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The Best Beaches Video Of The Week Around The World

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With the world on pause and sheltered in place, now is the time to dream. Yes, we will travel again—but for now, it's all about wanderlust. Whether you're dreaming of a quick weekend getaway, the ultimate surf, or spending this time at home to dream up the trip of a lifetime, a pristine beach is always a good idea. To get you inspired, here are some of the world's most beautiful beaches from Maldives to Bora Bora

1. Niyama Private Islands Maldives

From @kalmanorsolya

2. Snorkelling is one of the best experiences in the Maldives

From @barosmaldives

3. Watching stingrays skip along the shoreline is always a great sight to behold

From @raffrafey

4. Snubnose rudder-fishes doing their thing. It’s mesmerizing the way they swim in unison.

From @raffrafey

5. It’s always great hanging around with these majestic creatures

From @raffrafey

6. Various shades of aquamarine, cerulean, azure, teal, and every other possible shade of blue at Maldives

From @raffrafey

7. Sending good vibes from Maldives 

From @raffrafey

8. Nakupenda, Zanzibar

From @bullavika

9. The best day at Maldives

From @andredemello

10. Enjoy my champagne at Zanzibar

From @bullavika

11. Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

From @thetravelpro

12. Surrounded by much more than a bunch of nurse sharks, grey reef sharks and black tip sharks

From @raffrafey

13. Enjoy every moment of life, at Maldives


14. Splendid dinner by the beach with breathtaking sunsets and magic starry nights at Maldives

From @raffrafey

15. Sail through the most crystal clear waters to reach a little uninhabited island called ‘Niblgha'

From @theindianoceangirl

16. The lonely island at Bora Bora

From @amyseder

17. Entering this new year as wild as we can

From @oliverhl

18. Mobula rays can leap out of the sea to nearly 7ft!

From @ketargomez

19. Wash away bad thoughts in 2020 and welcome the new vibes in 2021

From @agusleohalim

20. This beach is called Anse Georgette and it’s located on Praslin Island, Seychelles

From @theindianoceangirl


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