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Where to go today? The best travel destinations so far

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Always dreamt of travelling around the world and finally thinking of making that fantasy a reality? If so, we’re jealous - trip of a lifetime alert! Although not too jealous to not help you plan it. But for 2020 is a hard year, you still can travel around the world with virtual travel videos

1. Who wants lunch with a view like this! At Venice, Italy

From lumadeline, @belmondhotelcipriani

2. Dreaming of Bora Bora paradise

From @jeremyaustiin

3. Who would you like to dine here with?

From @pilotmadeleine

4. Situated in Berchtesgaden National Park, this gorgeous lake has crystal clear water, perfect for a moody ride

From @lumadeline

5. Would you walk across the Ruyi Bridge in Shenxianju, China?

From Unknown

6. Epic hikes in British Columbia, Canada

From @chrisrlocke & @juliiathompson

7. Helicopter views with doggo

From @bradleyfriesen

8. Close encounters with magnificent mountain gorillas in Rwanda

From @richard.degouveia

9. Lovely hikes on the Hardergrat Trail in Switzerland

From @lucaoliveri90

10. Diving into Paradise, look at those crystal clear water

From @robert.wall & @ellietsmart w/ @owenweymouthcliffdive

11. Breathtaking views over the Säntis in Switzerland

From @federico.sette

12. Magical getaways at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

From @sheck

13. Picture perfection in the Maldives

From  @bellanomade @discoversoneva

14. In Belgium, there is a footpath that goes through the water

From @michielpieters

15. Supertree sunset walks in Singapore

From @kevouthere

16. Kayaking at the paradise

From @seefromthesky

17. This sunset is amazing, the best place for yoga

From @seefromthesky

18. Ride the wave; get buried in the froth and repeat

From @seefromthesky

19. Diving near live corals, so beautiful and clear

From @seefromthesky

20. Aqua Villa experience at Maldives

From @seefromthesky

21. Who wouldn't like to see the Sunrise from such a beautiful terrace?

From @kayonjungleresort

22. Architectural marvels at located in BITS Pilani Campus

From @ayushwadhwa

23. Who would have spent some holiday time in this place? At Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands

From @luigichiurchi

24. Who would like to take a walk in the forest?

From @iverp

25. Snow on the sea, The wall

From @luigichiurchi

26. Situated on a secluded hillside overlooking the Bali Sea, this elegant resort is 21 km from Barat Mountain National Park

From @thesunsetcolada

27. A peaceful night in the small town of Sørkjosen in Northern Norway

From @torivarnaess

28. Eco House Merisi is located in the mountainous Adjara, in the Keda

From @archiphotoproduction

29. Bora Bora Island, the paradise

From @katerinakatopis

30. Mornings at the Giraffe Manor, Kenya

From @sonchicc

31. Calm mornings in Ubud, Bali

From @davidauer_


32. Natural pools in Brazil

From @pallysiqueira

33. All of the birds you see in videos are wild birds

From @gourmetbiologist

34. Do it the Norwegian way! Hiking under the Midnight Sun

From @stein_76

35. Fälensee, One of my favorite lakes in Switzerland

From @evyinswitzerland

36. Ice skating in winter wonderland

From @andrea_furger_photography & @celine.blarer

37. Total bliss in Esperance, Western Australia

From @maya_gypsea

38. Epic views of Afghanistan! 

From @kristijanilicic


39. The incredible Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

From @voyagefox_

40. Seas of the day at Maldives

From @instakudoo

41. Taking earth paradise baths in Norway

From @oyehaug

42. Crazy weather in Iceland

From @benedikteroness

43. Switzerland Winter wonderland

From @timulrich.pix

44.Northern lights in Canada

From @calsnape

45. The sound of nature in Woodburn, Oregon

From @_letstravel_

46. Winter Wonderland from Lauterbrunnen

From @tom_durrer

47. Would you like to walk here? Filisur, Graubünden

From @SennaRelax

48. Who would like to visit Switzerland this summer?

From @SennaRelax

49. This is like a dream

From @romanosalis

50. Someone take me away to this beautiful resort!

From @travel.td

51. Beautiful atmosphere from Ireland

From @malteheitmueller

52. Epic Vøringsfossen waterfall in Norway, this looks like a different planet

From @helenemoo

53. Closeness to nature, In an increasingly fast-paced world at Norway

From @helenemoo

54. Have you ever seen a National Park that looked like this, at Philippines

From @tourism_phl

55. Diving into the weekend like... at Nido, Palawan, Philippines

From @ellietsmart

56. Pink flamingos encountered in a tropical oasis.

From @alexander_lapuk

57. When fiery orange skies contrast against snow-blanketed landscapes at Carinthia

From @piet_flosse

58. Wait for it... Does it make you feel like you're inside a snow globe, too? at New York

From @hfarmakis

59. Traveling back in time, The fairytale complex of Mont Saint-Michel

From @cee_explorer

60. Top of the morning to you! At New York

From @jermcohen

61. On snow patrol, Check out the coolest dog!

From @brian.walker

62. That crashing-ocean-waves at the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal

From @brasdio

63. Sliding into a tropical paradise, a piece of heaven on earth, the Maldives

From @jacob & @aggie

64. The world’s longest zip line. Would you do it?

From @visitrasalkhaimah @nationbranduae @newmediaacdmy

65. A romantic sunset in the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi

From @nationbranduae

66. It's a lovely hideaway in a tranquil area of France

From @where.to.find.me

67. An outdoor adventure in the Emirates

From @ghaith_79

68. Apart from its pristine shores, Boracay is globally renowned for its vibrant sunsets, relaxing ambiance

From @chriztiandeleon


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