No trams or cars available

Apple season is in full swing in Norway right now!
Did you know that the Norwegian Apple Day is celebrated every year on the last Tuesday of September?
Today it is “Den norske epledagen”

From @lusternatureguides

31. Nothing is better than a slip of morning coffee with this view

From @vagablondi

32. Norwegian glamping, "Elvasuiten" (the river suite)

From @heidikvam

33. Here is the new Arctic Wilderness Lodge, at Sorrisniva - Alta, Norway

Close to nature with a breathtaking design. With a view on every corner. It is a perfect stay to enjoy the stunning landscape, the Arctic living and the local gourmet dinning culture. This is Sorrisniva, for all season

From @sorrisniva

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