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Japan The Bucket List Destination To Travel This April 2023

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1. At Ryuketsu Shrine, 1297 Murou, Uda City, Nara Prefecture

This sacred shrine is known as one of the most mysterious and spiritually powerful places in Uda City (Nara Prefecture). The Dragon Deity, God of Water, is enshrined and honored here, and is thought to be responsible for rainfall, rivers, and clean water in the area. The exact date of the shrine’s construction is not known, but is said to precede the Murō Temple, which was built in the 8th century. Ryuketsu Shrine is located just up the road from Murou-ji Temple.

From wanderfulanya

2. Perfect weather in Enoshima

Exploring Enoshima was so much fun! Felt a bit lonely when I reached the lovers bell because only couples rang the bell and I was standing there alone
But at least I got some really cute Goshuin!

I can highly recommend taking the train from Kamakura to Enoshima! You drive along the sea!

I was lucky and got to see Mt Fuji again

From @jeshiedesu

3. Experience Shizuoka in May, at Shirahama Ohama Beach

The heart of Japan is indeed impressive all seasons

From wanderfulanya

4. Gate to the mountain, at Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine, Fujiyoshida

From justinepagee

5. The peaceful beauty of Yanaka Cemetary (Tokyo) adorned with sakura

The thin wooden planks emerging from the ground are called "sotoba". On them can be written prayers, sutras, or posthumous buddhist new names ("kaimyō") traditionally given by Buddhist priests after passing away

From marie.microcosmos

6. A colorful afternoon at the largest urban park in Japan, Kiso Sansen Park

If you’re in central Japan next spring, I highly recommend visiting this beautiful park. The annual tulip festival is held during late March to early April and it’s free to enter!

From hafufamily5

7. Shinsekai Tower being repaired, at Osaka

From firnandes_david

8. Hase Dera in Kamakura, (nearest station is Hasedera Stat.)

This Temple is definitely a must see on a day trip to Kamakura. The entry fee is 400 yen but you'll see some beautiful spots at this huge temple, even with a ocean view and a mini bamboo forest

From jeshiedesu

9. A rainy weather during winter can be very cold, but it adds on a little mood to the vibes around the Himeji castle 

Be sure to get a ticket to enter and see what's inside the castle, at the same time, you can get to see an almost 360 view of the city.

From solomonwong

10. Hoping your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles! At Arashiyama, Kyoto

From @antony.picture

11. This steak can be brought home

From @sony.vntgrp

12. Toyama Glass Art Museum, Is Toyama already in your bucket list?

Are you a fan of Kengo Kuma? If you are, then definitely you must visit Toyama Glass Art Museum! (富山市ガラス美術館) Toyama Glass Bijutsukan is in Toyama City. It showcases a large collection of glass art from around the world. The beautifully modern Kirari building that houses the museum was designed by my favorite world-renowned architect Kuma Kengo and also contains the city's public library.

From wanderfulanya

13. Azalea Festival at Nezu Shrine!

If you just came to Tokyo and missed Sakura season I can highly recommend you Azalea Garden at Nezu Shrine no Sakura but these flowers are blooming in so many different colours! I even saw one multi coloured flower

Access to Nezu Shrine is free but if you want to enter Azalea Garden you need to pay 300¥.

From jeshiedesu

14. CAMP day! TOKYO - driving towards Hikawa Camp site which is very much within Tokyo but gives you a feel of a remote hill station

On the bank of Tama River in Okutama, Hikawa is a beautiful campsite with amazing views and melodious sound of the river water. Easily accessible both by train and car, this campsite is worth visiting to enjoy the calmness of nature

From tartancheema

15. What's your first meal upon arrival in Japan? let us know in the comment.

For us, it's always the closest konbini or convenience store to end the tiring travel day. You can grab everything in one go, from snacks, alcohol to desserts

From @solomonwong

16. Castle hopping and sakura hunting in Aichi prefectur

🌸 Nagoya castle
🌸 Tsurumai park
🌸 Yamazaki river
🌸 Piyorin cafe Nagoya station
🌸 Arakogawa park
🌸 National treasure Inuyama castle
🌸 Okazaki castle

From @abbydbeloved

17. Chasing cherry blossom series at Chohoji (Rokkakudo)

Rokkakudo is a small temple which is known as the birthplace of “Ikebana” (flower arrangement). Visit this six-cornered temple and check your fortune from the flower omikujis (fortune slips) You can tie the fortune slip to one of the branches of the willow tree beside the cherry blossom tree

From aritravelsjp

18. Chasing cherry blossoms series: Hirano Jinja

From aritravelsjp

19. Chasing cherry blossoms series: Strolling around, at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden


20. Do you want to visit Japan?

From leetuyen239

21. Exploring Cherry Blossom in Nagoya Castle, at Nagoya Japan

Nagoya Castle Spring Festival : March 2023 to May 2023

Around 1000 cherry trees bloom beautifully at Nagoya Castle.

