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Norway The Dreamy Winter Bucket List To Travel To This Year 2023

KingdomOfCat Admin



1. Sunrise from Henningsvær, Lofoten, with its unique soccer field in the foreground

From @marc.hennige

2. Cozy breakfast view in Lofoten

From @_c.c.hu_

3. Aurora storm in Northern Norway

From  @ronald_soethje

4. Take note those favorite spots on the west coast of Norway

From @explorewithjohan

5. Snow rafting in Beitostølen. Who would you do this with?

From @ellenfrankrigjohansen

6. Amazing sea eagle catch! At Lofoten, Norway

This is the eagle with the largest wingspan in the world (up to 2.65 meters). In Northern Norway you can go on tours and get the chance to meet sea eagles while also experiencing Norway’s scenic landscape

One of the highlights is without a doubt when a sea eagle circles a few meters above your head 

From @svinoyarorbuer

7. Diving in the frozen Rjukandefoss in Norway Would you try this?

From @avhaugland

8.  From a frosty morning in Henningsvær, Lofoten

From @bokehm0n

9. Have you seen a more beautiful sunset? Here from the Lofoten Islands in Norway

From @ronald_soethje

10. Husøy Island in Senja, Norway

From @ronald_soethje

11. It’s really worth the trip! At Haen, super easy hike

You’ll need to take the ferry over to Værøy, then you can park at the end of “Marka” and do the 60-75min hike. The hike is super easy

From @tinataklo

12. Norway is a fairytale during winter 

From @friluftsbjerke

13. One of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve seen from Lofoten

From @ronald_soethje

14. Reine in Lofoten

From @tylerwayneglass

15. Rush hour in the arctic city of Tromsø

From @tromsolove

16. Skiing down the mountains of Helgelandskysten under the sun

From @livlundl

17. Skiing into the sunset in Sjusjøen, Norway

From @jeanette.s.haland

18. Some arctic magic in Northern Norway

From @idavewilliams

19. Sunset in the North

From @ronald_soethje

20. Swimming with orcas at Skjervøy in Norway

From @havard_pa_havet

21. The 945m tall Mardalsfossen in Norway

From @kuhrmarvin

22. The Eurasian Lynx in Norway

From @itseriksen

23. The land of the Vikings

From @sabrina.binkert

24. The magical winter season in Norway. What a vibe

From @reneringnes

25. The most beautiful sunset in the South of Norway

From @rachel.pohl

26. The North always remember

From @ronald_soethje

27. This is why you need to visit Norway! Also for the people, and food

This is why I tell everyone who asks that Norway is the most beautiful place I’ve visited

From @kuhrmarvin

28. Welcome to the arctic sunset. Have you ever been to Norway?

From @ronald_soethje

29. Winter in Oslo

From @syifa_in_switzerland

30. Wow! She captured this amazing footage of polar stratospheric clouds in Oslo two days ago

These clouds are extremely rare and only appear at altitudes of 15,000 - 25,000m at very low temperatures (below -78 ℃)

From  @helenemoo 

31. Arctic beach in Northern Norway

From @ronald_soethje

32. Skiing at Mount Dronningkroa in the Sunnmøre Alps

From @ellisivbrain @marimuldbakken

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