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The Beauty Of Norway To Travel To This April

KingdomOfCat Admin



1. Ålesund covered in snow. The prettiest town I've visited in Norway, miss Ålesund

From @hildegpf

2. Soløyvatnet in Bodø

From @janfinstad

3. Would you live in this fishing village in Lofoten?

From @88.optics

4. 5 billion star accommodation

From @damonbeckford

5. A real viking from Norway

P/s: Norwegians will do this on lunch hour then return back to work like nothing happened.

From @kenstornes

6. Another place you have to put on your bucket list. Who would you visit Torsketunga in Henningsvæ with?

From @explorewithjohan

7. Base jumping in Loen. Would you do this?

From @espenfadnes and @amberforte_

8. Camping in the backyard of Norway

From @mathias.koch_

9. Cruise ship docked in Olden, Norway

From @q_85m

10. Evening bliss in Lofoten

From @jeremiaszgadek

11. Flying through a fish rack to the top of Reinebringen

From @philip_halv

12. Good morning from the Eagle Nest Eco Lodge in Norway.

Who would you stay with here?

From @friluftsbjerke

13. Henningsvær, the “Venice of Lofoten”. Is this place on your bucket list?

- a cozy, little traditional fishing village in Northern Norway that offers stunning views, a cultural haven & a base for great adventure

From @damonbeckford

14. If you haven’t already, add Lofoten to your 2023 bucket list

From @juliasdaysoff

15. Norwegian summer. Are you looking forward to the upcoming season?

From @axelblanch

16. Perfect Easter weather in Lofoten

From @philip_halv

17. Roadtrip between the majestic mountains of Norway

From @ronald_soethje

18. Save this video for a future trip! Here are five places that we recommend you to visit in Norway

1. Preikestolen

2. Storvatnet Viewpoint

3. Frafjord

4. Vøringfossen

5. Trollstigen

From  @chrishenry

19. Soak in this wood-fired hot tub at the beautiful Jølstraholmen

From @vedvikphotography

20. Some Norwegian magic

From @nathanleeallen

21. Springtime in Norway!

From @marimuldbakken

22. Sunset spotting from Senja Island

From @mathias.koch_

23. The arctic winter is really something special

From @outlofoten

24. The beautiful Trollstigen waterfall in Norway

From @world.from.my.eyes

25. The free fall of the 145 meter tall Vøringsfossen

From @chrissbergan

26. The land where the sun doesn’t rise!

This is Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the arctic circle that gets no sunlight for 4 months a year.

In the dark season, which is when we visited, the sun is approaching the horizon every day but still doesn’t quite get above it. It’s a truly surreal experience but an incredible one for sure! Eventually, after four months of darkness, the town of Longyearbyen throws a celebration when daylight finally hits.

From @g_cooper:

27. The Marble Castle in Norway

(Remember to take off your shoes to not damage the marble stones!)

From @explorewithjohan

28. The Northern Lights putting on a show

From @ronald_soethje

29. Toilet with a view by Skjervsfossen in Voss

From @explorewithjohan

30. Wait for the view inside. Who would you visit Hvilepust in Krøderfjorden with?

From @explorewithjohan

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