Time: 9:00 am to 7:30 pm

Ticket fare: 500 yen for adults and Free for children

From @viandantegirllfe

22. Himeji castle from a 360 degree view

In addition, Sakura trees surrounding the castle added it’s beauty to another level

From japan.with.sayan

23. Lovely weather with the lovely flowers! At Kiso Sansen Park, Gifu

It’s a national park, so it’s free and has a big free parking!

Great place for families and friends to hangout!

From bambambybam

24. Narita Airport ,Tokyo, it's a Tourist friendly and Informative place

From scenicworld.in

25. National Treasure Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture x sakura fubuki


26. At Nezu Shrine Tokyo

Red and pink azaleas have reached peak bloom at Nezu Shrine in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.It also features a pond with vibrant koi fish, and a tunnel of vermilion torii gates just like Kyoto’s renowned Fushimi Inari Shrine. It may not be as grandiose as Fushimi Inari, but Nezu Shrine is beautiful in its own right.

From wanderjph

27. Not gonna lie, Terrace House made us go here.

Karuizawa was our last stop before heading back to Tokyo. We got there past sunset and we were literally freezing, so so cold but the sun was up the next day. You don’t really need more than half a day here honestly, anyway it’s a cute town and worth visiting if you’re in the area. Highlights:

🛍️ Old Karuizawa Ginza Street: the main street with lots of little boutiques, buildings are super colorful and kind of reminded me of some Northern European country.

⛪️ something peculiar about Karuizawa are its picturesque wooden cristian churches, like Paul’s here in the video.

🌊 Shiraito Falls (白糸の滝, Shiraito no taki, “waterfall of white threads”). Immersed in the forest north of Karuizawa, this takes a 30 minutes bus ride from the city center but is definitely a must-see: the waterfall itself is apparently tiny as it’s just 3m high, but 70 meters across, and the whole scenery is beautiful. There’s a cute rest area next to the bus stop to get meat buns, soups, and other tasty warm food.

this was our last stop in Nagano, now my feed can finally move on and officially enter spring yee

From francimila

28. Ooka River is planted with approximately 500 cherry trees in Minami Ward

and is famous as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Yokohama City. At night, the promenade is illuminated by traditional bonbori lamps.

From hirokonara

29. Rabbit Shrine in Kyoto

Ready for a kawaii adventure in Kyoto? Hop over to Okazaki-jinja 岡﨑神社 the shrine of the rabbits!

Located in the peaceful Okazaki district, this Shinto shrine is famous for its countless and cute bunny statues that symbolize fertility and safe childbirth.

You’ll be welcomed by two Koma Usagi sitting before the main pavilion, offering you a chance to pet their heads for a happy marriage.

Explore the shrine’s grounds and discover various rabbit-shaped ornaments, from sake barrels to ema votive plates and lucky charms.

Don’t forget to sprinkle the statue of Kosazuke Usagi with water and rub its belly for an easy childbirth!

Don’t miss this kawaii adventure!

Name: Okazaki-jinja 岡﨑神社

Hours: 9 am-5 pm

Open 7 days a week

Admission: Free

Location: 51 Okazaki-higashi-tenno-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

From lindagoeseast

30. Sakura flowers that grow like grass?!

Many people assume sakura season is over in Japan, but not quite yet! Finally got to visit the famous hill and was so overwhelmed!

Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu, Saitama has A WHOLE HILL of “shiba-zakura”!
It’s sakura-like flower translated as “grass cherry blossom”, also known as moss phlox

From mayukatravels

31. See you next year cherry blossom....

From rahmad_priyanto

32. This is why you have to come to japan in spring. Mt fuji meet cherry blossom, is just so breathtaking.

From jhon_indon

33. Trust the Japanese to have a special word for Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine: it’s Itameshi 

This restaurant takes Japanese-Italian fusion to a new level, combining Italian favourites with Japanese ingredients! They serve a selection of warm and cold appetisers, as well as pizzas and pastas. Make sure you get the pizzas half and half so you can try as many toppings as possible

Here are some recommendations (the menu varies by season so may differ):

🐟 anago (salt water eel), grilled aubergine, sansho sauce
🥬 grilled Brussels sprouts, poached egg, cheese
🍕 sakura shrimp & Kujo green onion / pulled pork, porchetta & green chili salsa
🍕fresh wasabi, mushrooms, pancetta / Japanese greens & yuzu
🍝 beef cheek meat sauce
🍝 venison meat sauce

📍Tototo (トトト), Nakano, Tokyo
💰¥5000-¥7000 per person (including drinks)

From nikieatsjapan

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