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1. The beauty of frozen Niagara Fall’s, Ontario

 From @tylekki

2. Private villas over crystal clear waters in the Maldives

 From @benjamin_bryant

3. Truely paradise

 From @spencerlee808

4. Good vibes

 From @maldivestribes

5. This is what paradise look like

 From @nazim.traveling

6. Seychelles Island, East Africa

 From @theindianoceangirl

7. Aerial view Bora Bora

 From @jeremyaustiin

8. There is one paradise in this earth: Maldives

 From @sobee333

9. Would you stay here with those fishes?

 From @ahmed_rishaan

10. The crystal clear water at the Maldives

 From @maldivestribes

11. Hidden gems found at the Marieta Islands in Mexico

From @postandfly

12. Look at this beautiful golden sky! What an absolute stunner!

From @sunsiyamvilureef

13. Good vibe at Maldives only

From @maldivestribes

14. Who would you take to Blue Hole, Belize?

From @emmett_sparling

15. Zen moment at Big Sur, California

From @mytranquilitee

16. Enjoy this beautiful golden sky! Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead

From @danielles_captures

17. Hidden waterfalls in Brazil...

From @lugaresquevocedeveconhecer

18. Jumping into the weekend like...

From @matiasderada

19. Do you miss the sounds of the shore? La Digue Island, Seychelles

From @theindianoceangirl

20. Shades of Lagoon, Maldives

From @seefromthesky

21. Amazing Sunset in Washington, Mount Rainier National Park

From @nathanielwise

22. Morning Coffee in Norway

 From @alhaqab201

23. Tree House Views from Bali

 From @doyoutravel

24. Autumn Views from Switzerland

 From @sennarelax

25. Views from Monument Valley, Arizona

 From @uwo

26. Incredible Views from Florence, Italy

 From @alexpreview

27. Sunrise Views from Sicily

 From @lumadine

28. The views from Switzerland

 From @amir_asani13

29. Magical views from Norway

 From @eventyr

30. Perfect spot for a vacation at Norway

 From @jolstraholmen

31. Coffee views from the top of a hot air balloon, who want to be here?

From @aero.tim / @dorosh.raw

32. This infinity pool in Italy is incredible!

 From @jordi.koalitic / @puigbabeauty

33. Lion Pass, Hubei, China

 From @mysteryparto

34. This water in the Seychelles is crystal clear


35. Would you ride this slide at Blue Tree, Phuket?

 From @mr_santa_007_

36. Pandas acting just like little kids playing on a slide

 From @johnbradshawlayfield

37. Rope swinging in the Philippines

 From @thefreedomcomplex

38. Mentally, this is where I am right now

 From @jennasilver_

39. Now that Halloween has been and gone, it’s time for those Christmas feels

 From haley_bennettttt via TikTok

40. Who’s up for a ride here at Gelmerbahn, Switzerland?

 From @swissmountainview

41. Positive vibes only

From @ryanpernofski

42. Exploring around with train in Switzerland

From @sennarelax

43. Magical island Maldives

From @mvandersluis

44. Loving those winter vibes from Austria

From @gypsea_lust

45. Jade Mountain St Lucia always are the best

From @missangievilla

46. Loving that palm vibe from Moorea, French Polynesia

From @emmett_sparling

47. Winter getaways in Finland

From @lyss

48. The blue lagoon in Iceland, would you swim in this geothermal pool

From @sheck

49. Jacuzzi on the rooftop? This is amazing. At Dubai

From @ftoon.ae

50. Winter wonderland vibes in this little glass igloo in Lapland

From @chloebarryhang

51. Imagine your daily commute looking like this, Lake Brienz, Switzerland

From @michelphotographych

52. Let's go cruising together!

From @mathewcompton

53. Check out this sublime scenery of the Stetind, National Mountain of Norway

From @eventyr

54. Taking poolside lounging to the next level


55. A little boogie never hurt nobody, under Canvas Grand Canyon

From @citygirlgonemom

56. How lovely is this morning view, Hamilton Island

From @saxonkent

57. Basking in the sun, Ennetbürgen, Switzerland

From @sennarelax

58. A winter holiday blanketed in snow

From @davidauer_ and @lauroria

59. Living the good life, at Jimbaran, Bali

From @ftoon.ae

60. Up above the clouds, Preikestolen

From @pilotviking

61. Stopping to enjoy the dancing lights during Aurora Season in Fairbanks, Alaska

From @VisitTheUSA

62. Mentally picturing ourselves living out our days in serenity

From @lauroria

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