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The Best Travel Destinations Idea In Today

KingdomOfCat Admin

In an age of today, virtual travel experiences have popped up across the internet. Armchair travelers can be transported to the wonders of the world, from national parks in the Alaska to Japan without leaving the sofa. 

1. The mountains are calling, but who are you on the chairlift with? At Niseko, Hokkaido

From @WheresMollie

2. Moose on the loose! At Utah

From @ScottUSA.

3. Gondola through the clouds, above Appenzell, Switzerland

From @Andrin.Owa

4. Winter is the most beautiful time to visit the world famous Niagara Falls

From @kseniaslavnikova

5. Hotel pool views in the Swiss Alps

From @RyanResatka

6. Pro hand gliding pilot, gliding into the blissful wilderness

From @wolfgangsiess

7. Incredible photos of Lofoten, Norway

From @danilangedal

8. A birds eye view of the alps, literally

From @redbulladventure

9. Avalanche at Kapuche Glacier Lake, the sound effect

From @Naren32

10. Natures flash, what a epic view

From @faz3

11. Ending the day under a blazing Hawaiian sunset

From @NolanoMura

12. This brings out my inner child! Who wants to try it?

From @_tempestaa_

13. Polar bear encounter near Churchill, Canada.

From @ourtrips2go

14. Stroking a lonely baby owl, in the middle of an empty car park in Verona

From @Andant12

15. Perfect and beautiful paradise, The Maldives

From @Maldives

16. Crystal clear waters of Maldives

From @Maldives

17. Nurse sharks encounter in Maldives

From @TheMaldives

18. Tropical mornings in the Maldives, this is literally the dream

From @TheMalvides

19. Exploring days in paradise, so peace and calm

From @Maldives

20. One of the most iconic and beautiful lakes in the world: Lago di Braies, Italy

From @rebecca.paviola

21. Are you ready for a little slice of paradise?

From @safartime

22. Natural pools in Siwa, Egypt

From @aureliestory

23. The best kind of waterfall I love to visit, Cascate delle Marmore (Terni)

From @safartime

24. Here’s to a travel filled, let's plan for 2021

From @sunsiyamvilureef

25. The beach at Maldives is calling

From @Maldives

26. Sunset in the Maldives

From @kotravellers

27. Just simply beautiful sunset at Cappadocia, Turkey

From @mikirihara

28. Welcome to Kayon Jungle Resort Bali, Indonesia

From @terplanet

29. With whom would you like to visit Switzerland?

From @benmusician

30. To see sunsets like this is why you need to visit Switzerland

From @benmusician

31. Lauterbrunnen covered in snow

From @life_of_fab27

32. A different view of Lauterbrunnen

From @theoadb

33. Amazing sunset over the Swiss Alps

From @samir.sparks

34. What’s better than finishing the day with a sunset like this

From @sardinedevoltige

35. Who would you invite to eat a fondue in front of the Matterhorn

From @sonchicc

36. Switzerland is not just about beautiful views, our pets are awesome too

From @earnyourmagicmoment

37. What is your favorite place in Switzerland?

From @juliagal_

38. What do you think about drinking your coffee here, at Canada

From @den.janko

39. Hellooo mountain view, here I come

From @helenemoo

40. Can’t wait for next autumn

From @federico.sette

41. Welcome to Arizona, Absolutely stunning

From @lamont_klepper

42. Summer in Byron Bay is so lush, New South Wales

From @maya_gypsea

43. Prefect time and sky at Bali

From @makyandmatt


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